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Wednesday 27th December 2006    Update from Pottsie. Special Offer T.I.T.’S and S.H.I.T.’S Attendance Incentive Awards   
The full price of the £5 carvery meal will be refunded at bash rides throughout February to those Bashers who meet the following criteria.
· Have collected 2 January T.I.T’s (Thursday Improvement Tickets). These will be issued at all 4 Thursday 31 club rides throughout January. So make sure you go to at least two rides and get your hands on a pair or T.I.Ts. Left and right.
· Or if you can only ride on Sundays
· You will have to get the S.H.I.Ts twice (Sunday Habitual Incentive Tickets) at any of the four Sunday rides – 31 December, 7th, 14th and 21 January. SHITs are Hard and Tough.
To get your £5 back you must PERSONALLY turn up at any ride in February with the SHITs or show us your TITs and a £5 note will be yours.
NB All TITs and SHITS will have to be redeemed by Sunday 25 February. These conditions are NOT NEGIOTIABLE. You can, however, mix and match by collecting a Right TIT and a Hard SHIT. Furthermore if you collect both Right and Left TITs and Hard and Tough SHIT tickets you will also qualify for a “free drink” voucher, which will be issued for use at the awards ceremony.
Right click HERE and select "Save As" to download your voting form. Print out, fill in and give to Pottsie.(With your money!)
Tuesday 26th December 2006    Debacle's New Years Eve Ride    For all of you who are going to Debacle's ride on New Year's Eve, Here are some instructions to get there. If coming from Exeter direction towards Plymouth on the A38, take the exit before Marsh Mills roundabout (signposted Plympton). Don't go into Plympton itself, but follow signs for Cornwood, which takes you through the Langage Industrial estate, and look out for the Hemerdon turning.
Click on the following link to Miners Arms for map
For those of you with GPS navigation, The Miners Arms is at Grid ref: SX563574 or Postcode district: PL7 5BU
Saturday 23rd December 2006    Thanks to "Knobblies"    Exmouth bike shop "Knobblies" organised a Christmas off-road on Woodbury today complete with mulled wine, mince pies and four bashers. Thanks to Chris and the rest of the crew there for a thoroughly good time. The natives seem friendly and the shop looks well stocked....might be worth a look next time you're in the area. See the links page for contact details.
Friday 22nd December 2006    Happy Christmas    Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all our readers...however many there are. Thanks to all of you who have contributed by sending photos and other items for the website this year. We look forward to receiving more action packed material and salacious gossip in 2007.

A Message from Faggots. Just a reminder for bashers to collect all those lovely corks for recycling over Christmas. We're (Devon) in competition with Cornwall for the 'Cork Ashes', we just lost out last year. I'm away over New Year but should make the Polsham ride on the 7th. If folks could bring all they've collected along then that would be great. Both wooden and plastic corks are fine!
Monday 18th December 2006    Pics of Christmas Fancy Dress Ride    You're in for a treat...Great pics of the Christmas Fancy Dress ride at Kingsteignton, courtesy of Timotei and Wiffy (and one or two from Manky). See them on the photos page
Monday 4th December 2006    A message from Bin Bag Bob re. Public Consultation    There is a public exhibition at Newton Abbot Racecourse on Thursday 7th December from 10.00 a.m. to 7 p.m. that will lay out the core strategy for development in and around Newton Abbot / Kingsteignton.
NACG members are urged to attend and lobby all present to ensure that the final plans include adequate facilities for cyclists – if you don’t do it for cyclists no one else will.
For more information see: -
Tuesday 28th November 2006    Message from Jonno re flights for tour    Just to let you know that flights have been released for May next year with Easy Jet.
Just booked for about £70 including bike.
Sunday 19th November 2006    A Message from Bobbiball...."Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!!"

The Wait is Over..... Bobbiballs Minehead weekend is Go!
Minehead Youth Hostel Weekend
Friday 2nd February to Sunday 4th February 2007
Cost £35. (Camper Vans £25) Included: Accommodation, 2 main meals, 2 breakfasts, snacks, booze (not sure how much yet), and Guided Trails!

Bookings will be restricted until December to those who have been on any previous trips. After this it will be open to anyone as long as they are insane with a drink problem.

Diddy and Anna will be collecting the money. (no deposits please)

We need to think about booking 2008 now!

Can you let me know if you are interested and where you would like to go?
tel (daytime) 01803 290211, or email
Friday 17th November 2006    Vote for Kit-Kat!    Help generate a bit of extra positive publicity for cycling!
Go to Type 'bicycle'in the search box in top right hand corner. Vote for it! Ask all your cycling friends to do the same.
The bike is currently in the Top 12, so now is the time to get it up to the top of the list.
Friday 17th November 2006    Tour Update from Timotei.    We will definitely be flying from Bristol to Venice. The revised cost of the holiday will be an extra 20 squid as it involves a longer transfer in Italy. I think you'll agree that it's better to be only an hour away from home when we arrive back home than 4 hrs away in Stansted!
The extra cost is offset in what it would have cost to drive to Stansted and parked cars there anyway!
Hope everyone agrees
I can either book your flights with immediate payment or you can book then yourselves, there's only one flight a day so you can't go wrong!
Let's hear some definites please
On oN

Sunday 12th November 2006    2007 Tour Details from Timotei    details of next year's bash tour! easyjet flights will be released in next couple of weeks The prices include transfers from Verona Brescia or Milan Bergamo (flying from Stansted) to Lake Garda but we're looking at Easyjet Bristol to Venice, a lot easier for us but will be a longer transfer in Italy (and small extra cost) Click here for more details.
Tuesday 7th November 2006    An Epistle from Fallen Woman    Hi there ! Thought for the day - travelling broadens the mind and loosens the bowels......Great news about Gobbler- a little late I guess . Winfield was certainly having a very good time at Interhash - quite in his element . Cambodia was quite an experience - we all said that we should get tee shirts made saying we survived Cambodia ! Most things went wrong - the organisers had only ever made a package for 25 people before and 230 was a little bit different. To be fair a lot of the happenings were not their fault, just Cambodian infrastruture and trying to do too much. We didn't get to hash much as a lot of the time we just could not arrive in the right place at the right time due to coaches going off the terrible roads into ditches and having to be towed out by passing army trucks only to go in again while trying to do a 3 point turn after the army had left of course !! A head on coach crash , having to bribe policemen to let us over a bridge and run around for an hour to find the official to raise a height barrier etc etc. Still it was a great experience - the Cambodian people are so lovely and really need what little money tourism brings. Interhash was great and the Thais laid on superb hospitality although 6000 people packed into the stadium with squat toilets was an interesting experience ! After melting in Cambodia and Chiang Mai we are now on a beautiful tropical island called Ko Tao or Turtle island 40 Km North of Ko Samui. It is idylic here, unspoilt by tourism with clear sea and lovely corals - a divers paradise. We have been keeping company with Hotlips from Cheltenham on the whole trip. She did Cambodia and we even met her in Ko Samui where she was staying in the same village. We keep on meeting Interhashers who are travelling all over the place. Tonight is a special festival in Thailand where all the locals make floating rafts out of banana leaves with flowers in the middle and incense sticks and a candle and float them in the nearest river or sea to rid them of any sins and to renew hopes for the future. At interhash the organizers made 500 for us to float on the river next to the stadium . Well hope you are all OK and not freezing ! PS did you know that your E mail add was in the official Interhash mag to promote pedalbashing worldwide ? On On Fw & BM
Tuesday 7th November 2006    Official Photos of Commando Challenge    If you want to see the official photos taken during the Commando Challenge then go to
Go to the events tab and select Oct 2006, then select the 3 mile fun challenge, then 1500 - 1700.
Pictures of bashers doing muddy things can then be seen on the pages
Peat Bog - page 8 (from photo 7187)
Peters Pool - page 10 (from photo 6968 to page 11 photo 6984)
Team Shots – page 2 (photo 7362)
Water Tunnel – page 4 (from photo 7178 -7198)

