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If you like the idea of cycling and would like to join us, click here for a guide.

New Year's Eve 2008    Happy New Year!    As a new year treat, we have the latest edition of Birdseye for you. Lots of pics and gossip....just the way we like it!
Sunday 28th Dec 2008    More pics!    We now have a few more pics of the Christmas bash on the website, courtesy of Mrs 'Arrow. Click on Photos page to see.
Tues 23rd Dec 2008    Merry Christmas Everybody    Another fine set of fancy dress outfits this year at the Christmas Party (See photo below). More pictures to be seen on the photos page. Xmas Bash
Tues 16th Dec    Red Alert.....Money Wanted by Bothways!!    Can everyone going to Bobbi balls weekend in February give the money £55.00 (minus £10.00 if deposit already paid) in cheque or cash form (euros or credit cards not accepted) to Bothways by Thursday 8th Jaunary (cheques will be paid in middle of January) Please make cheques payable to Mr J Bassett.
Sat 13th Dec 2008    Urgent message from Wan re Summer tour 2009    Unfortunately, I will not be able to go on the tour, so is anybody prepared to finish off what I began? Otherwise I will have to inform the people in Spain that we are cancelling our booking!
Saturday 6th December 2008    Changes To F.A.R.T.S. list    Pottsie's made some changes to the Tuesday rides list, so check the venue before you set out on your bike.....Otherwise you might end up sipping that cuppa on your own! Click on the rides link on the menu bar and follow the F.A.R.T.S. link on the rides page.
Tuesday 2nd December 2008    Your Bash Needs You!.....(A Message from Tripey)    I am looking for two volunteers to set rides on the 11th & 25th January 2009. If anyone can help with these dates please contact me on 01803 663648 or send me a e-mail at
Monday 1st December 2008    Haldon Developments    Whinge has brought our attention to the latest Haldon newsletter which gives details of some big changes to trails on Haldon. Pages 2 and 3 give details of the new cafe and trails. It's really important to point out that once they start building the new red trail it must not be ridden until it's open. The trail will need to be given a chance to bed in and riding it too soon will lead to faster degradation. They plan to start building the trail in February and hope to have it finished next summer or autumn. Click on the Haldon Newsletter to read all about it. Some concerns have been raised about the existing unofficial trails being "decommissioned" though.
Saturday 29th November 2008    TVPB Website access.    Lycos Europe (The company from which we bought our domain names) is winding up its webhosting business, and we may have difficulty in the administration of the domain names from March 2009. We're waiting for further information from Lycos, and I'll post the details when available.
This won't mean that the website will be down. It just means that you'll have to type in a different address to see it.
So in the meanwhile, if you find that you can't see the website by typing in or, type in the address of my webspace on the Tiscali server at This link should work regardless of what happens to Lycos.
Sunday 16th Nov 2008    Xmas Fancy-Dress Ride and Party, Sunday 21st Decenber at Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club.    Ride to start @ 11am with snacks, mince-pies and drink-stops. Fancy dress theme. - Anything goes!
Lunch to be served from 2pm approx.
Projected finish time 7pm approx.
This year it's only going to cost £5 (how much?) provided you are a fully paid up TVPB member. I.E. you've already paid your annual £10 subscription.
We can only seat about 80 people for the meal so you need to act quickly if you want to book your place.
Here's how to do it and the terms and conditions that apply to non members, WAGs and children who eat the meal.
1. F.P.U bashers can only buy a ticket on a bash ride.
you must attend personally and you must pay £5 on the spot to whoever is collecting the money- probably Poppy, Potsie or Mudsie. No postal, email or phone sales.
2. Priority will be given to F.P.U bashers. non members, WAGs or childrens names will be entered on a reserve list. If we fail to sell 80 places, to F.P.U bashers, they will be offered ticickets in the order that they applied. The price of these tickets will be £10
3. F.P.U bashers who do not want to eat the two course roast lunch will be able to attend free of charge. Non members, WAGs and children not eating will have to pay £3.

