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Friday 23rd December 2005       Noah's Funeral.  Noah's funeral will be held at Trusham Church on Friday 30th December at 11.30am. Family flowers only, but donations may be made towards  a cancer charity.
    There will be a short bash ride starting at 10 am from the Bishop Lacey, Chudleigh. (Number 1 bash colours) going on to the funeral, and afterwards at the Cridford Inn, Trusham for tea and cakes. (Drinks optional!) For details please contact Blaster or Trucker

Wednesday 21st December 2005       Sad News.  Today we received the very sad news that Paul (Noah) Yates, had finally lost his long battle with cancer. He died at home on Wednesday 21st December. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife Di, and his family. We all share their grief.
Everyone in the Bash, without exception, admired his positive attitude and great bravery displayed throughout his very painful illness.
Paul was always a popular character, both intelligent and witty, with a unique sense of humour. A big man both physically and mentally, with an equally large personality.
He leaves this Bash and this life with such vivid memories of how he coped with the good times and the bad, that he will never be forgotten by those who had the privilege to know him.

Monday 19th December 2005       A Message from Bin Bag Bob.  

Hi all Bashers & Friends
I really must thank all the bashers who came to Brittany with me recently, those who came to my bash at Exmouth on the Sunday and also the cake, cards etc at the 'Ship' at Cockwood on Thursday on my actual birthday. At midnight on Saturday last (on the ferry - about mid channel) the die hards (Barsteward, Corkscrew, Lily, Tooley, Trucker & me) were sat round a table in the bar and realised that without the bash we would never have met up so we raised our glasses and toasted the 'bash'
It made my day(s) very special and proves what a great bunch the 'bash' is, you are all very special people, long may it last.
For me I lasted until midnight on Sunday, after fours days of celebration and was found asleep in a Chinese restaurant. I now know what they mean by a bed of rice!!

Best wishes and a very Happy Christmas.
Bin Bag Bob xxx

p.s 'Lustleigh'  says hi and rather likes here new bash name and although a shock to
receive it on Sunday promises to do her best to bare up to the title !!  xx

Also a couple of other things:
After the bash at the Ship (Cockwood) I have someones black helmet.
Left on the coach after Brittany, two items of chocolate, to claim contact BBB

Monday 19th December 2005       A Message from Manky.  

There are now some photos of the Xmas Bash on the photos page for your entertainment. Some are not for the faint hearted!!  Semi naked men, terrifying punks, Morris Dancing..........need I say more?

Wednesday 14th December 2005       A Message from Shinpads.  A Bike for sale...Cannondale Scalpel....Nice paint job...Full susser. very lightweight. Any interested pedallers please contact Deb on 07771 662 484.   ( I wonder why she's selling her bike just before Christmas...... Ed)

Friday 2nd December 2005       A Message from Tonto.  Barney is not too well at the moment and has been in hospital for an operation. We'll update the site when we have more news, but meanwhile, best wishes for a speedy recovery from all of us.

Sunday 20th November 2005       A Message from Bobbiball.  Remember that all those who came on the Dorset weekend have only until 31st November to have fully paid for the Quantocks. I have provisionally booked Minehead for Feb 2007.The problem is the rental has almost doubled and unless we get 30 the cost will be about £40. i know it is early to commit yourself but it would be helpful if you let me know if you're interested.

Friday 18th November 2005        Well......The C.O. has had his hip op.  and all went well. He should be up and running (I use the term advisedly) tomorrow!  Those of us who are not bionic will look forward to seeing him powering past us up the Devonshire hills soon! The only fly in the ointment is that he has been placed in room 32! For the founding member of the "31 club" that must be upsetting! Anyway I'm sure everyone will wish him all the best and hope to see him out again in the near future.

Friday 18th November 2005  On Sunday (13th Nov) Tonto found a sum of money on the foot path leading from Lympstone village car park to the main street  - Pottsie asked in the pub + no one claimed it, maybe it was someone who had already left or maybe not a basher at all!  Who knows. If no one claims it it will go into bash funds - It is in the safe keeping of Bash Cash Sticky Dicky. (who is at this moment browsing the Internet for a new Camper Van!!!!)

Friday 18th November 2005  The age of communication........I expect everyone in the Internet community now knows that Stuart  left his helmet and gloves at the pub on Sunday......He's got 'em back now thank to Tonto, Mustang and Buzzer among others......Aren't we nice people!

Sunday 13th November 2005   A Message from Dandy........Any Bashers Interested?:

Nick Arding - Leader of the 2004 Royal Marines expedition to climb the Himalayas talks of

“The Reality of Mount Everest”

Thursday December 1 2005 at 7.30 p.m.

Venue-Upstairs Room, Abbrook Park Sports and Social Club, Strap Lane, Kingsteignton - twixt Ten Tors inn and New Cross Roundabout on B3193

Entry £5.00 with proceeds to the Exeter Transplant Games Association and the Arding Trust Fund for Sherpas

This talk has been arranged by Ken Robertson of Mid Devon Cycling Club.

Ken has known Richard Owens for the best part of 40 years.  Richard is a kidney transplant patient of Dandy’s, and has taken part in several transplant games which publicise organ transplantation.  Richard was in his youth a top cyclist, and has managed despite Dandy’s care to get back to some less competitive cycling again.

(Shin Pads used to work with Richard’s wife – small world!)

