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Fri 21st Apr 2017    U.J. gets a Bash name!    Last nights naming went well at the Bishop John De Grandisson, and various names went to a vote (including Dandy's postal vote from Brittany!)
A second vote of hands had to be held as "Hovis" and "Agnes" tied at 9 each!

The result of the final was 12 - 6 in favour of "Agnes" (Agnes being the first name of the Mrs Brown in "Mrs Brown's Boys")

He didn't invite all round to his place this Saturday evening, but we understand that Agnes Brown loved his new name...

We'll get a photo as soon as he's had his hair permed!!

Lughole capped
Sun 19th Mar 2017    Handy Cap!    Lughole was awarded his ride setting cap by Pottsie today. A good turnout and excellent nosh laid on by the Kings Arms at Kingsteignton.
Thanks to Unda, for his fine photo of the presentation.
Sat 18th Mar 2017    Just giving for a good cause.    Mal Cameron is going to ride the first stage of the Tour de France (The "Grand Depart Classic" on 24th June), and is aiming to raise money for prostate cancer research. He's got a "Just Giving" page where donations can be made online.. which you can see here:
Chances are that he's going to be a bit sore when he's done as it's a 202 kilometre route starting in Dusseldorf and ending up at Liège in Belgium.

How's about wearing your TVPB jersey Mal? Could be good for the Bash!
Fri 17th Mar 2017    She's got her eye on you!    Bothways has now compiled the winter edition of Birdseye and it's still free in spite of the huge expenses incurred by our team of journalists and production staff. If you would like to make a donation to support the valuable work done by all involved, please make your cheques payable to Teign Valley Pedal Bashers and hand to Pottsie or Stickie Dickie. Thankyou.
Meanwhile... you can see the latest edition by clicking on the Birdseye tab at the top of this page and selecting Issue 28
Di capped
Sun 12th Mar 2017    CAPtivating....    Di was capped by Pottsie today... Fully deserved!... Trucker and Di organised an excellent ride from the Artichoke Inn at Christow, followed by a slap-up sausage and chips! Many thanks to Anne for CAPturing the moment. (Love that Di's gone all gangsta and wearing the cap backwards!!)

Unda gets his cap
Mon 27th Feb 2017    And the winner is....    Unlike the Hollywood Oscars, there was no confusion about the winner of this week's ride setting cap. The smooth, well-oiled machine that we know as Pottsie, presented the cap to Unda after his ride from the Brunswick Arms at Dawlish. After the acceptance speech, the tears and the kisses, most of the assembled company retired to drink beer and watch the rugby on TV. Proper Tinseltown!!

Mon Feb 20th 2017    Wanna buy a bike?    Fallen Woman has a friend who has a bike for sale...

Trek marine 5.2, (Small frame - suit rider 5' 2" ish.) dura ace shimano 10 shifters front and rear, dura ace 50/34 chain set, Race X Lite limited edition wheels, white walled tyres. 2500 o.n.o.

Please contact Linda at

Woody in the buff
Sun Feb 19th 2017    Woody in the buff!    After a Herculean effort setting five separate rides for the many and various requirements of the bash, Woody was today awarded a token of appreciation for all his hard work. A cap was unavailable, and so he was presented with a "Bash Buff". Being a modest man, and nor wishing to appear in the buff publicly, he took the wise precaution of wearing it over his head to hide his identity...

Tues 7th Feb 2017    The Bash Oscars 2016. A view from our roving reporter - John Ware    IT may have lacked the glamour and razzmatazz of the Hollywood Oscars, but the annual awards ceremony for the Teign Valley Pedal Bashers was just as much fun.
Members of the social cycling group met in the upstairs room of the Jolly Farmer pub in Newton Abbot on Sunday to enjoy a roast lunch, and also dish out the gongs for those who distinguished themselves in 2016.
Most were serious awards, but quite a few were spoof trophies for a variety of misfortunes, such as spectacular crashes, spending time in hospital, and formidable drink consumption.

The oscar winners were: best bash all rounder - Ian 'Lughole' Whitear; off road crasher - Jo 'Bobbiball' Bassett; wheelie great expectations - John 'Tweedledum' Ceely; scout basher of the year - Bob 'Binbag' Board; top off road headbanger - Stuart 'Spiderman' Blundell; cranker of the year - Stuart 'Lord Stretch; Munday; special achievement award - Doug 'Manky Flack; top female bashers - Irene 'Diamond Lil' Munday; hospital case - Rob 'Hatrack' Clifford; road crasher - Dave 'Basmarty' Rice; tandem award - Sue 'Dooty' Stamp and Stuart 'Licker' Stamp; TVPB special musette award - Paul 'Picnic' Harvey; drink of the year - Andrea 'Flossie' Wallace; Mike Wareham glide trophy, female - Deb 'Bunty' Clegg; male trophy - Mal Cameron, and most disastrous year award - Jon 'Plugger' Dykes.