Saturday 8th Nov 2008    Message from Wan.....Update for proposed main tour    Wan has distributed some flyers at the curry night.
However the dates will have to be 'tweaked' , as the flight prices have just been announced for that week...a rip-off price means that we need to go possibly from Wednesday to Wed. Flights are DOUBLE during the half term holiday......bastards!!
Due to Easyjet flight costs it is suggested that we fly before Sat 23rd
Guess what...Wan won't be able to go..and that was why he said he'd do it!!!!

Mon 3rd November 2008    More Pics of Millionaires Tour    Keith (AKA Suzie Wong) has followed the fine example set by Lord Stretch and Floater by uploading some photos to an online gallery. You can see them by clicking on the following link

Have a look at for the proposed tour venue.
Cost, without food/drink approx £400.
It's a 'back to basics tour, which has both road and off-road riding to suit most abilities.
Flying from Bristol.
Not a luxurious tour, but all the better for that..Lots of exciting alternative activities for the 'day off' if required..climbing and pot-holing etc are available.
Flyers will be available on the curry night.
See Wan for more info.
Bookings now being taken for Bobbiballs BIG BASH weekend
06.02.09 - 08.02.08 at Llangattock Mountain Youth Hostel near Abergavenny in the Brecon Beacons national park See Bothways or Bobbiball for your tickets. See the flyer here
Ride Update from Tonto
Please note a change of venue for Thursday 11 December - ride will now be from The Ring of Bells, Bishopsteignton. The Shipwrights @ Shaldon has closed down!
Sat 18th Oct 2008    Innertube    An illegally parked inner tube was found draped over Manky's handlebars after the ride from the Plough at Ipplepen on Thursday. If it was yours...please text Manky on 07949289064 to arrange return.
Tues 30th Sept 2008    Millionaire's Tour Pics    Well.....we've stolen a march on "Hello" magazine this year and got candid pics of the rich and famous indulging in their playboy lifestyle....see quality photos from our own royal photographer ...Lord Stretch, by clicking on this link
Sat 27th Sept 2008    New Birdseye! Edition 6 now available!    This latest edition of Birdseye contains a heady mix of culture, travel, and society, along with the usual gratuitous nudity and depravity. Get it here!
Thurs 25th Sept 2008    Message from Tonto Re: French Exchange    Sunday 5 October - French Exchange - the ride will be from Trucker's Field, Teign Valley - scout Basher Trucker. Entente cordial + nibbles stop chez Snot Rag. £1 per head (how much?). It's thought that most of the French visitors will not be cycling so there will also be a walk from Steps Bridge.
Wednesday 17th Sept 2008    Ride on Sunday 21st Sept    In the absence of an official scout basher, Oozie has kndly volunteered to lead a ride for the off-roaders. Meet at Bovey Tracey Car Park.(see more details on rides page) Road riders don't have a set route as yet but I'm sure a leader will emerge!
Tuesday 16th Sept 2008    Message from Tripey re. Ride on Sun 21st Sept    As it is probably to late to get a scout basher for this Sunday, suggest we meet at Bovey Tracey car park where there is scope for the on road & off road riders to plan a route when we meet. (I'm sure we'll find a pub to go to afterwards!....Ed)
Sunday 14th Sept 2008    Rides Update    The rides list incorrectly had Jonno down for a ride this coming Sunday (21st Sept) and Aunt Sally to do a ride next Sunday (28th Sept). It should have listed Jonno's ride for the 28th. (Doh!).....So....Jonno's ride is on the 28th and we don't have anyone for the 21st yet. But watch this space and we'll post the details of this Sunday's ride as soon as we have them.
Wed 3rd Sept 2008    A message from Tonto    Greetings Bashers I'm passing on all the Bash rides 'paperwork' to Tripey this evening. Scout bashers are still needed for September + October Sundays.
Thursdays are arranged up until 13 November. I'll contact all pubs + confirm with them until Pottsie returns in October.
Tripey's email address:- or phone 01803 663648.
Many thanks + hugs to all you bashers who made my life easy by readily volunteering to do rides. I wont mention any names in case I miss someone out + upset them!
Also the Curry Night on Thursday 6 November from the Manor Inn, Ashton has been confirmed. Cost will be £6 per person. There will be a choice of 3 curries. Book + pay in advance please. Thanks to Trucker for organising it.
Lots L+H