Friday 4th November 2005   The Words are back!:
The new rides list takes us past Christmas and into the new year. You will note that Sunday 18 December is our annual fancy dress ride and Christmas party. We return to the very popular Starcross Fishing + Cruising Club. We took the decision to use SFCC again because we can’t find anywhere better plus the fact that we have also managed to get a good outside caterer to provide the meal.
As with previous years this will be a ticket only event – you must book and pay for your place by Sunday 11 December. Our bash tax collectors – Mustang Sally + her Aunty – will be happy to receive your remittances. If they’re not around when you want to pay then I’m sure you will be able to find Unda, Sticky Dicky, Tonto or myself who will be happy to relieve you of your cash. The subsidised price of the tickets is £12 for all fully paid up bashers and £14 for guests. For that you will get a hot 2 course meal, disco dancing to “Awsome Sounds”, drink stops on the ride plus the benefit of inexpensive beer + wine in the club house. Timings are much the same as in previous years ie 11 am start, back to SFCC @ approx 2.30. The event generally finishes before 7 pm. We want to sell at least 80 tickets “so let’s be having you” and your money ASAP.
Before the Christmas party you might like to join Bin Bag Bob on his “60th birthday Booze Cruise” - that’s Friday 2 December, returning Saturday 3, landing Sunday 4 in time to join him on his “Sagi” ride from The Beach Hotel, Exmouth. If you are interested ask BBB for details.

Looking forward to 2006 please note the following special bash events.
3 – 5 February - Bobbiball’s “Quantocks Quagmire” 1st weekend in May - hope you get a brown envelope for the Dandy Dinky 2006 – which promises a new + exciting format
6 - 13 May - Bash main tour in France – Timotei
14 – 16 July - Nash Bash – organised by Sore Ass at Malborough Football Club. Places are limited so get your booking form (available on website) in ASAP. It’s only £38 and as we are the ” largest and most active bash in the world” we need to send as many troops as possible. I’ve already got my ticket – what about you? Details are HERE
30 June – 2 July Timotei’s Cheddar weekend – details from Timotei
28 – 30 July - Tonto’s Dorset weekend – squaws +braves please take note
2 – 3 September – Valley Boy’s bash @ new venue – Moretonhampstead Sports Centre – see website for details
15 – 17 September – French Exchange in partnership with Mid Devon Cycling Club centred on Adbrook Social Club in Kingsteignton

Much of the information about these 2006 events can be found on our website (That's here then!!) as can the appeal for the “31 Club fast boys” to make sure that slower riders and in particular “soldiers of the other kind” are not left to fend for themselves. Race if you want to, no harm in that, provided you appoint a “sweeper” who knows the area and whose task it is to get all the troops safely back to the “Sadlers Well”.
Finally we’ve ordered 40 long sleeved cycling tops in club yellow that will be printed with TVPB logos front + back selling @ something like £30 each. If you are interested see Poppy as we need to sell them quickly to recoup club funds used for the original purchase.
On November 18 I am becoming another “hippy” when I join Mudsie and Tweedledee who are already in the club – hopefully it will eventually restore me to full fitness so that I can, once again, enjoy bashing with the regiment.
PS I have spoken to Rubber (Peter Jones) who so nearly perished in France and probably would have done so had it not been for the timely intervention of the “enlisted men’s” M.O. (Debacle) who suspecting a puncture provided a solution. Rubber has been back on the bike but still feels "tyred" (sic) when riding round his own patch. However he intends to keep on pedal pumping in an effort to inflate himself to such an extent that he will soon be hardened enough to share air with us in the not too distant future.
Ride on
Pottsie (C.O.)

2006 tour proposal
May 13 - 20

After a couple years in France next year’s tour is returning to sunny Spain in the picturesque village of Bubion in the Sierra Nevada which boasts stunning scenery and awesome riding from “Switchbacks” the company Finn founded with Mike who now runs it.
This destination is a choice of Aunt Sally whose 50th birthday it is in May
As usual there will be enough variation for all three groups of riding from technical to easy fast-flowing single-track, and from well surfaced fire-roads to that good old black tarmac!
There are lots of mountain villages with tavernas for the piss-heads as well as lots of bars in the sunshine for the after-ride drinks!
Included in the weeks rides will be uplifts taking us up the mountains in the mornings and/or pick up’s in the afternoon from the valley floor
The price is to be confirmed but will be no more than last year’s £400 all inclusive excluding flights!
I’m swayed to using Easyjet from Bristol to Malaga; they’re very bike friendly and cost a lot less than Flybe from Exeter!
All will be confirmed within a couple of weeks and Easyjet will be releasing flights by the end of November so we want to get in there first for the cheapest flights


Sunday 13th November 2005  Message to Dandy.
I am 5foot 10ins tall, but, wider than most!
Friday 4th November 2005   Re Tonto's message :
Loved your comments on website - 3 times I was left at junctions and crossroads last night (3rd November) - I might have known vaguely where I was but not how to get to Ideford via the back lanes!  We definitely need a back marker or at least just WAIT at every junction!!! it's not that difficult! Timotei

Friday 4th November 2005
   Re Thursday Rides :
I stick my head above the parapet.
For the club with no rules, some suggestions about Thursday rides.
1.  It is always straight on unless we turn off at a junction.  Then we always regroup.
2.  The return from the destination pub should always be shorter than the outward leg.
3.  The return will typically be by the shortest route.
4.  If someone does not know the way home from the destination pub, then tell someone.
5.  Several of us enjoy a blast on the return leg.  Not just those called Blaster.
6.  The people at the back are the responsibility of everyone, not just those at the front.  That is, it is the job of those near the back to ensure no-one is riding alone.
7.  Those of us at the front actually always count numbers to ensure no-one is missing in action.
8.  The reason people don't always turn up on 31 club rides at 7 is usually decrepitude (Pottsie), weather (November to March), or working late (Unda).  A shorter ride can usually be arranged for those who want it.  Look at Flossie and her preference for short rides.