Friday 27th October 2006    The Words. November - December 2006 + January 2007   

Another summer's come and gone - and a good one too. The new rides list will take us well into 2007. This is never the most uplifting time of the year with the prospect of dark nights and shorter, colder days. So I hope the new bash programme partially compensates and gives you plenty to look forward to.

Three events that do need a mention are the 31 Club curry night - Thursday 2 November, costing only a fiver. This popular ride and nosh has already rendered the magic 31 acceptances - however, there's still space for more. Please give Pottsie your £5 ASAP.

Secondly the Christmas fancy dress ride and party. This will take place on Sunday 17 December @ the Abbrook Centre, Kingsteignton (used 2 b WBB Social Club). Plenty of parking, cheap booze and a completely new flat riding area with high visibility for those in costume. Poppy and Unda are scout bashers for the day and promise beer + wine stops, sherry, carols and mince pies. This will, as usual, be followed by a 2 course buffet meal before dancing to the awesome sounds disco. All this for only £10. If you're a basher you've got to be there!
This is a ticket only event NO SALES ON THE DAY - pay Pottsie, Mudsie or Poppy.

Thirdly the 2006 Oscars and Awards Ceremony on Sunday 28 January 2007 @ The Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren - great value big carvery meal @ £4 a head. Please book and pay in advance - money to Pottsie, Mudsie or Poppy. So start thinking about your choices for recognition this year (voting forms available early January). If you won a major award for 2005 please remember we'd like it back to give to the 2006 winner.

Finally I'd like to talk about the on road/off road rides and riders outside the published bash programme.

We have to accept the fact that there are those bashers who want to ride exclusively off road and those who only want to ride tarmac or easy non-technical off road such as fire break tracks and cycle paths etc. If you volunteer to be a scout basher then you must be prepared to satisfy both requirements. This means that if you can only cope with one or the other then you will need to enrol a second scout basher(s) to share this task and help you to achieve this.

What shouldn't happen is that off roaders or on roaders decide to reject the ride and advertise another one in a different area and a different pub because they either don't like the ride or the geographical location.

Obviously it is almost impossible to please all the bash all the time and we do need to try new locations, especially in the summer months. So PLEASE use a little bit of common sense and if you anticipate or sense a problem with a venue speak to the scout basher or scout mistress so that any action taken is agreed well beforehand thus avoiding the upset and confusion caused by so called "breakaways". Thank you.


In previous years Bobbiball has run a very popular and successful youth hostel based winter weekend away in Dorset or Somerset in February. He is not planning one for 2007 - would anyone else be interested in organising something similar?

The bash has 2 long sleeved XXL club tops @ £27.50 - see Poppy if you want one.

Tuesday 17th October 2006    A Message from Jonno Re. The Commando Challenge    An excellent day with 7 Bashers plus 1 guest completing the Commando Challenge on Sat 14 Oct. Lots of mud fights taking place during the 3 miles and the sounds of “Bobbiball, Bobbiball, Bobbiball” resonating around the tunnels!! Everyone, even Anna who was absolutely dreading it, went through the water tunnel!
The team called “The Pedal Bashers” completed the 3 mile course in 53 minutes which was 134th place for time alone. The overall placings were based on the amount of sponsorship handed in on the day combined with the time taken to complete the course. Overall we came 162nd out of the 185 that completed the “FUN” challenge.
We managed to hand in £184.00 for charity on the day but some of us still have monies to collect in. Please would the Bashers that sponsored us pay your donations as soon as possible. This will enable me to pay in the final cheque to the organisers. Thank you!
For information the fastest time for the 3 miles was 22 minutes and the most money handed in on the day was £1033.
The day was rounded off in true Basher style – plenty of food and booze, dancing took place in the Q Club!
The team comprised of:
Snudge, Binliner, Mustang Sally, Bobbiball, Bothways, Turbo, Mavis, Carol – our guest AKA Brown Bottle. It is my intention to enter a team again next year, with the emphasis being the same – “A great day, with lots of fun, food and drink!” Ther are some pictures on the Photos page. See men and women get down and dirty with each other Here
Saturday 23rd Sept 2006    Corporate Giant "Tesco" backs bikers....(In a small way)!    You can now spend your Tesco Clubcard vouchers on a 'Mountain Bike Rider' Magazine 12 Monthly subscription (for the equivalent of only £11.85) or 'Cycle Sport' magazine for the roadies. (Thanks to Mayhem for the info.)
Friday 22nd September 2006    An Invitation from Kill and Laura    The latest addition to the "Bash-Pack", young Alfie, is to be christened on Sunday 17th December. The service will be at 10:30 to 11:30 at St Michaels Church in Kingsteignton, and then a meal at 12:15 at the Ten Tors afterwards. (Ordinary pub prices) It is appreciated that this date may coincide with the Xmas Bash but any bashers who would like to come along will be welcome. Please let Kenny know by mid October if you are coming, as the pub is likely to be busy with Christmas customers. Call Kenny or Laura on 01626 360484 or mobile 07753271595.
Wednesday 20th September 2006    A Message from Tonto Re:French exchange trip.    Just a note to thank all those who contributed to making the French Cyclists visit such a success. The return match is scheduled for the 13th and 14th of September next year and the French are hoping that a good number of us will be able to make the trip. (they saw just how many of us there were at Haldon on Sunday) Make a note in your diaries!!
Tuesday 19th September 2006    Ride Update for 1st Oct    Ride will still be from The King of Prussia at Bovey Tacey. Barney is going to lead a road ride and Blowtorch has stepped in to set an off-road. Apparently the pub has agreed to lay on some refreshments too....Whoopee!
Saturday 16th September 2006    More Photos    We now have some pictures, courtesy of Buzza, of the Chamonix trip. Take a look at these. The scenery is beautiful and the riding looks awesome. See Froggie pretty in pink body armour! Click here for a direct link
Saturday 16th September 2006    The "Unofficial" Devon Bash    For those who haven't already found them, there are some pics of the Devon Bash on the Photos page. There are no pics of anyone actually cycling on the Saturday since no-one had the foresight to bring an underwater camera. Sundays weather was much improved though and a good time was had by all who stayed. (Courts Marshall are being considered for at least one deserter).
We'd like to thank the Union Inn at Moretonhampstead for doing a great job of looking after us. Good beer, good food (and plenty of it), and a very relaxed atmosphere. They must have thought we were all mad, but treated us like proper human beings anyway!! Thankyou Dave and Sian
Friday 15th September 2006    Change of Ride Details 1st Oct 2006    Dennis and Stonewall are now unable to set the ride from The King of Prussia, Bovey Tracey, but we may still be able to do an ad-hoc ride from the same pub. Details will be posted here as soon as we have them.
Saturday 9th Sept 2006    A Reminder    Time is running short...Get your applications in to do the Commando Challenge....Click Here to see details
Friday 8th September 2006    Alternative ride    Hi All,
If for any reason you can not get to "Timotei`s Cheddar Cheesy" some of us are going to meet up at The Union Inn at Denbury this Sunday, (Sept 10th 2006) usual times. I stress this is not a "Breakaway" it is just a chance get together for anyone with genuine reasons not to get to the "Official Ride" at Cheddar ON OFF ON
Friday 1st September 2006    Update from Tonto re: French exchange visit   
15 – 17 September 2006