Tour of Britain
The Tour of Britain is running from 7-14 Sep, and stage 3 of the event is taking place in Somerset & Devon on 9 Sep. Some bashers, (Heidi, Dandy and Manky) plan to ride from Exeter, watch the riders come through Tiverton, and then ride on to Bishops Lydeard to see the peleton towards the closing stages. If you would like to join us , call or text Manky on 07949 289064
All details of event should be at the event website –

Faggots in Wales
Now then isn't it wasn't it.....
Just to let you know some of us are heading up to Coed y Brenin on Fri 12th pm and riding the splendid trails around there Sat and Sunday. The posh folks are staying in log cabins here (if there's enough others wanting to stay in a cabin we can try and book one, let me know if you're interested) whilst the paupers, hippies and homeless can book into the nearby camp site (£7/night - campers in advance) or for the real hard up Timotei reckons he knows where there's a field nearby with a toilet for £2 a night and you could use the cabin showers in return for favours ;-)
Tell anyone who might be up for it and see you there if you make it. Riding about 10am on the Sat!
Contact Faggots for further details.
Thursday 28th Aug 2008    What Bobbiball missed!    Thanks again to Whinge for some photos of the Cheddar weekend in June. Bobbiball and Bothways unfortunately missed a good percentage of the weekend as they spent some time in the A&E department of the local hospital (See X-Rays on last edition of Birdseye).....but now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they can see what they missed! See the Photos page.
Sunday 24th Aug 2008    Pics of Binliner's Birthday party    Lord Stretch has posted some pics of Diddy's party on the web at

Update from Tonto re. rides list
Millionaire,s Tour Dates. (Have your butler make a note of them!.) The Millionaires Tour of Cornwall, led by RJ is 16-19 September.
Friday 22nd Aug 2008    New names, New photos.    Thanks to the newly named "Whinge" (Nee Angela) for the photos of the awesome Mega-Avalanche event. See the Photos page. An elite group of headbanging bashers went along to fly the TVPB flag in foreign climes, and returned with honours, in the form of some sponsorship for Whinge, who posted a very good time and was the first british woman to get down the mountain!
Peter the Plumber from Paignton was also named last week in advance of his forthcoming ride from Galmpton. He shall be known as "Tripey". Pottsie will explain!
Sunday 10th Aug 2008    Lambs to the Slaughter    It's not strictly cycling related I know...but if you would like to support our hard working farming community, and get some home grown, local meat, Heidi has some lamb available around the end of August. You can buy a half or whole lamb at £2 per pound. (works out at about £45 for a half lamb, depending on the weight) It comes ready butchered and wrapped, divided into legs, shoulders, chops etc, ready to go into the freezer. Contact Heidi (01392 811429) if interested
Thursday 7th Aug 2008    WANTED!    Run-around bike for 5'6'' girl (spawn of Manky) Hardtail or rigid. Off road tires if possible. Budget £100 (Absolute max!) Please contact Manky.
Wed 30th July    Rider's Meeting on Haldon    If you would like to go to the meeting about trail development on Haldon, click here for details
Saturday 19th July    The Words. July 2008    IT'S that time of the year again - subs are due!

FOR the nth year running we are defying inflation and keeping the rates at a mere £10 per-person.

AS you all know, it's a real bargain - you get your money back in a couple of weeks with all the free food we negotiate at pubs.

SO please don't be shy when the sub collectors come calling. Have the money-ready,..and-pay up with a smile. For the really needy, easy payments at a low interest rate can be arranged.

A date for the diary. The Xmas party has been booked for Sunday, December 21, at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club. Before anybody moans about having a change of venue, just remember nobody has come up with an alternative site that. ticks all the boxes - a central location with good public transport links, close to a town, parking, good grub, reasonably priced drinks - all within an affordable ticket price.

TONTO is relinquishing her role as scout mistress. It's a thankless, but vital, task and she has done it well for a couple of years or so, and deserves all our thanks.

THE C.O has agreed to take it on as an interim measure, and if anybody is interested in the job, then please come forward.

THANKS also to Tlmotei, for organising the Italian main tour. Neither of us was able to make it for various reasons, and by all accounts it was huge success, with great A, Band C team riding.