On on

Wednesday 2nd November 2005   A message from Blaster:
I think Dandy and Heidi should take it in turns to be backmarker then there might not be a timetrial in the first place!
Tonto, most of us think "keeping up in the dark" is not an unpleasant experience!

Monday 31st October 2005   A message from Tonto:
Re your note on the website.  I'm not much of a Thursday rider, especially in the Winter - but here are some comments anyway.
Maybe it would be better if someone was designated to act as a "back marker" or sweeper to ensure no one got lost.

(Several Bashers have expressed the same concerns to me. The "31 club
" is a nice social occasion as well as an opportunity to exercise. I think it would be a shame if any bashers felt that they weren't good enough to take part. Do feel free to comment by emailing Ed)

Thursday 27th October 2005                   Thanks to the Great Western Hotel tonight for hosting our ride and providing plenty of roast spuds and sausage rolls. However, some bashers felt that the Thursday night rides have become a little too competitive and that riders who fall behind the pack are being left to fend for themselves. If anyone would like to make any suggestions or comments, please email me and I will post your replies on this page.

Thursday 27th October 2005   Jonno still has a bike for sale (Getting cheaper now!....Make an offer.....Was £500)
 GT i-drive .  Full sus, brakes have been sorted by Knobblies in Exmouth. Now reduced even more..Click here for pictures Contact Jonno on either 01395 263506 or 07729 503127 for further details
 Thursday 27th October 2005                  NOTE FOR DIARIES  ---

Wednesday 26th October 2005 My spies are everywhere........Paparrazi pics of the Millionaires tour have come into my possesion. The idle rich relaxing on their yacht at Polperro. Click here to see!
Also.....Bashers have been named!  Chris Brains will henceforth be known as "Faggots".  All those of us who have lived in bedsits with a Baby Belling and limited resources will understand......  and Iain Honeyman will be known as "Buzzer". Honeyman.....Buzzer....Geddit?

Tuesday 18th October 2005  An Item for the well dressed Basher! Get your orders in now for the latest club shirts. After three years, we now have a new supply. Long sleeve in tasteful club yellow, all sizes. Quality Altura shirt retails @ £30. Printed up in club logos front and back, about £27. See Poppy soonest.
Saturday 15th October 2005 A couple of dates to note:
The Curry night will be held on the 10th of November at The Plough Inn, Haytor Drive, Milber, Newton Abbot.
Also a change of venue for the ride on Oct 27th. We will now be riding from the Great Western Hotel, St David's, Exeter: not the New Inn as previously announced.
Lastly, the Xmas Party will be held on Sunday December the 18th at The Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club. More details to follow....

Tweedledum and Tweedledee have kindly sent in a couple of pics of the French exchange visit. Click here to see 'em.

Jonno still has a bike for sale
 GT i-drive .  Full sus, brakes have been sorted by Knobblies in Exmouth. Now reduced to £500.Click here for pictures Contact Jonno on either 01395 263506 or 07729 503127 for further details
Monday 3rd October 2005 An apology......Yes Really!!!!
A break down in communications occurred when I was talking to Debacle the other day. Hard to believe I grant you, but nevertheless it transpires that when he told me that the Chamonix tourists were going out to celebrate Joe's birthday, he was not talking about his son, but Scrubber! So happy birthday Jo!!!! (...........and bad luck Joe!!!! You'll just have to wait for your card!)

Monday 3rd October 2005 A Message from Blaster. 

Sore Ass Bash of Swindon are hosting next year's Nash Bash in the picturesque market town of Marlborough.
Join us for a fun-filled weekend with two superb rides taking in the best scenery, public houses and beer that the Marlborough Downs has to offer.
The Bash weekend will take place over the weekend 14 - 16 July 2006 at a cost of only £38 per person.
A booking form is attached so that you may secure an early place. Please right-click here and select "save target as" to download the form. Then print out and send to the address on the form. If you have any queries please contact

Tuesday 30th August 2005   News from Chagford and Chamonix
Two bashers have decided to get their money's worth out of the Health Service this week. Mayday hurled himself into a succession of rocks near Chagford on Chris Braines' maiden ride, but has no memory of the event, and was escorted to hospital by Old Fart and Sticky Dicky. He's a tough cookie though, and will be fighting Henry Cooper for the World Title tomorrow! Rubber has decided to see if his E111 works and has hurled himself into a sharp rock at Chamonix! He's broken a few ribs and is in Hospital near Chamonix, but still has a twinkle in his eye.
Makes you proud to be a Basher dunnit?
Anyway, we wish them both a speedy recovery and hope to see them out again soon.

The rest of the tourists are going out for a Japanese meal tonight to celebrate Kamikase's (Bloggs', Joe's) birthday. I expect they will be as restrained as they usually are! Happy Birthday Joe!
Monday 22nd August 2005     A Message from Blaster

Teign Valley Pedal Bashers Present The Riverside Camp + Ride Weekend.