Saturday ride from Abbrook Centre, Kingsteignton @ 2 pm – road ride around Liverton, Ilsington, Haytor, Bovey + Stover ALL BASHERS WELCOME.

Saturday 8.30 pm social @ Abbrook Centre – music and dancing, cheap bar – all welcome. Please note the evening meal is for French and hosts only.

Sunday ride from Bullers Hill CP, Haldon @ 11 am – on and off road. 2.30 buffet lunch @ Abbrook Centre - £3.00 per person PLEASE let Tonto know IN ADVANCE (by 10 September) if you want a lunch.

Hopefully we will also be joined by some of the Mid Devon Cycling Club for the rides and social. Should be a good weekend – please try to support it.


Saturday 26th August 2006    A Message from RJ    Wednesday 4 October - Sunday 8 October RJ's award winning "Millionaire's Cornish Way Tour". Wealthy pissheads with bikes and more money that sense embark on mainly tarmac tour to the ends of Cornwall. 3 doubles still available Friday + Saturday night @ St Ives. Phone Jack Smith 01626 833128 if interested.
Saturday 26th August 2006    Bits and Bobs    First. Wan has emailed with some good news. Kill now is the proud father of Alfie, born on 24th Aug at 5.45 pm, weighing 6lbs (thats especially for the female bashers!). Mother (Laura) doing well! Can visit maternity ward in Torbay from 2 til 8pm with grapes, etc. We look forward to seeing Alfie out bashing soon!!

Secondly from Tonto .. The rides list has now been updated. See rides page for details

Also Please “watch this space” and check website for details of rides during French Exchange visit. Sunday ride may well start @ Bullers Hill CP, Haldon. There will also be a Saturday afternoon ride – all welcome.

Any nominations for DARK RIDES (Thursday) pubs would be welcome – pubs MUST be OK for food + real ale and welcome the bash.

Has anyone any ideas for a Christmas party venue? Otherwise we will probably end up @ Starcross again or Dawlish Warren. Pottsie

An Item from Manky.....I had to put this in...It must be true 'cos it was on the BBC website.
Bladder alert lost in translation Cyclists were left confused by a bilingual road sign telling them they had problems with an inflamed bladder.
The "cyclists dismount" sign between Penarth and Cardiff became "llid y bledren dymchwelyd" in Welsh - literally "bladder inflammation upset" (or tip or overturn).
The Vale of Glamorgan Council said new signs were being made.
It is possible that an online translation led to confusion between cyclists and cystitis.
The temporary sign at roadworks is to be replaced.
Welsh-speaking cyclist Matt Lloyd, 27, said: "When I read the sign I thought someone was having a laugh. I've never even had a bladder disease."
Welsh language expert Owain Sgiv told the South Wales Echo: "It certainly does not mean anything like cyclists dismount."
A spokesman for the Vale of Glamorgan Council's highways department said: "A mistake has been made and we are investigating.
"Amended signs are being made and will be put up as soon as possible".
welsh road sign

Wednesday 23rd August 2006    Commando Challenge    Jonno would like to know if there are any bashers that would like to join him in the Gemini FM Commando 3 mile Fun Challenge which is taking place on Sat 14 Oct 06. It basically consists of a 3 mile route around the Royal Marine’s Endurance Course, yes it means going through the tunnels!! Running doesn’t have to play a part in it, it is the taking part and having a good day followed by a few beers and a curry/chilli at Jonno’s & Diddy’s and a possible night out after that’s important.
This year they are raising money for Hospiscare and Rowcroft Hospice, both these charities give support & care for people in Devon with terminal/life threatening illnesses.
The requirements to enter a team are:
Between 3 and 10 in a team
It costs £10 each to enter (this is to purely cover the admin costs)
Each team member has to raise a minimum of £20 and bring it on the day (something we forgot last year and nearly didn’t do it!)
Min age is 16 years, but no upper age limit
If anyone wants to do this then they should email Jonno at (yes very original) giving the following information:
Full Name
Whether or not they want a Commando Challenge T Shirt (cost is £6) and the size (S / M / L / XL / XXL)
A cheque made payable to K Johnson to cover the entry fee and T shirt (Jonno will send in one cheque with the entry form)
All payments are non refundable (unless you get someone to take your place)
Jonno already has the entry form and the closing date is mid Sep but I would like to know ASP (as I need to take a day’s holiday to do it).
If you want to find out anymore on the event then go to
There are a couple of pictures of Jonno and Mavis getting naked and dirty when they did it last year here!

Friday 18th Aug 2006    Boot Sale    Unda's got some Hope XC Disc pads for sale. Four pairs....£6 a pair....Less than half price. Let's assume they're unused....
Tuesday 14th August 2006    Bitz of Newz    First....we're all fools for not turning up to Diddys birthday bash...There was a special ride with prizes! there was food! There was good company, and the opportunity to wish a mate happy birthday. The select few who turned out had a great time and won't have to eat again for some time!!! Check out the Pics Here.

Second.... Check out the Rides page for an update to Timotei's ride on the second week of September

Third....The Afan Weekend was a great success and the BBQ's and cyclists all went down well (Kamikase had a bit of a spill but it takes more than a few broken bones to stop him!) There are some pics Here

Fourth...and this is important because it involves international relations! Tonto would like to hear from anyone who is willing to host one or more of the French Cyclists and walkers who are coming over on the weekend of the 16th and 17th Sept. Volunteers are also required to help with the organisation of rides, walks, food etc. If you can speak a little French it would help, but most problems can be solved by asking "voulez-vous un autre biere mon ami?" Anyway...speak to Tonto!!