TIM says it is his last main tour, and he has organised some memorable jaunts for us over the past few years. No doubt he will continue with his weekend headbanging specials­

PUTTING on a main tour is a time .consuming task, and it would be a pity if they died out after over 15-years. So again, if there are any volunteers.....

THE Stamps' around Dartmoor weekend also went well, with over 20 taking part, and Dandy's latest Dinky was also a 'best ever'. Thanks to them all as well.

R.J. has announced he Is organising another Cornish Way in September for the wealthy in the club. If you are interested in mixing with the millionaires, buy him a glass of champagne and he'll give you a gold envelope invite. If you have. to ask "How Much?", then you definitely can't afford it!

CONGRATULATIONS to Barsteward, Tooley, Crossie, RJ, Wally and Nixie, who successfully completed a gruelling 200 mile plus pannier tour across northern Spain, in aid of the Wooden Spoon charity. It was an arduous Journey, up and down mountains in blistering sun, rain, wind and mist, but the deserved Sangria and beer at the end of each day helped to relieve the pain! Well done lads.

COMMISERATIONS to all at The Thatched Inn Bovey Tracey, our 'pub of the year' which was burned down In a terrible fire on Sunday. Luckily all the family and staff escaped serious injury. Hope it soon rises from the ashes.

AND finally, have a-look at the latest Bird's Eye. for Bothways and Shinpads hilarious take on the club activities and all the gossip, some if it almost true. But be warned, it is not for the prudish or those with sense of humour failures. Great stuff girls, and thanks also to Manky for laying out all the raw material in such an eye catching way.

FART (fancy a ride Tuesday). if you "fart" throughout August and September and October then the list of "blow holes" can be seen by following the link on the rides page
Monday 14th July 2008    Tragic death of cyclist    Dandy has asked that we let the bash know about the death of David Rendell, who died after a collision with a car near Exminster on 6th July. See the BBC news item here. The memorial ride for David will be setting off from Exeter Odeon cinema at 6.30 on Saturday the 19th of July. (Next Saturday). The ride will be going down to Exmouth (Davids hometown) along the new cycle route and the road, and there will be a speed limit of 15mph imposed so probably best to leave the racer behind and jump on the commuter or mtb for this one. We would also like to mention that black will be necessary as a mark of respect.

For further details please contact James Fishwick
Shop Manager
Sidwell Cycles: 01392 272929
Mobile: 07950426796

Tuesday 8th July 2008    Sad News    The Bashers "Pub of the Year" last year, The Old Thatch at Bovey Tracey, burnt down last Sunday night. The pub was very good to the Bash and I'm sure we all wish Paul and Gina the best of luck and hope they can get back in business soon. Click the link to see the BBC News item about the fire.
Tuesday 1st July 2008    New Birdseye!    Bothways has compiled another selection of articles portraying the seedy underbelly of the Bash. This issue really caters for the lowest common denominator...I know we'll all enjoy it immensely! Click on the Birdseye link above and check out issue 5.
Saturday 28th June 2008    New Photos    Beano and Binbag have sent us some photos of the Dartmoor Way tour and the "Pedal the Ports" charity ride (in aid of Motor Neurone Disease research) respectively. See the photos page. Check out the photo of Licker living up to his name on the Dartmoor tour!. Beano has also provided a link to some "action packed" video on You tube. Here's the link