Usual Venue          Teign House Inn
Usual Date           1st W/E in Sept,  Fri 2nd – Sun 4th
Usual   Price        £5 all in or £3/night
Usual Format    Set up camp Friday eve, meal+ drinks in Pub. (Give numbers to Trucker if you want to book fish + chips)
All day bike ride on Sat (on and off road)
BBQ + Camp fire entertainment in the eve
Bash ride from field 11am start on Sunday

Usual Equipment    Campervan, caravan or tent
Usual Provisions      Grub + booze for Sat BBQ

And as Usual we will provide the BBQ and logs for campfire!

More Details?   Contact Blaster   07831615737 or Trucker 07831894005
or Email

Friday 10th August 2005   A Message from Bin-Bag-Bob

The Royal Beach Hysterical Society in conjunction with TVPB and Exmouth Rowing Club proudly present
Assault of the Exe
A day to guarantee to make you saddle sore and tipsy! Meeting at the 'Beach Hotel' Exmouth at 12:00h Ocean going trip across the briny to the Ancient Port of Starcross
Or meeting at 'The Atmospheric Railway Inn' at 12:30h for those cycling from further afield Passing through the historical parishes of, Kenton, Powderham and Cockwood.
Bin Bag Bob 07870 676 580
Magnus Major 07860 447 089
The day is to be finished off with an evening of fine food and wine, merriment and song at the Olde Worlde Manor Cottage Clubbe, Exmouth
This must be pre-booked with Karen Brice (07795 434 832)
Saturday 24th September 2005

Friday 10th August 2005   Words September, October, November 2005

Tonto's Thursday ride from the Lord Nelson, Kingskerswell concludes our Summer Programme and as from Thursday 8 September we revert to the "31 Club Dark Riders" format, which means good lights and reflective clothing are essential.

If you would like to nominate a pub for a "31 Club" ride then please feel free to do so, but first and foremost you MUST negotiate with the publican prior to recommendation. Important considerations are the price and variety of real ale and wine on offer, location, parking and the landlord's willingness to provide gratis snack type food for up to 31 people, much the same as they do for a darts or skittles team.

In this respect small traditional pubs are generally more suited to our needs, but once again I emphasise that "free food" is not to be thought of as an integral ingredient for every Bash ride, neither are Scout Bashers expected to provide "eats" out of their own pocket. If you've got a problem or need some help in this respect please speak to us first before committing the Bash to any payments.

By now you should all have paid your TVPB subs which were due on 1 July, if not you now owe £12 for the current year. You can of course pay £3 bi-monthly. The next £3 is due on 1 September. The subscription costs are so small compared with the benefits on offer they must apply to everyone. Mustang and Aunt Sally are our tax collectors and they are doing a splendid job, so pay promptly to make their jobs as easy as possible.

Finally when talking about making Bash jobs easier would you speak to our Calendar Girl and Scout Mistress - Mash - and book a ride for the next two months programme November/December and early January 2006, especially if you haven't been a Scout Basher recently. If you've never organised a Bash ride then you haven't got a Bash handle. If you're new to bashing then this is the only way you'll get a Bash christening. If you've not sure about doing what, where, how and when then why not ask from help from an experienced Basher?

Let me highlight some of the special events in this and future ride programmes. First the Real Valley Boys Bash Weekend - a snip @ £5 - book with Blaster, Trucker or Heidi before 29 August if you want to camp. There's also the Lynmouth camping weekend with Timotei and the Head Bangers. Then in October Chockie is organising a weekend in France when Bashers will receive reciprocal entertainment and hospitality of the very highest level from our French cycling friends. We need support in good numbers from TVPB - the costs relative to what you'll receive are in fact minimal - so let's be having you!

Lastly in October 4 - 9 is RJ's Millionaires Cornish Tour, when all the wealthy pissheads head West in search of good food and liquor.

Other dates for your diary - 31 Club curry night will be held Thursday 10 November Friday 2 December - Sunday 4 is Bin Bag's Bob's Booze Cruise Sunday 18 December - traditional Christmas fancy dress ride Sunday 1 January 2006 - Tonto's ride and "At Home" Details of all events to follow.

Ride on September - October - November 2005 Remember - Sunday rides start at 11 am, Thursday rides at 7 pm or ride to the pub for a pint at 9 pm Names with phone numbers for Thursday rides or the pub landlord's

Friday 29th July 2005 A message from Tonto.
Cycling companion(s) wanted for a few (3-4) days riding + sight seeing in Cornwall.
Two rides planed - Penzance to Land's End (circular circa 32 miles) + Helston to Lizard (circa 38 miles).  Both rides on road and hilly.
No fixed plans yet about camp site or dates.  Prefered dates somewhere between 15 - 24 August.
Anyone interested please talk to/see Tonto 01803 322543 email Txt 07880 715611

Friday 22st July A photograph has come into my possession which shows an aspect of some of our Bashers that few would ever have suspected! Click on the photos page to see the shock picture.
Saturday 16th July 2005 A message from Chocky.
The weekend for the exchange visit with the Plourin Les Morlaix cyclists / Walkers & others will take place this year on the first week of October.
Those who wish to go should book the night Brittany ferry from Plymouth on Friday 30th September and return on the afternoon ferry on Sunday 2nd October. Those participating will be responsible for booking their own crossings & cabins etc. as required.
I have just returned from Plourin and there is capacity at the French end to host in excess of 20 to 25 families / couples. If the norm is followed there will be a breakfast / reception on the Saturday upon arrival at Plourin followed by an afternoon ride (mountain bike and road bike) plus a walk or other entertainment. Saturday evening there will be a meal / party and on Sunday morning another ride probably with the Plourin cycling club.
This is a very social event and friendships will no doubt be formed with our French friends. Alcohol will flow and the food and entertainment will be as normal - excellent.
Children are welcome.
For those who haven't been before, take the opportunity to meet the people of Plourin and enjoy their generous hospitality.
Names please to Le Chocky (Dave Hockin) who is co-ordinating this years visit with the French organisers. I will match up TVPB members / families with the French. If you have a preference with whom to stay in France please let me know and I will oblige.
By e mail to  or by phone 01803 813437