And Fifth...Timotei's just reminded me about this...Can everybody riding this Thursday from the Warren House please park in one of the carparks and NOT outside the pub please! The ride will be a fairly short loop well under two hours so lights not needed as the nights are seeming to draw in quickly now.

Thursday 3rd August 2006    Unofficial Devon Bash. Only four weeks to go! Places Limited.   
ON 1st 2nd + 3rd of SEPTEMBER

Click here for the programme, or right-click here and select "save as" to download the entry form. (Print out, fill in, and return to Blaster)
Monday 31st July 2006    Update for ride on 10th August from The Swan at Lympstone   
To celebrate Binliner’s birthday we have decided to do a bash that will be a little different for all of you.
You’ll find that you’ll have to have more than just cycling skills to get round the trail.
Do well and you could win one of the many prizes that will be up for grabs on the night (most of which will be alcoholic!)
Diddy & Jonno

Saturday 29th July 2006    Juicy's Birthday Bash Tomorrow.    Juicy's birthday Bash: On road led by Manky, and Off road by Juicy/Both-Ways; Some BBQ food will be available after the ride at Anna's, Bring a bottle of your favourite tipple!
Monday 24th July 2006    Update on Gower Bash from Posty   

Hi again,

Those of you who were at Nash Bash, I’m the one who was plugging this event
As mentioned before, we need to prebook the YHA for Sept 07, as it gets booked up well in advance – so far I have received only 15 cheques, and need min 25 to break even on the cost of hiring the YHA
I’m putting a cut-off date of Monday 14th of August (this year!) for sending your cheques in, and if we are not up to 25 by then, the weekend will have to be cancelled.
If this happens, I will destroy all cheques recieved
If you want to come along please send in your cheques now – please spread the word if any fellow bashers are not on this list


Posty (
Friday 21st July 2006    New Pics....Nash Bash 2006 at Marlborough.    Thanks to Jonno for a diskful of pics showing the gruelling drinking conditions the TVPB expedition faced at Marlborough. Click on the Photos Page to see.

Update to the rides page. Jonno and Bin-Liner's ride on the 10th Aug will be setting off from the Swan Inn at Lympstone.
Wednesday 19th July 2006    Two or three items of interest    Firstly, an update for Blaster and Flossie's "Widecombe wiggle" ride on the 27th July. The start will be from the Widecombe car park, but we're going to the Rugglestone Inn afterwards. Please don't park in the pub car park though...they haven't got room for us all.

Secondly, for anyone who would like a 100-mile night-time road ride, (You don't have to be mad to do it but it is full moon!), there's one being held from Bristol to Exmouth on 5-6 August. Website is and it's the same idea as the Dunwich Dynamo, that you may have heard of. Thanks to Kit-Kat for the info.

And another thing.....Unda has sent me this....Here's your chance to get your quills out and have your say on behalf of local cyclists....

Teignbridge Council has set up a Review Group to help examine the key issues affecting cycling in the district. Among topics to be covered are cycle lanes and cycle routes, initiatives to encourage cycling and cycling proficiency training within schools. Members involved with the review would like to invite anyone with a view to share about cycling in the district to contact the Council.
Cllr Corney-Walker, Chairman of the Cycling Review Group said:
"Cycling is a form of transport that is healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. As part of this review we will be looking at ways in which we can improve the cycling network in Teignbridge, and encourage cycling as an alternative source of transport. Local views are very important to us and will help to shape the Review Group's final recommendations so please do get in touch if you have ideas and opinions you would like to share."
Those interested in getting involved can do so by contacting Dan Looker in Democratic Services on 01626 215111. Written representations are also welcome and will be considered as evidence during the review process. These can be emailed to or sent by post to: Dan Looker, Democratic Services, Teignbridge District Council, Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot Q12 4XX.

Tuesday 18th July 2006    Afan Weekend Controversy








A view from Buzzer

For those who are interested and after some deliberation I have decided to write a short explanation for the obviously shocking word used in my recent flyer.

It was never meant to offend, it was a joke, a word sometimes used by various members when certain rides or tours have been organised. I didn't realise how sensitive a word it was. Many people have seen the funny side but equally many didn't, which is a shame.

The Afan trip was an effort made to give pleasure to lots of people who just enjoy cycling. I worked at negotiating very good deals for both camping and (Dare I say, uplifts, for those who wanted them). I know uplifts are frowned upon but judging by the large request from people to pre book, they surely must be considered part of the enjoyment. The uplifts were not compulsory.

It was all done under the umbrella of the club and only aimed at promoting the club as a thriving cycling club, which I thought was to cater for all types of cyclist and their ability.

I would also like to point out that I did ask Manky before it was put onto the website, and at that stage it was considered as harmless banter and fun. Since the weekend co-incided with Mash's Hope Cove ride, we also asked her if she minded the extra ride being publicised.

I understand it may have caused some concern but re-iterate that it was only intended, as a bit of fun, which I thought the club was also trying to promote by its various slogans.


Monday 10th July 2006    A Message from Buzza!   

Afan Forest Weekend (South Wales)

"11th 12th 13th August 2006"
Afan Forest (Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre) is very rider friendly with all four trails well marked and maintained.
If interested in joining this trip for all or part of the above days contact Iain 07966394554 or Tim 07834181076.
Camping Available at a much reduced rate of £4.00 per person per night (less than half price) provided the group is substantial. On site there is a Café / Bar offering very reasonable prices, and a bike shop with excellent mechanics should it be necessary. Modern Shower facilities also available.
On Saturday Professional Forestry Uplifts will be arranged for those who are interested. It is not just for head bangers, trails can be ridden at your own pace. A deposit will be required to secure a place. (This is not to be missed).
Also on Saturday a BBQ will be organised by head bbq chef Timotei, at the miniscule cost of £3 per person, this includes meat and bread / pitas, anyone recently on the North Wales trip will know just how good that was!!
There is a good local B & B for anyone who doesn't want to rough it. or call Jennie Williams (Mrs) on 01639 851820
Directions are available for anyone who requests them.