It's rumoured that Binbag is wearing dark glasses in all the "Pedal the Ports" photos because he had already made the transition from Crofts to Cockburn before he realised that the "Ports" in question were Teignmouth and Plymouth!
Friday 20th June 2008    Charlie's Angel Wedding    Best wishes to Emma and her husband-to-be, who are tying the knot this Saturday. Let's hope that they're not too distracted by the delights of married life and will still come out bashing once in a while.
Wiffy's BBQ ride
Wiffy Runt's Annual BBQ ride (This Sunday 22nd June)- Ride will start from the entrance to Powderham Castle at the top of the avenue leading to Powderham Church. (Not the main entrance in Kenton village) It will be signposted and plenty of parking space is available. See map here
Message from Angela re Bash Ride on 7th August
Just to let you know The ride is still going to start/finish at Lustleigh but we're going to the Old Thatch at Bovey afterwards (Worth the trip - They're going to do some food for us!).
Wednesday 18th June 2008    Photos from Timotei's Warren House Inn ride June 2008    Tim-on-one / Floater has taken some great photos of the Dartmoor ride last thursday and they are available to view at
Tuesday 17th June 2008    Italy Pics now available!    Thanks due to Mash, Oozie and Kamikaze for supplying bucket-loads of photos of the Italian tour....We've had to make a representative selection because we just don't have enough (free) webspace to put 'em all on view. Have a look at the photos page
Monday 16th June 2008    A New Basher?    Pottsie has been on the old bush-telegraph to say that Rachel Wright nee Potts (A.K.A.Bedpan) was safely delivered of a female child at 3am on 16-06-08. Mother and child doing well. Flower Pott Baby weight 9lbs 4ozs. No names yet. Watch this space!!
Monday 26th May 2008    Better Late than never!    The old webmaster has been a bit forgetful and omitted to post the photos of Kamikaze and Donna's ride at Belstone last month...Sorry about that......, but you can see them now by clicking on the photos page!
Wednesday 21st May 2008    Get behind Bin-Bag-Bob!    ABP who own Teignmouth Quay, are sponsoring a tandem relay ride around all their ports in the UK (about 1600 miles). Each port & area has to organise their part of the route and provide riders for the tandem and drivers for the backup van.
Locally Teignmouth will ride the tandem from Plymouth to Teignmouth on Tuesday 24th June, having arrived from Newport via Okehampton the previous two days. On Wednesday 25th the tandem will be ridden from Teignmouth to Litton Cheney in Dorset where Southampton personnel take over.
If anyone is interested in either riding with the tandem team or on their own bikes on either or both days (Plymouth/Teignmouth & Teignmouth Litton Cheney) then please email Bin-Bag-Bob so he can advise the team organiser.
The ride is in aid of Motor Neurone Disease - a director of ABP has been diagnosed with MND and the company seek to raise money for the charity and research. There is no charge to join the ride but a donation to the charity would be gladly accepted.
Monday 12th May 2008    To Be Frank!    Jeff Frank, after setting a very well attended first ride from Ashburton, has (finally) been named "Moanin' Geeza"! There was a popular vote in the pub for the name to be "Mona Lisa", but the C.O. in consultation with the Explosives officer, decided that his smile wasn't quite enigmatic enough, so "Moanin' Geeza" it is!
Saturday 10th May 2008    Beano's Dream    Have a look at this clip on Youtube....(link kindly provided by Beano) There is definitely a resemblance! "Mr Bean goes Cycling"

Timotei's Cheddar weekend
You can see the flyer for Timotei's 10th Cheddar weekend (13th to 15th of June 2008) by clicking Here
Fiday 9th May 2008    FART EVERY WEEK IN THE SUMMER!!    Yes, it's something new and extra for TVPB. This section is mainly aimed at those with plenty of time on their hands in the day - the unwaged, unemployable, retired and nightworkers!
As you may or may not know, Aunt Sally has successfully organised a riding group from The ship at Cockwood, which meets on a Tuesday evening under the name of FARTs - Fancy A Ride on Tuesday.
He has agreed to let us use the title to FART on Tuesday mornings as well.
The format will be loosely based on the principles of the very popular CTC (sorry to swear) Coffee Pot runs, but with a distinct Bash flavour.
The idea is to meet every Tuesday at 11am, at the various venues listed below. Riders will be able to choose their own route-distance, or you could meet other Farters at an agreed starting place. It's all very easy going, and instead of swigging beer, it will be coffee and cakes, apart from Fallen Woman, who likes a beer or three in the morning just to kick-start the day!
You can see a picture of the participants of the first ride....Here
May 6 - Old Pottery Cafe, Chudleigh, opposite the war memorial.
May 13 - Woodleigh Coach House & Cafe, Woodleigh Junction, Cheriton Bishop.
May 20 - Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour, Taverners Farm, Kennford.
May 27 - House of Marbles, Bovey Tracey.
June 3 - Powderham Castle, Orangery Tea Rooms.
June 10 - The Walled Garden, Dunsford.
June 17 - Lutzy's, Piazza Terracina, Exeter Quay.
June 24 - Hill House Nursery Cafe, Lanscove.
July 1 - Bernaville Nurseries, Three Horseshoes, Cowley, Exeter.
July 8 - Exminster Golf Centre.
July 15 - Buckfast Abbey, Grange Restaurant, Buckfastleigh.
July 22 - Cannonteign Falls cafe, near Trusham, Teign Valley.
July 29 - Powderham Castle, Orangery Tea Rooms.