Saturday 16th July 2005 A message from Kit-Kat and Lather. Sun 31 July: For those not going to Cheddar there is an alternative ride for roadies only! ie NO off-road. 25-ish mile road/quiet lanes ride from Beer Engine at Newton St Cyres (off Crediton-Exeter road). Half-way pub stop if required. KitKat and Lather

Saturday 16th July 2005 Update for the ride on August 28th from Chris.  I'm pencilled in for doing the ride on the 28th August but need to change the meeting place to meet outside 'The Globe' in Chagford (opposite church). (there's not much parking at the Sandy Park pub!) They have said they will do some food for us ....... Yippeee!.....(ed)

Monday 4th July 2005 Devon Bash Pics (Not the cycling though.....Couldn't see for the rain and mist!) Click Here
Wednesday 29th June 2005   Words July – August 2005

Following the excellent French Tour and then the Devon Bash we can, hopefully, now look forward to a long hot summer featuring lots of really good rides and events.

As you can see from the July/August programme we already have planned three Sunday BBQ Bashes and an away weekend, none of which should be missed.

Two regular bashers are scouting their first trails and so earn their bash names, they are Keith “Jonno” Johnson who will now be known as Snudge and Joe Arkle who will bash as Bloggs. Explanations at christenings.

Mudsie has resigned her position as Words Sales and subs collector. I’d like to thank her for her dedication and effort in this role. These tasks will now be taken over jointly by Aunt Sally and Mustang Sally. Please co-operate with the two Sallys to make their job easier. By this I mean going to them instead of them having to search you out. The same applies equally to our Trails Mistress – Mash. Please, when you volunteer to organize a bash ride give her FULL DETAILS of the pub or venue. This is something it is NOT OK to advise later.

Subscriptions 1st July 2005 – 30th June 2006. THESE ARE NOW DUE. Annual subscription will remain at £10, but MUST be paid by 7th August. After this time it will raise to £12. Bashers who opt for bi-monthly subscriptions will now pay £3 every 2 months. These fees are NON NEGOTIABLE save for newcomers and junior members who will be advised by Mustang or Aunt Sally. Everybody is expected to contribute – no exceptions!

Friday 24th June 2005   If anyone fancied a trip to Chamonix? Jonno had an airline ticket (possibly two!) which he wass unable to use. You should have called him on 07729 503127 if you were interested, but you're too late!!!!! they,ve been snapped up! Sold
Friday 24th June 2005   See Taff's pics of Froggie and Wangle's Cwmcarn weekend on the photos page.
Monday 20th June 2005   More pictures of The Bashers in Provence, (Courtesy of Jonno) on the photos page.
Saturday 11th June 2005   I've just put up one picture of some bashers troughing on the photos page. I know I'm gonna get killed.....I just couldn't help it!
Tuesday 7th June 2005   Taff has let us have some pictures of the French tour which are now on the photos page. It looks as if the Bashers really went through it on this tour....all that eating, drinking and cycling to do in the sunshine....poor old bashers huh?
Saturday 4th June 2005.  Trucker's Appealing!
No... we don't mean he's cute! but he did manage to persuade Noah to undertake a sponsored Helicopter ride over Dartmoor. Many thanks to Humphrey Walters who provided the ride free of charge. but he has asked for donations to be forwarded to The Royal Marsden Hospital.So come on all you Bashers....dig deep and make a contribution! Trucker is collecting the cash on behalf of the Royal Marsden and can be contacted on 01626 852201. If you want to see the Hospital's site it can be found at  

Friday 3rd June 2005.  Book Now for Timotei's Cheesy Cheerful Cheddar Challenge
Broadway Campsite on A371 between Axbridge and Cheddar £5 per person per night 2 nights Friday 29 July - Sunday 31 July 2005 3 rides: Friday 19.00, Saturday 10.00  Sunday 11.00. For more details contact Timotei 07834 181076 Or email

Monday 30th May Another announcement! Noah and Dirty Di have got hitched and bought a camper van! We tried to get a picture of the camper van but none was available, so we have a picture of Noah and Di instead. You can see it here.
Wednesday 18th May A Message from Jingle.....For those who don't frequent Lidl....apparently, they have track pumps for £2.99! Jingle says they are similar to the ones sold in Halfords for about fifteen or twenty quid and have a twin head and pressure gauge.
Tuesday 10th May Words May – June 2005
Pottsie is away and has asked me to pen a few words on his behalf – so here goes.  He will, of course, be joining you all on tour.
The current rides list includes two action packed bash weekends and a ride in the Quantocks.
It was good to see Kit Kat and Noah at the Teign House  - both looking really well.
Mudsie – Words Sales and Subs – wishes to “retire” soon.  She has worked tirelessly for the bash for many years and will be a hard act to follow.   Anyone interested please speak to Mudsie to find out what is involved.
Ride on
Monday 9th May   Pedal your own canoe?
      Paddle Bash?  Canoe trip  
      Satuday 23 July 11.30 - 5.30 ish  
      Canoe from Tuckenhay - Dartmouth + back  
      Cost £15 each  
      Canoes are 12 seater canadian style NOT kyaks  
      To see pics go to  
      30 possible places - 10 per canoe  
      see Tonto for details  
      Bashers who have been on previous trips include Tweedledum + Tweedledee, Spook, Jingle, Mustang Sally
Sunday 8th May "The Dinky Dirty Dozen" tour was a fantastic success. The weather and the riding were great and the drinking was spectacular! Doubtless, details of the nefarious goings on will emerge in the course of time under the Freedom of Information act! Tales of Whisky, keys, fleeces and bumbags, phones and toilets, BBQ's and tumbles, haircuts and laughter induced incontinence may all come to light! Pictures on Photos page! See Blaster modelling clothes too!