Saturday 8th July 2006    A Message from Posty Re. Gower Bash    Hi all
Just to let you know of a bash weekend at Port Eynon YHA in September 2007
Reason I’m e mailing so soon is that we are trying to block book the YHA exclusively for the bash, and as it’s a popular place, it gets booked up very early – details as follows –
Accomodation at Port Eynon YHA – 28 beds available. The YHA is in a beautiful spot right on the beach at Port Eynon, Gower, near Swansea – 2 pubs a few hundred metres away, and chip shop/café. It has a lock-up for bikes, and of course showers etc. We can chip in to buy breakfast stuff, have a barby on the Saturday, and rest of meals eat out. More details are available on the YHA website.
Main bash will be on Saturday – approximately 28 miles of mostly easy offroad around the Gower peninsular, with lovely views, some good fun bits, and a couple of stops at some good pubs en route – it will take most of the day, and done at a pace to suit all. We will do a shorter hangover bash on Sunday and finish at a pub for lunch
Cost is £28 for 2 nights at YHA, plus £3 per night for non members, total £34 – I need to have monies in now to book the YHA, and would like to book it in the next few weeks to ensure we get the place, so if you would like to come, please send a cheque made payable to Mr A Frost to me at 4 Foxwood Close, Bassaleg, Newport NP10 8PN. I’ll not be cashing any cheques till I receive the minimum number 25 to book it, so in the event of not getting enough, you’ll have them back ok
We’ve done this ride for the last few years with some members of Cranks bash, and had a great time, so hope you can join us for a great weekend.

Saturday 8th July 2006    Invitation from Colin Lewis Cycles    Test ride bikes from the “Tour De France” on Wed 19th July From 4:00pm to 9:00pm
Bikes from “Willier” and “Look” with the possibility of being the first to ride the new “SRAM groupset”
Barbecue and refreshments All this at the new COLIN LEWIS CYCLES Show room on two floors.- Customer parking available.- Don’t miss this great opportunity- Special offers and on the night deals. COLIN LEWIS CYCLES 17 Dartmouth rd. Paignton TQ4 5AD 01803 553095
Sunday 2nd July 2006    New Photos    We now have pictures of the North Wales long weekend, courtesy of Jonno, Buzzer and Richard...The ascent of Snowdon, Trails and jumps at Coed-Y Brenin and Penmachno, and Dennis's blisters from walking!....I expect he'll ride his bike next time ....Medical photos not for the faint hearted though.
Also a couple of video clips from the Scootish weekend in April. The videos are in qucktime movie format. If your computer can't play them, you can download the player (Free) from Click Here for the photos page
Wednesday 21st June 2006    A Message from Tonto    There have been a couple of changes to the August rides list, but the rides page is now up to date. We still need a Scout basher for Thursday 31 August though....any volunteers?

Also, does anyone want to do a ride on Sunday 16 July for those not going to the Nash Bash? Tonto has some rides already mapped you are welcome to have.
Saturday 17th June 2006    At Last...Dinky Tour Pics    There are now pics of the (in)famous Dinky L8 on the site.....Check out the Photos page.
Tuesday 13th June 2006    Words July - August 2006    Summer is at last here and the bash, it seems, has gone barbeque barmy – including a host of new ones this year. Let’s hope the good weather lasts.

Look out for the Poppy + Bed Pig’s “Foray in the Foret” (9 July), RJ’s Hash, Bash, Splash (13 July) and Bin Bag Bob’s Bash, Boat, Barbie + Boogie (27 August).

The Bash tour was a great success – only one casualty – Aunt Sally – who had a fall which resulted in an infected knee causing him to be admitted to Anna’s (Bothways) ward. He even had to buy a new helmet @ full price! He is now out of hospital + able to walk to and from his local. Hopefully he’ll soon be able to reach pubs further afield.

Scout bashers are still needed for August 10th and 31st. If no one volunteers we’ll nominate a pub + do a “live” ride like in the winter.

Dates for your Diary
2 – 3 September – Real Valley Boys weekend bash – Moretonhampstead Sports Centre. NEW VENUE.
7 September - return to dark night rides – lights needed.
15 – 17 September – French Exchange with Mid Devon Cycling club centred on Abbrook Social Club, Kingsteignton. Volunteer host families needed.

Sunday 11th June 2006    Changes to ride details    Three changes to the rides list! Check details for 22nd June, 15th June, and 2nd July on the rides page
Tuesday 30th May 2006    Too Much Choice?    On the 25th June this year the "Nello" Century ride takes place. A hundred mile ride in aid of the "Force" cancer charity. There are already two TVPB events that weekend (Stretch and Diamond Lil's ride from the Swan in Dawlish, and Timotei's North Wales Weekend) But if in spite of these attractions, you decide that you would like to contribute to a good cause, click on the link below .... entry is £17 in advance and the organisers ask that you raise at least £15 in sponsorship. Here's the link... ""
Saturday 27th May 2006    New Pics....Spanish Tour    We have some pictures of the Spanish tour, courtesy of Buzzer, Broken Man and Fallen Woman, on the photos page......It looks lovely.......Some cracking pics too! Check out the one of Timotei airborne!!
For those of you who aren't on Tonto's mailing list, there are some additional details on the rides page about Truckers ride on the 18th June. Click on the Rides link at the top of the page to see.
Saturday 20th May 2006    Recent News    First of all....A Belated Happy Birthday to Aunt Sally, I hear that he was bought so many drinks, that it's quite remarkable that he remembers that he had a birthday at all! The price of being popular heh?

There are now a few new pics of Snakebite and Dusty's ride on Haldon on the Photos page. (Thanks to Buzzer for the CD.)

I received an email from a bloke called Kevin Britton in Bovey who wants to sell a Raleigh Randonneur.....He's been advised to bring it along and ride it.....but if he can't be persuaded.... it might suit someone. Here are the details...
Raleigh Randonneur 23.5" frame. One owner from new (1990). Metallic Grey. Silver SKS (Esge)guards. 21 speed Shimano Deore DX groupset. Conti. Top Touring tyres. Blackburn rear carrier, front carrier plus Karrimor front pannier plus Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag. Mavic Module 3CD grey rims. Maptrap stem mounted mapholder. Lights. Some maintenance tools/specialised head spanners. Sam Browne belt, overshoes plus few cycle related bits/pieces. Excellent, well cared for condition - original except for routine sprocket/chain/brake/bearing replacements.
He wants £150 for it. (Would prefer not to have "offers", but I expect if he sells it to one of us he'll donate a few quid to the club funds in lieu of the free advertising :-))Tel. 01626 830 237 Mob. 07855 526 880 or email
Monday 1st May 2006    First light night ride. (This Thursday 4th May)    Some of the off-roaders are going to meet at 7pm at the Little Chef car park (next to the BP garage on the A38 at the top of Haldon) and will drive down to the pub later. (For those who don't fancy the climb from the Highwayman)
Saturday 29th April 2006    Words May - June 2006    Our return to light night rides on Thursday 4 May heralds what should be the start of the best 17 bash weeks of the year. A look at the rides programme will show that there’s plenty to look forward to throughout May and June, culminating in the Nash Bash at Marlborough Football Club on 14 – 16 July, organised by Sore Ass Bash. This is now fully booked. TVPB will be well represented taking over 25 of the 100 places. The July – August rides diary is already filling up fast so if you’ve got an idea for a super summer bash speak to Tonto, our Scout Mistress, ASAP.
Two christenings have been actioned by the CO – these being - Ruth Arkle – who will be known as Mayhem for reasons best known to those who turned up for her maiden ride on Sunday 19 March @ Harberton. A ride in true “Arkle tradition”, except it was dry and that applies to the pub too!! The other is for Dave Holland whose first bash trail in June will get him the bash handle of Deer Boy for his involvement with this wild beast and the “Dad’s Army” connection ie Private Pike – no relation to Mustang, I hasten to add.
Finally just a reminder that 1 July is the date that Bash annual subscriptions become due. It’s likely that they will remain @ £10. So start saving and get ready to pay Mustang Sally promptly.
Ride on