So that's it. Let's see how it goes, and if you have any suggestions, then let me know.


Sunday 27th April 2008    Today's Belstone Ride    Thanks to Kamikaze Bloggs and the Newly named "Madge" (nee Donna) for setting a good ride today. The weather forecast was grim...but the rain held off for the most part, and the worst of the weather consisted of a sort of wet mist (Quite normal conditions for Okehampton area I'm told!). The landlady of The Tors came up trumps and provided us with some chips too! Thankyou!
Bobbiball has a small helmet.
If anyone left a bike helmet (small size) at the pub, Bobbiball has taken charge of it and will return to its rightful owner on request.
Brandon Named.
Brandon has been named "Beano" after his inaugural ride from the Artichoke Pub at Christow on Thursday. (Something to do with vegetarianism and his resemblance to a certain Mr Bean I think....) So now we have a Dandy and a Beano in the Bash!
Monday 21st April 2008    This'n that    We have a few photo's courtesy of Noddy, of the Slades' charity tandem trek across the county. Check on the photos page to see.
Also "Fingers" Mudsie has somehow acquired a scarf, a hat, a belt, a pair of jeans and some shimano cycling shoes .....She says that they were left at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club after the Christmas Bash and would like to return them to their rightful owners......A twinge of conscience perhaps? Anyway, if you have lost such things... contact Mudsie soonest!
Tuesday 15th April 2008    Proposed Camping Weekend    Tonto has received the following email. Would anyone be interested in helping to organise?
Subject: Andy cap
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 20:03:07 +0100
Hi tonto you may remember me i use to ride with you lot on and off over a few years. Im living in cornwall and have set up a very succsessfull mountainbike club, the club is called Cornwall mtb club. We do the same thing as you lot and ride every sunday, we have just been up to Dartmoor riding with the yogi mountainbike club who put on a ride for us and it was a really good day.
This is what im trying to set up we are looking to come up to Exeter and ride Haldon/woodbury etc on the 31st of May and the 1st of June ,The sat and sunday.
Im sending you this to see if your club is intrested in orgnising a joint camping weekend with us? And your group can take us out for a ride on the sat and then back for bbq and beer/party at camp site then out for another ride on the sunday.
I think this will be a really fun event and i hope somthing can be sorted.
Please get back to me with any info.
Andy at e mail address above.