If anyone would like to take part in the Dartmoor Cycle Challenge which is run in aid of the British Heart Foundation charity, and takes place on Sunday 22nd May 2005, Please visit for details

Sunday 24th April 2005.  Firstly, thanks to Trotski, Pavlova and Sputnik for organising today's ride. It's a shame they couldn't be there to enjoy it! However, a small but elite band braved the elements and returned tired and covered in muddy freckles!

 Secondly, for those Bashers who are able to read....and who have the inclination.... Here's a little poem. If you think that poetry is for wimps, let me reassure you. This is an Australian poem...
Just click on the picture!. 

Mulga Bill's Bicycle

Thursday 17th March 2005.  A Proper announcement!
For any of you who were not aware already, Lather and KitKat tied the knot today and are now Mr and Mrs Ingram, although I suspect that the normal terms of abuse will be used to greet them amongst bash members. More importantly, they've bought a new tandem. You can see a picture of it here. (Try to ignore the people in the foreground)

Wednesday 23rd February 2005.

Words March – April 2005




REGISTRATIONS from TVPB full members are very slow.  Get your skates on because the popular weekend at Ivybridge RFC on the first weekend of July has now been thrown open to all-comers, including our friends from other bashes.


And from March 20 the discounted price of £30 for the full package for members only, will cease and everybody will pay the full price of £38, if there are any full catering tickets left.


Pottsie wants this all tied up before he heads off to Europe mid-April.







THE main bash tour to Provence in May is now definitely on with about 30 deposits paid.  A second payment of £50 pp is now needed – you cab pay more if you want – and cheques please to bash cash Dick “Sticky Dicky” Owen at Salty Cottage, Platway Lane, Shaldon, Devon TQ14 0AR.





ALL went well with another good meal for £4 and a virtuoso performance by the CO – he should be on stage, maybe sweeping it!


The Shipwrights at Shaldon were well chuffed at receiving their Best Bash Pub award, but Ingle was not so thrilled at getting the Dope Pedlar gong.  He refused to accept it, which goes to prove that he is once again the perfect choice for the award!


Special pats on the back to Cobbler and Blow Job at Thomas Trophies, who do such splendid work for us at very reasonable rates.  Thanks again.





FALLEN Woman and Broken Man have returned.  Nice to see them back, albeit prompting a tsunami of words by the Countess on the wonders and rites of SE Asia.  By the time this is published the torrent may have subsided somewhat!


MUDSIE and Father leave on March 2 for a tour of Oz and Kiwi country.  Bedpig will collect subs during her absence – don’t mess her about, or you’ll have Mudsie to face on her return!


NOAH made a welcome visit to see us at the Great Western, after his sailing trip to Tenerife.  Unfortunately he’s hit rough water health wise, so he can’t ride a bike.  We wish him a speedy recovery and a quick return to the pedals.


KITKAT too is under the weather.  Hope you soon return to good health.


POTTSIE, Bedpig, Unda and Poppy are turning their wagons to the East in April for a sojourn behind the old Iron Curtain, and will catch up with some of you at the main tour in Provence, and the bulk of the bash at the Devon Bash.  We know that bash will be in good hands with the other officers during our absence, and might even improve!  All text messages on bash news will be welcomed.


BOBBIBALL is due thanks for organizing his best ever hostel weekend at Litton Cheney, Dorset, right next door to a pub.  A very wet and wild Saturday did not deter the hardy on and off roaders, but luckily it was much better weather on the Sunday.  What a great display of table dancing on Saturday night!  And who forgot the drive home from the pub after the rugby, with Flossie at the wheel of the Landy?  What control by the girl.


BUCKTU also deserves a mention for providing such a feast of gourmet food.  Nobody went short and there were even doggie bags to take home.


MARK GLENDINNING, wandering son of Blaster, made an appearance at a couple of bashes lately, sparking speculation he has returned to claim his inheritance at the quarry.  The explosives officer seems in fine fettle to us with no sign of being off the pace, but does the prodigal son know something we don’t?  Whatever, nice to see you again Mark.


CROSSIE could be unjustly taking the blame for the poor performance of the England rugby team of late, our spies tell us.


With the boys in white crashing to humiliating defeats, the hunt is on for scapegoats.  Rumours have reached us from HQ at Twickers that coach Andy Robinson is despairing of finding a winning formula, and could be targeting our Pete, the official England mascot, to take the rap.


“I can’t blame the players or the management, so it must be Crossie’s fault.  I think he’s bringing us bad luck, and it could be time for a change,” the England supreme is reported to have told a down market tabloid.