Coming up this Summer

13 – 20 May – Main Bash Tour, Calipiera, las Alpujarra, Spain – Timotei
Wednesday 17 May 7 pm International Ride of Silence – ask Dandy for details
Wednesday 31 May – Monday 5 June Dandy’s Dinky L8 tour, France – invitation only - details from Dandy

23 – 25 June – Timotei’s Welsh weekend – Camping between Betws-y-coed and Capel Curig £5 pp per night. B+B in farmhouse also available for wimps @ £25 pp per night.
Friday afternoon riding Snowdon, Saturday Betws + Coed y Brenin including uplifts if enough vans. Details from Timotei 07834181076
Please note this replaces Tim’s Cheddar Weekend.

14 – 16 July - Nash Bash – Malborough, Wiltshire – hosted by Sore Ass Bash

Sunday 30 July Juicey’ Birthday Bash at The Holly Tree, Exmouth. BBQ at Both Ways' pad after.
28 – 30 July – Tonto’s Dorset weekend – Wareham

Sunday 6 August – Mrs D Harrow + Wiffy Runt’s Annual BBQ
Sunday 13 August – Hope Cove with for a South Hams Bash @ Mash’s Hope Cove cottage – BBQ after - Mash

2 – 3 September – Real Valley Boys weekend bash – Moretonhampstead Sports Centre. NEW VENUE.
15 – 17 September – French Exchange with Mid Devon Cycling club centred on Abbrook Social Club Kingsteignton. Volunteer host families needed.

Got an old bike you want to get rid of? Then please consider donating it to an organisation that does up old bikes and delivers them to kids in Africa. The bike doesn’t need to be in working order.

Saturday 22nd April 2006    An appeal from Manky    I'd like some new pics to put up on the website....If anyone has some good ones...(especially of the party at Broken Man and Fallen Woman's house and the Scottish Easter weekend etc, could you let me have some copies please. I would be particularly interested in anything embarrassing, painful, compromising or illegal. (The proceeds from the blackmail will be going towards my camper van!!) Cycling pictures would be good too!!
   Anyone fancy catching a bus?    Kit-Kat's sent me some details about the Dartmoor bike-bus...The timetables and details can be found here. Good news if you fancy the downhills without all that tedious climbing!
Free bus… The Dartmoor National Park Authority is running a FREE bike-bus service on Sundays until October 2006. The Dartmoor Freewheeler will enable cyclists to travel by minibus, with their bike on an attached trailer (max 12 bikes), up onto Dartmoor, so that they can enjoy a mainly downhill ride home (or back to the car). The 2006 service began on Sunday 16 April 2006, and will operate on four routes, which will run on a rota basis:-
1st Sunday of the month - Saltram to Princetown
2nd Sunday of the month - Newton Abbot to Mardon Down
3rd Sunday of the month - Plymouth to Okehampton
4th Sunday of the month - Buckfastleigh to Postbridge
On months where there is a 5th Sunday, an extra Saltram to Princetown route will be run. The Dartmoor Freewheeler pack includes a booklet about the service and all the timetables, plus the four route leaflets (with instructions and full Ordnance Survey mapping). Copies are available from the High Moorland Visitor Centre, Princetown, 01822 890414 (and selected cycling outlets), or as downloads from the website
Monday 10th April 2006    A Message from Blaster re Haldon Forest Trails    There is an opening ceremony for the new cycle facilities in Haldon Forest Park this Saturday (15th April) at 11.00 am. There will be a photo shoot by the press (Unda please note!) I suggest as a possible extra ride for TVPBers that we cycle up to Haldon, meet up at Bullers Hill at, say, 10.45am in our No 1`s, do the shoot, then bomb down to a pub of choice for lunch! It would make for a decent circular ride from most directions on the holiday weekend.
Friday 7th April 2006    Parking for Ride on Sunday 9th April    OK... all you lucky buggers who are going to Broken Man and Fallen Woman's party on Sunday....Fallen woman has negotiated a special deal for parking. (with the tall Swedish ski-instructor who owns the carpark....He's in hospital now suffering from exhaustion, but the deal still stands!) You can park all day for the modest fee of only £2.50. As you approach Brixham there is a garage on your right near Jewsons. Just after the garage, (1st or second right) Parking is signposted. Go up the hill and to your left to park. Fallen woman will collect monies and pass on to proprietor. If you can't find the Fallen Woman on 01803 850390.
Saturday 1st April 2006    Happy Birthday Dandy!!   
Saturday 1st April 2006    A Message from Crossie    The Annual...


will take place on Thursday 13 April 2006 at Teignmouth Rugby Club 8pm - midnight. £10 for Epilepsy Bereaved from Pete Cross 01626 863864 It's always a fantastic evening.
Monday 20th March 2006    Arkles Live up to Expectations!    The news you've been waiting for! Ruth Arkle set her maiden ride yesterday, and has been named "Mayhem" by Pottsie after consultation with the handful (or less) of bashers who managed to get back to the pub before it closed! Congratulations on maintaining a valued family tradition!
Saturday 11th March 2006    Tower to Tower    "Mad-Al" (Alistair Cope) is undertaking a charity cycle ride in aid of Kidney Research UK, from Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower.
For those of you who can't put a face to the name, Al was a very good friend of Noah's, has ridden with the Bash on a number of occasions, and gave a memorable tribute at Noah's funeral
Dandy of course, is in full support and is hoping to get a new camper van from the proceeds!! If you would like to make a donation or follow Al's progress, click on the following link.
   Updates    Just so you don't turn up at the wrong pub....There are a couple of amendments to the rides list on the 26th and 30th of March. Keep an eye on the Rides page for the latest!
Tuesday 28th Feb 2006    A Message from KitKat   
Cyclists driven off road by new Highway Code
A seemingly innocuous addition to the new Highway Code, which tells cyclists to ‘use cycle facilities…where provided’, will have serious legal implications for those who choose to cycle on the road. CTC fears insurance companies are likely to use the wording of the new Code, which has recently been re-drafted, as an excuse to reduce the amount of compensation that they pay if a motorist hits a cyclist that has chosen to use a road rather than a nearby cycle facility. CTC Campaigns & Policy Manager, Roger Geffen, told newsnet: “Cyclists have the right to choose a direct route using roads rather than the meandering, badly-designed and poorly-maintained paths that often pass as cycle facilities. This well-intentioned but highly prejudicial Highway Code rule must be changed before it’s too late.” The online CTC campaign to change the wording of the draft Code takes less than 2 minutes to join. To help get this changed click here
Tuesday 28th Feb 2006    Credit where credit's due!!    Thanks to Jonno and BinLiner for Sunday's ride....and also to Blaster for leading the road ride...There's no stopping him is there? Click here to see him in action!
Wed 22nd Feb 2005    A Bargain to be had!    There is one......just one! TVPB printed club shirt left over. Long sleeve. Size XL. Cancelled order!. Last of batch and no more for some time.Price Only £27.50. See Poppy.
Tues 21st Feb 2006    The Words March - April 2006    I am sure we’re all pleased to see the March/April rides list because it means that we can now look forward to better, warmer weather and longer daylight hours which means more pleasant and enjoyable cycling conditions.