There are a few photos of the lucky winners on our photos page... just click the link for 2016 Oscars
Mash gets Capped
Mon 30th Jan 2017    If you want to get ahead... get a hat!    Cathy "Mash" Gillard was awarded her Bash Cap for her Bash ride on Sunday 29th January. Becuase it was a horrible wet & windy day only 13 rode and 4 didn't return to the Lord Nelson pub. However 5 non riders turned up to help us eat the excellent crispy chips and witness the "Mash Capping" which was conducted by Pottsie and photographed by Hat Rack. Mash is now our 4th Cap. 3 of which have been awarded to soldiers of the other kind. Basmarty was no 3 Dooty & Bothways got No's 1 & 2.

Anna and Pottsie.
Sun 15th Jan 2017    Bothways has cap fitted.    A fine effort by the Exmouth Crew today, setting both on and off-road rides, and organising chip butties at the Holly Tree so we could undo all the good work! Anna was presented with the ride organisers cap, fitted with great care by Pottsie!

(Pic courtesy of Lustleigh)

Capability Dooty!
Mon Jan 9th 2017    Cap this!    Dooty was first to be "capped" with the new Bash hat for her ride from the Clay Cutters on Sunday 8th Jan. But though plans have been made to give "Caps" to Sunday scout bashers in 2017, they still have to be "Earned". The ride & pub must be properly preplanned, and then supervised and organised on the day. (The C.O.'s decision will be final as to whether the high standards of ride setting have been met...) Only ONE CAP will be awarded per ride and that will go to the principal scout basher, (should there be more than one).

If anyone else would like their first cap then book yourself to be a Sunday Scout Basher!

(Photo courtesy of Flossie.)
Sat Jan 7th 2017    Bash Oscars.    Hi All Bashers, Happy New Year. On Sunday 5th February we are holding our very popular "Bash Oscars Lunch & Presentations" at The Jolly Farmer,Newton Abbot so you'll want to be there!!
The Ride that day will be planned by Gassa & Bunty followed by a special "Carvery Roast Lunch" served from 2:15 pm onwards. The awards ceremony will follow, which we hope to finish by 4:30pm. If you want to eat then it's going to cost you 5 -BUT only if you pay Bash Tax!! Others will have to pay 8 cos that's what the meal is costing TVPB.
So, yet another fine example of what good value we give our Bash Tax payers!
However, as is normal practice,you must book and pay beforehand if you want to eat. ~ please note we now want your money ASAP and Tuesday 31st January is absolutely the final date for your payment.
Sticky and Pottsie will take your cash but we would also appreciate help from any other Bash volunteers with this task. You can also pay by credit transfer to our bank. Account details can be obtained from Pottsie or Sticky Dickie.
As was the case last year a short list of Oscar Nominees will be drawn up and agreed via a group decision of our most regular,long serving Oficers. BUT we will take account of submissions from the main body of our troops.
So, if you have any recommendations please feel free to do so by email to These must be submitted Sunday 29th January.
If you need any help or guidance please refer to our brilliant web site for a full list of last years rides and to the excellent Birdseye Winter Edtion April 2016, which is also on our web site, where you will see details of all last years winners & if you scroll through all the other Brilliant Birdseyes published in 2016 plus Manky's 2016 news items & 2016 rides list this will give you lots of good 2016 Bash information.
IF ~you were a winner last year can you please return your "whatever" to Pottsie so that it can be replated with the name of your successor and sorted into the presentation order by Mudsie and myself . We now need all such trophies to be returned ASAP and definitely before the 29th January.
Finally you may have noticed that I'm not getting any younger, and so I would appreciate any help with the traditional jokes and funny stories, that I sometimes struggle to tell. Speak to me first and I'll fit you into the programme.

RIDE ON Pottsie
Fri 6th Jan    Ride on Thurs 26th Jan.... With Lasagne and chips!!    Hi all Bashers who Ride & or Drink on Thursday nights this is to tell you that on Thursday 26th January Blaster has organised "something different" in the form a Ride followed by a Lasagne Meal and rounded off with a fun evening of skittles from The Jolly Sailor, Ogwell. If you want to eat, then the Lasagne will cost you 5, this is the subsidised price for Bash Tax payers any other will pay 7. However you MUST book your meal and pay Blaster by Sunday January 22nd.
So here is the format and Blaster's timetable for this fun evening;
Blaster will lead his ride from the Jolly at 6pm. He plans to be B&Q Newton Abbot at 6:15 then~ 6:40 at Kingskerswell Arch~ on to Two Mile Oak for 7pm then back to the Jolly to eat our specially prepared Beef Lasagne & Chips at 7:30 (if you want the Veggie option please tell Blaster when you pay) So, Riders can join where they choose & you don't have to ride to eat or play Skittles~ BUT Blaster would still like to know if you intend coming along!!