“The players are just not motivated by seeing Crossie waving his big flag anymore, so I’m thinking of bringing in some lap-dancers wearing an England thong and not much else to fire up the players and the crowd.”


We at TVPB will be doing all we can of course, to keep our boy in his job – watching him in action on the TV is one of the highlights of the rugby week for many of us.  So we have launched a Save Crossie campaign, and all our members are urged to flood Twickers with protests.





A SECOND curry and karaoke evening for the ’31 Club is being lined up by poplar demand at the Old Coach House, Babbacombe on Thursday March 17.  Tickets are £5, but you must pay in advance.  Let’s hope our vocalists are in fine voice for the singalong.







Teignmouth Rugby Club on Thursday 24 March 8 pm.  Tickets £10 available from Crossie 01626 863864.  Proceeds to Epilepsy Bereaved.





OUR lawyers warn us that the rampant sexism, foul language, homophobia, sicko jokes, misogyny, ageism and jibes against veggie, ridiculing the disabled and other minority groups, and racism, among certain sections of the bash, must cease.


Apparently more and more organizations are being sued by employees or members who have been offended by non-politically correct behaviour.  Unless we take steps to clean-up our act, your officers could end up in court.


So from now on all references to members’ sexual orientation, physical appearances, dress sense, choice of partner, performance on the bike or in the bike shed, alleged affairs, religious beliefs, size of genitalia, sanity, political persuasion ,drinking and eating habits, along with groping of bottoms, breasts and other private parts, ritual humiliation of the less fortunate among us, profane and offensive language, sexual innuendo, “jokes” about the handicapped, the sending of obscene e-mails, the spreading of malicious rumors, gossiping about the private lives of others, and general inappropriate behavior MUST STOP.


Inspectors have been appointed to collect evidence of non-PC behaviour and offenders will be court marshaled and severely spanked by the newly set-up PC Police (volunteers please).


Sunday 20th February 2005. Devon Bash 2005
Its back  by popular demand!
Yes the Devon bash is staying at ivybridge rugby club on the edge of Dartmoor after the rip roaring success of last year.
The format will be similar with two great rides, on or off road, with possible beer and food stops; a superb flat camping field; plenty of toilets & hot showers two course evening meals, two traditional breakfasts and a Sunday lunch.
And there will be a live rock band in the super new clubhouse on Saturday night, plus a disco on Friday   
The bash will be reverting to our traditional first weekend in July date, from Friday July 1st - Sunday July 3rd. you can also stay over 'til Monday morning.
There are only 110 full catering tickets so early booking is essential.
For fully paid up bashers the cost for the whole package is a measly £30. to qualify you must have paid the annual £10 sub or the two monthly sub, from July 2004.
All others and non bashers will pay £38
There are limited children's tickets at £10 for under 12s eating a junior meal.
A self catering camping deal is available at £5 for bashers (children free) and £10 all others.
Priority will be given to TVPB members up until Feb. 20th _ after that it will be open to our friends from other bashes.
Click here for the form, complete and attach a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to TVPB and give to Pottsie, Mudsie or Sticky Dicky.

Cheques can also be posted to bash cash; Dick Owen,
Salty Cottage,
Platway Lane,
Shaldon Devon. TQ14 0AR. Tel 01626 873395.

Wednesday 9th February 2005.  Update from Fallen Woman in Thailand. Well hello again !  Still island hopping but on a downward spiral now as we will be home a week today. We went for a walk on Ko Lanta and ended up  in thick jungle at a cave where the inevitable guide turned up with lights and batteries and not knowing what to expect we just went for it ! Down wooden ladders , across rickety wooden bridges , huge cave spiders..yuk..a rat and a very large colony of fruit bats we then wriggled through a two foot head space  etc and emerged an hour later back into the jungle to go down a hundred foot vertical  wooden ladder back to near where we started ! All in a days fun…. Caught boat to Phuket Island where we have two friends from Brixham that live there every winter. Not so much of a holiday this year as they are totally involved with helping to sort out a local village that was devasted by the Sunami. The Thai government and others seem to be witholding funds from many people that really need it to get their lives back together again. The appaling bit is that most of the aid workers from the large charities stayed in five star hotels with money for bar bills etc seemingly no problem. Some of the large hotel chains were donating fishing boats etc – particularly with their chosen names on which was not so useful without engines, nets,fishing gear etc so our friends are organizing on the spot help to sort out these sort of problems which has to be a lot better than working in the mortuary as they were . We have been helping out in a very small way here and there.One of the local ladies was caught in the wave at seven months pregnant and gave birth the same evening. Her baby was very unwell so we gave some money to send her to hospital as her Mum had lost her job , home etc. The doctor refused to charge any money as he said that everyone had been so good to the Thai people and that if any other people needed immediate treatment, he would not charge. On the whole, rebuilding is happening very quickly and things are looking very positive.
We hashed with Phuket hash in the jungle. A great bunch of people. They have done an amazing job raising huge funds and spending them locally on projects such as rebuilding a school  for the children to go during the day so that the parents can get on with rebuilding their lives while the children are being looked after. This included all the uniforms, books etc.The Bangkok hash have raised a huge sum which is being transferred to Phuket hash this week.
Now we have moved on to a tiny island off Phuket where everybody knows each other. They are so unused to tourists where we are stopping that when we asked for an orange juice this morning , someone dashed off to the shop to buy the oranges ! Tomorrow on to the neighbouring island then back to reality and Bangkok on Monday.  On

Monday 7th February 2005. A Message from Tonto.  On Saturday 19 March Heather & Roy Wheeler will have been at The Crown & Sceptre in St Marychurch for 30 years.  The longest serving land lord & lady in Torbay.  Quite an achievement.