On a personal note I am certainly hoping that it wont be too long before I’m back in the saddle joining you on those rides.

I may not have been in such good nick for the last 6 months but I’m happy to report that the Bash is now in excellent shape. Thanks to Mustang Sally we now have more fully paid up bashers that ever before and we are still attracting new riders whilst losing very few of the “old guard”.

This rides programme sees us celebrating our 13th birthday on 27 April and this will be followed by a special birthday away weekend @ Parkers Farm Camp Site, Ashburton, when we join the Teign Valley Hash for combined celebrations. Bash rides to be organised by Flossie and Blaster who will let you have details later.

However before this we have two other specials. The first of these Sunday 9 April – Fallen Woman’s and Broken Man’s “Bash Booze Cruise” up the river Dart to Totnes and then it’s party time afterwards at White Cottage, their 5 star Brixham home with the million dollar view. Don’t miss this get your ticket now – only £5. Please note it’s a 10.30 am start!

Then over the Easter weekend Dusty and Snakebite have organised a mini tour to South West Scotland, an area unknown to many of us. The location sounds excellent and offers riding to suit all types from headbangers to the knitting and sewing group. Details below.

So April is going to be a major month for TVPB, but there’s still more to come with the main tour going to Spain in May and the Nash Bash in July. Have you got your ticket yet?? 56 Bashers are going to Malborough in July. Places still available only £38 – details from Pottsie.

Finally, if you don’t already know, I am pleased that our “Cranker of the Year” - Tonto has taken over the job of Calendar Girl/Scout Mistress from Mash with immediate effect. Thank you to Mash for her 2 year stint. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing her well in her new career adventure.

Ride on Pottsie

Easter - long weekend special - Dusty + Snakebite

Lochside Caravan and Camping Site
Castle Douglas

Go to Carlisle, turn left to Dumfries and then on to Castle Douglas.
Friday 14 April to Wednesday 19 April (ish – may stay longer if it’s sunny)
Riding at Kirroughtree, Mabie, Ae and Dalbeattie
All way marked single track: green, blue, red or black (& double black for the really daring!!!) – something for everyone (knitting and sewing club and tourists included!!!) Castle Douglas – Description – Lochside Park provided a variety of play facilities for children including two play parks, putting and rowing boats on the beautiful Carlingwark Loch. Lochside Caravan and Camping Site situated in Castle Douglas which has been designated as “The Food Town” and boasts the excellent Lochside Theatre that is adjacent to the site as well as a swimming pool, golf course, tennis, squash, bowling and angling which is available nearby.
Campsite has plenty of facilities including hookups.
If interested please contact Dusty or Snakebite
01392 879613 or 07899927027 or 07786543651 or email

Other Dates for your Diary   

1 May - Dandy’s Dinky Tour – France - invitation only

13 – 20 May – Main Bash Tour, Bubion, Sierre Nevada, Spain – Timotei

14 – 16 July Nash Bash – Malborough – Sore Ass Bash

28 – 30 July – Tonto’s Dorset weekend – Wareham

2 – 3 September – Real Valley Boys weekend bash – Moretonhampstead Sports Centre. NEW VENUE.

15 – 17 September – French Exchange with Mid Devon Cycling club centred on Abbrook Social Club Kingsteignton. Volunteer host families needed.

Thursday 16th Feb 2006    Message from Tonto    The ride on Sunday 19 February will start from The Ferry Boat Inn, Shaldon, NOT The Shipwrights (The Shipwrights now have jazz on Sunday.) You are advised to park at The Ness car park further up the hill then ride down into Shaldon - I think it's free on Sunday
Sunday 12th February 2006    A Message from Timotei    The Cheddar weekend in June will now be held in North Wales!! Weekend 23-25 June camping @ Betws-y-coed - riding in Snowdon + Coed-y-brenin.
Monday 6th February 2006    A Message from Faggots    Thought you may be interested in the 'cyclescheme' ( that's currently offering over 40% of the cost of a bike through a government green travel policy tax saving through your employer! There's massive savings to be had but you must use your bike for 50%+ of your journeys to work and get your bike off an approved supplier (Bike Shed and Sidwell Cycles are both signed up). Go to the web for more info
Sunday 5th Feb 2006    Bobbiballs Quantocks Quagmire    What a weeekend! The usual snags...Buktu stranded in the Canaries, the meat left in Paignton by mistake..sounds like disaster....but no! Turbo collects the meat, Mash and Mustang take over the cooking, We all have a good meal, we drink, we laugh! Cold and crisp on the Saturday, but sunny on Sunday....great riding, good company. Buktu makes it for the Saturday ride. Pottsie comes and blows his bugle, tells jokes and Timotei guides us around the greatest uphills and downhills in the area. What a great time!! Pics by Dandy Here.
See the Photos page for Jonno's pics of Bin Bag Bob's Booze Cruise, and one or two pics of the Awards at the Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren too!
Saturday 28th Jan 2006    Ride for Sunday 5th Feb    Tonto has kindly offered to organise a ride next weekend for anyone not going to Bobbiball's Quantocks Quagmire. It will be from the Lord Nelson at Kingskerswell and there will be both on and off-road rides. No food has been organised , but Tonto may throw together a few plates of Lobster, Caviar and Ferrero Rocher chocolates(or it might be a marmite sandwich), for those lucky enough to attend!
Sunday 15th January 2006    Interesting reading    Thanks to Lord Stretch and Diamond Lil today for a fine ride with a stop for Champagne and Canapes at the top of Haldon.

If you would like to read an article about Lord Stretch and Duracell's cycling trip around the First World War battlefields of France, Click here

Dandy has sent me a link regarding the tragic deaths of four cyclists in North Wales last Sunday. Click here if you would like to offer your condolences, or make charitable donations in respect of this incident.
Sat 7th January 2006    Words January – February 2006    Paul “Noah” Yates death was a very sad way for us to end 2005 with 31 pedal bashers taking part in a special commemorative ride from The Bishop Lacey, Chudleigh to the parish church in Trusham. This ride will be allocated a special number 2112 to mark the day and month he died.