Ride On Pottsie
Wed 4th Jan 2017    Time's running out... Book your place on the Bobbiball weekend!!    There are still spaces available in the hostel for the Bobbibal festival at Minehead 10/02 -12/02/17. It is a great weekend of mountain biking or road cycling, eating, drinking for an amazing price of only 55:00 fully inclusive (if you wanted to bring a camper van there is space for another van at 30:00 per person. Its a weekend promising to offer the most fun you can legally have. If interested contact Anna for details.


Jan 1st 2017    A Happy New Year to You All    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to all TVPB members and friends.
A Rides update from the C.O.
Hi all Bashers who Ride / or drink on Thursday nights... On the 5th January Nightlight (Jed) will be organising the first 2017 dark ride, which will start and finish at Sid & Mandy's popular Hostelry THE KINGS ARMS, Kingsteignton. I would like to add that in my Christmas Roundup it was not possible for me to identify every splendid individual fancy dress. However I missed out both Bobbiball's "Hallo Sailor" and Bunty's "Christmas Pudding" each of which were well worthy of a mention. And one correction - it was "Three Bees" not "Wasps".

Happy New Year to all, Pottsie . Christmas bash!
Wed 21st Dec 2016    Bash Christmas Roundup.    Hi Bashers & Those who F.A.R.T., well done to all of you who supported the Bash Fancy Dress ride & Christmas Party @ Starcross F & CC. Brill fancy dress costumes and a record number of you on the actual ride, in fact this is possibly the first time that almost everyone who ate also took part in the ride. We had 61 for lunch and our excellent group photo, taken by the senior M.O. Major Dandy Nicholls,clearly shows us all together and 60 plus dressed up.
Besides the normal collection of seasonal Santas and Elves we featured a Nun, a Priest, a Chimney Sweep, a Bee Keeper, a Reindeer, Darth Vader, the 3 Musketeers & Dartagnan, Mrs Brown, Miss Piggy ,Calamity Jane, a Cowboy, a Pirate, a White Christmas, a Policeman, a Kilted Scotsman, an Elephant, a Zebera, a Gondola Guy, the Adams Family, 3 Wasps, King Dick, Whoopie someone, a Polar Bear, an Alpine Guide, a Pair of Pointy Hat Witches a yellow Beach Boy, King Louis and his animal etc etc. All in all it was a first class effort. so congratulations to all of you who took part.
Fortunately the weather was dry but cold ~ (Calamity Jane please note) and the Catering Corps, once again, did a good job with mince pies and sherry etc at Dawlish Warren. They also had the special treat of helping jump start the Chuck Wagon.
Thankfully the Brunswick provided some hot nibbles to accompany their drinks and your parade ride through Dawlish did impress and was noted.
You seemed to enjoy our final sector at the SF&CC. I hope so, because I don't know anywhere that offers the same ambience and better value for our Christmas special so, unless someone else can come up with an acceptable alternative, we will be returning there again next year on Sunday 17th December.

On Tuesday 20th the F.AR.T. Lunch was held at the Dainton Park Golf Club for our 8th and largest Christmas gathering. We had the magic number of 31 sit down to a very good meal in the lovely new room with a view, that was dedicated purely for us. As a result we didn't annoy any of the other diners with our noise, singing or jokes. I'm sure that everyone enjoyed, not only the meal and Woody's wine, but the company in such nice surroundings. This is surely yet another place we'll probably go back to.
Please note that the next Big Bash event is the 2016 Awards & Lunch which will take place on Sunday 5th February... details still to be finalised.
Finally there are now just 3 rides to be completed in 2016.
This Thurs 22nd we start from the Stowey Arms Exminster for a sortie into Exeter to see the lights and to visit the Exeter Brewery, hopefully all the regular Thursday boys (and girls) will organise themselves to support this "different experience" rather than remaining in the confines of Newton Abbot. On Tuesday 27th December the F.A.R.T will be to and from the Romany Jones Cafe, Old Torquay Rd, Aller, Newton Abbot, They will be open!! This is followed by Thursday 29th, Arsie's ride, for which we still await a venue on our web site.

So that's it. Have a really great Christmas & an even better New Year .

Ride On Pottsie