Roy & Heather have supported both bashers and hashers plus many other local groups.  I am making a small collection to make a presentation to them.  I also hope to organise some sort of happening.

All offers, suggestions and donations greatfully received. Email Tonto at

 Sunday 6th February 2005.  A Message from Wan. All TVPB members are cordially invited to celebrate Wang's 50th birthday on the 23rd of April. It's at Finlake Leisure Complex, near Chudleigh. There will be a band,disco, sumo wrestling and lots of drinking!!  Accommodation is available @ £15 pppn in their luxury cabins and homes.  I MUST have your numbers for this to confirm bookings!!  There is a late bar - 12.45 and a good time is certain!! 
wang ( AKA Paul Kerr )
Phone on: 07779063196  or email

Sunday 30th January 2005.  Pics from Fallen Woman in Thailand. Broken man and fallen woman have sent us Some pics. Click Here to see. Also.....A suspicious picture of  Jonno.....I can't help thinking it's been doctored in some way....Click Here to see for yourself!

Tuesday 18th January 2005.  Update from Fallen Woman in Thailand. Hello everyone ! Since my last message we have been staying on a bamboo thatched raft with a thai family n a lake in a nature reserve with dog cat and TV when the generator was on in the evening. Then we went up to the far North of Thailand next t o the Myamar-Burma border and hired a motorbike to explore. Golden triangle interesting but Burma not nice- open sewers drugs so came back after an hour! Found very cheap budget air fare to far South of Thailand by Malasia. Explored East coast – very like The Gambia. Very windy beaches . Hired bike again- just two pounds a day. Then took minibus ninety miles only one pound each to Eastern coast. Found heaven on tiny island of Ko Lipe in Tarutao nature reserve near Malasia. No Sunami here. Living in a bamboo house on stilts on edge of jungle next to the sea. We lie in bed with breeze and listen to sea. No one on the beach, no roads. The family that own the house cook for us and the local bar has satelite internet-does that make sense… Mainly divers come here. Only inhabited island in the reserve as sea gipsies were given the land a long time ago. They are still here and are lovely people originally from China. We only have electric for three hours in the evening but who cares ! See you sometime. FW XXXX
Saturday 15th January 2005.  New Pics To See! Check out Taffs Pics of Christmas on the Photos page. See if you can spot the lucky girl who got a new bike for Christmas. (No prizes for guessing though!)
Sunday 9th January 2005.  Update from Fallen Woman in Thailand. Hi everybody ! Interesting 12 hour train ride for 7 pound including 3 meals. Saw paddy fields and on to mountains and then thick jungle with tiny villages. Now in North of Thailand at Chang Mai. Went hashing with Chang Mai hash. Nice people and lovely run through flower farms, paddy fields and little villages etc but down downs went on for an hour....American RA. Today going up to highest mountain here and expect to see some hill tribe people, temples and the kings palace. Tomorrow moving further North up to Golden triangle. Hope you all OK. Love FW.
Thursday 6th January 2005.  A Message from Fallen Woman in Thailand.  Hi everybody ! Done the delights of Bangkok and off on 12 hour train to Chang Mai tomorrow.
Hashed with Bangkok hash yesterday . Great run along klongs-mini canals around hares house. His cook prepared Thai meal for our return at his lovely house on private estate and all proceeds went to the disaster fund so we did some good as well as having a brilliant time! Hope to hash with Chang Mai at weekend. Take care xxxxx

Tuesday 4th January 2005. Voting Form Please right-click here  and select "save as" to download a voting form for this years awards.

Tuesday 4th January 2005.   Words January – February 2005

Hope you all had as good a Christmas as I did similarly I extend my best wishes to everyone for 2005.  Unfortunately the tragic loss of life caused by the terrible tsunami has dampened down much of the joy and rejoicing this time generally brings.  So if you can afford it, and if you want to, please act quickly to easer the pain and suffering of those afflicted by a disaster that seems to get worse each day.  Thank you.

Looking back to the Xmas party and fancy dress ride it was nice to see so many people making a real effort to dress up in such a variety of clever costumes and it was of course very good to see the return of our fancy dress pharaohs – Barsteward and Tooley whose antics have been sadly missed for the last two years.  I think we all enjoyed the meal and the party, we were certainly blessed with wonderful weather for the ride.  

Now, looking forward you will see that we return to The Welcome Inn for the 2004 Awards on Sunday 30 January - in this respect please can last year’s winners hand their trophies back asap so that they can be prepared for the new recipients.   Voting forms will be issued shortly (and will be available to print off  on-line) and a carvery lunch will be provided for only £4, but you MUST pay in advance.  A rides list for 2004 to help you choose your winners will be  available soon – but most importantly if you’ve been a regular basher in 2004 please take the time to cast your vote even if you don’t have a nomination for every category.  If you have an idea for an award that isn’t covered on the voting form then please feel free to do something about it.  You will, of course, have to provide an appropriate trophy.

TVPB tour 2005 – 21 May – 28 May cost plus air fare £375.

If you are interested in going please let Timotei know asap.  Venue is Apt in Provence, France.  To get cheap flights you need to book early.  The hotel is of a very high standard with lots of facilities and good food.  It is near the town centre with many shops and bars.

As before the rides will be guided and graded into A, B, and C with a day off for sight seeing.

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