On a brighter side of bashing our December fancy dress party at Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club was a great success with so many of you putting a lot of effort and imagination into your outfits. We had close to 50 bashers on the ride which was followed by very good food and cheap booze, all rounded off with dancing to the “awesome sounds” disco.

Looking forward to 2006 you will note that 29 January is the TVPB Oscars 2005 event which will, once again, be held at The Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren. So get your voting forms (available on the website) completed and returned to us by Sunday 22 and pay only £4 for a super carvery meal. If you don’t vote but want to eat – latest date to book and pay for your grub is Thursday 26 January. So let’s be having you!

The following weekend is “Balls up in the Quantocks”. This event is fully booked, but some bashers have yet to pay!!! Please send your cheques to Joe Bassett, 10 Morin Road, Paignton TQ3 2PL NOW.

The same applies to the new club tops – not everyone who has had one has paid. If this applies to you pay by cheque NOW send to TVPB c/o Dick Owen Salty Cottage, Platway Lane, Shaldon, Teignmouth TQ14 0AR.

We still hope that some of you will add to our Thursday pubs, but only one new addition has been received to date. You know what’s required – so don’t bleat about keep going to the same old places if you can’t supply any new ones.

Finally can I remind you to book up for the Nash Bash 2006 if you haven’t done do already. You can get a form here or ask me. Attendance is limited to 100 so you do really need to get in early – it’s only £38 for a really good bash weekend.

News has just reached us that Rubber is once again in the wars – he is in Derriford hospital, Plymouth having suffered a brain haemorrhage. It has been a worrying time but his wife, Elaine, feels he has now turned the corner and will soon be transferred to Torbay. Our best wishes are with him for a full and swift recovery.
   A Tribute to Noah   
Paul Andrew “Noah” Yates 1958 - 2005

Paul “Noah” Yates was introduced to the bash via Alistair “Mad Al” Cope a long standing friend going back to their school days. Mad Al, who we may know better as the “Axeman” was in turn a climbing friend of Paul “Wan” Kerr. Thus through this association “Noah” was introduced to “Wan” and because they had a common interest in motorcycling and European travel they became friends.

Noah had a powerful Kawasaki ZZ R1100 – an awesome machine which he called Karen, whilst Wan called the Triumph he rode Timmy. Noah was a very competent rider particularly in respect of London traffic and helped Wan to ride in these stressful conditions.

But Noah was not only a good motorcyclist. He was also a very good skier who could tackle black runs. He could cook, sail and read a map better than most. He also had a high level of IT skills and could do justice to many a pint of real ale. Wan and he also rode mountain bikes together and it was during these times that Wan spoke to Noah about joining the bash.

I’m not certain about his first bash ride but it was probably from the Seven Stars, Kennford - Thursday 5 December 2002. Fortunately he liked what he saw and quickly got into the spirit of the bash. He came with a nickname from another drunken troupe the “Osca-Petey-Tors” of “Fat Belly” – but he soon earned his bash handle of Noah (I will explain if you ask).

His rise to stardom was “meteoric” as in his first full year with us he won the “Drinker of the Year Awards” 2003, mainly for his boozy exploits on a tandem with Nick “Satanic” Mills and because it was noted that he was often first in the pub but the last to leave. He did a lot of good work acting as Nick’s “eyes” and he eventually accompanied “Satanic” on a tall ship voyage to Lisbon. It was during this trip that his illness first started to trouble him. He was diagnosed as having piles and was treated for same without any improvement. Some months earlier he was in hospital abroad with chronic appendicitis and complications yet nobody picked up any abnormalities to his bowel from the x ray taken at the time.

Eventually on Thursday 17 February 2005 at the Great Western Hotel in Exeter Paul informed us that he had been told he had bowel cancer that by this time was so advanced that no operation was possible. In view of all that had happened before how unlucky can you get? Strangely the ride number that night was 1133.

From that night on Paul “Noah” Yates became a “model man”, given the background of such chronic adversity. He showed us all the way to live life to the full even in the face of a certain ad painful death.

Because of his superb demeanour you were not made to feel as though walking on egg shells when you spoke to him. He in turn talked to us about the love and warmth that radiated from bashers and friends whom he came into contact with. Something he’d never experienced before.

Paul had always been a popular character both intelligent and witty with a unique sense of humour. A big man - both physically and mentally with an equally large personality. So it was no surprise that on 27 July 2003 at Mrs D Harrow and Wiffy Runt’s BBQ Di succumbed to his charms and their first ride together was, no surprise too, 1031! They were married in May 2005. By this time Di had given up work to look after him full time. He had both a loving wife and a nurse and though their time together was short it was both happy and memorable and what they wanted given the circumstances.

Everyone in the bash, without exception, admired his and Di’s positive attitude and Paul’s great bravery throughout his very painful illness.

He was only 47 years old when he died. Most of us had only known him for 3 years yet such was his impact on all of us that he leaves the bash and this life with such vivid memories of how he coped with the good times and the bad that he will never be forgotten by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

In fact such was the example that he set others to follow that his bash name has been given to a scale of adversity – The Noah Scale – which many of us will continue to use in future to measure the magnitude of our own problems. Thus also in this way his name and memory will be eternal.

Ride on Noah.
Friday 6th Jan 2006    Oscars 2006    The TVPB Oscars will be held at the Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren, on the 29th Jan 2006. Right-click here for your voting form, print out, fill-in and send to Pottsie or Muddsie
Saturday 31st Dec 2005

A New Year.    We go into a new year having recently lost one of our most popular members. Noah's funeral took place yesterday at Trusham Church. Thirty-one bashers cycled to the service and many others attended to pay their respects. The large attendance underlined just how well regarded he was by all.

Coming Events in 2006
3 – 5 February - Bobbiball’s “Quantocks Quagmire”
1st weekend in May - hope you get a brown envelope for the Dandy Dinky 2006 – which promises a new + exciting format
13 - 20 May - Bash main tour, Bubion, Sierra Nevada, Spain – Timotei
14 – 16 July - Nash Bash – organised by Sore Ass at Marlborough Football Club. Places are limited so get your booking form in ASAP. It’s only £38 and as we are the ” largest and most active bash in the world” we need to send as many troops as possible. I’ve already got my ticket – what about you?
30 June – 2 July Timotei’s Cheddar weekend – details from Timotei
28 – 30 July - Tonto’s Dorset weekend – squaws + braves please take note
2 – 3 September – Valley Boy’s bash @ new venue – Moretonhampstead Sports Centre – see website for details
15 – 17 September – French Exchange in partnership with Mid Devon Cycling Club centred on Adbrook Social Club in Kingsteignton

Sales Update
If any of you had thought about treating yourself to Shinpads' nice secondhand Cannondale Scalpel, forget it........It's sold! Bad luck. You'll just have to be quicker next time.