Monday 14th Apr 2008    Details of Dartmoor Way Ride from Dooty    The flyer for the Stamps' "Dartmoor Way" ride on the 7th and 8th of June (Route, Itinerary, Accommodation etc.) can be seen by clicking here
Saturday 12th April 2008    French Exchange Weekend 2008    The French Exchange will take place on the first weekend in October. The French folk will be coming over to visit us this year. More details to follow later. observez cet espace!!
Monday 7th April 2008    A Message from Unda    Thanks to all the bashers who turned up for our wedding at Newton Abbot on Saturday. It was a massive surprise - neither of us had any inkling of what was planned. I saw a few yellow shirts go past the window, and was so intent on looking out to see what was afoot, I almost forgot to say 'I do'! It was one of the highlights of the day to see so many of you there, but I realise Poppy was the star attraction! We only wish we could have had everybody back to the 'reception' at 8 Charlemont, but packing any more than 24 - mainly family - into our humble bungalow, would have been impossible, so we had a token bash presence, and true to form, Blaster fell asleep quite early on! Poppy and I did not want to rush into marriage without getting to know each other first, and she also told me she was pregnant! Later she admitted it was probably just indigestion....
Sunday 6th April 2008    The Wedding of the Year    We now have a few photos (Thankyou to Binliner) of Poppy and Unda's wedding at Newton Abbot. Click here to see
So you know what you're missing on the 2oth April.....
All true Bashers will of course be going to Barsteward and Tooley's ride on the 20th April....but those of the other persuasion may be interested in the "Devon Dirt 2008", an off road event organised by the CTC. You have to pay though...... Click here for details
Saturday 5th April 2008    A Memorable Day    Congratulations to Poppy and Unda, who tied the knot at Newton Abbot Registry Office today and were greeted when they emerged by a sea of yellow TVPB shirts. We'll try to get a picture or two of the event posted on the website soon!
Wednesday 2nd April 2008    BirdsWords!!    The moment you've all been waiting for.....or dreading! The April editions of Birdseye and "The Words" are now available...  The raw (some would say brutal) wit of the Birds -- combined with the incisive professionalism of our resident "Journo" Unda. Click here....Now! (or click on the Birdseye link above)
Sunday 30th March 2008    A Message from Mike Slade re. Free Food!    When we return to Teignmouth from Ilfracombe on Monday 14th April around 6-7pm there will be a reception party at Decks Wine bar next to the Ship Inn on the back beach. The owner Nikki has agreed to lay on a spread at 7pm and asked me to invite the bashers. Bash uniform and bikes preferably.
Friday 14th March 2008    Accommodation at Hatherleigh    Any of you who may be taking part in Mike and Linda Slade's Devon Coast 2 Coast - Plymouth - Ilfracombe - Charity Ride, and would like to stay overnight in Hatherleigh on the Saturday night (12th Apr), The following accommodation is available:

Tally Ho. (3rooms available) Double £50 Continental Breakfast. £60 Full English. 01837 810306

Kempley House. One single 4' bed, one double, one double with small single bed. £20 each. 01837 810278 Contact Elspeth and David Molyneaux.

Pressland House Hotel. Several rooms, Various prices. 01837 810871.

Plus...Church hall. Free!
Wednesday 5th March 2008    A Message From Blaster re Easter Sunday ride.    The On Down pub after the ride on Easter Sunday will be THE JOLLY SAILOR, EAST OGWELL. I'm sure it won't influence any Bashers, but this time John, The Landlord, has promised chips or roast tatties on the house at about 2.30pm!
Tuesday 4th March 2008    We Got Soul!    Joey the Lips - 10 piece soul band @ Teignmouth Rugby Club on Thursday 20 March 2008.
Time 8 - 12. Tickets £10 in advance from Pete "Crossie" Cross 01626 863864
in aid of Epilepsy Bereaved
Tuesday 25th Feb 2008    Update on Bobbiball's Welsh Weekend 2009!!!!!!    OK Chaps (and chapesses) The situation is currently this: The hostel is going to cost £1155 for the weekend....It's brand new and very nice,(Check out the link to the YHA website lower down this page) but it's a lot of money!
So....Cost per person is going to be £50 per head and £25 per campervan.....Without pub lunch on Saturday (You'll have to pay for your own) It's still brilliant value though, with accommodation, food and a bit of booze thrown in (sometimes literally)
We can't expect Bobbi to lay out so much money without any guaranteed bookings and we're not going to get the booking we want unless we book now, so we need a commitment (Cash Money to the tune of £10) from at least 20 people now if they want to go.
It promises to be a great weekend if previous Bobbiball wekends are anything to go by..... with good food, good riding and dubious company (that's a joke....), so sign up now and keep a grand tradition alive....
Oh... some more good news...the deposits are not refundable....but hey...what's a tenner?
Saturday 23rd Feb 2008    Awards Pics    Mike (Noddy) Slade has let us have some luverly pictures of the "Oscars" ceremony which was held at The Welcome Inn in January. See the link on the photos page
Sunday 10th Feb 2008    Bobbiball's Youth Hostel Weekend 2009   
Possible Location Llangattock Mountain Bunkhouse Nr. Crickhowell, Black Mountains, S. Wales.
Cost £45
Luxury Accommodation for 30 people, but we must fill it to hold this price.
£10 deposit by the end of Feb will secure your place. (Refundable up to 31/12/08)
Call Bobbiball on 07766764900
Friday 8th Feb 2008    Video of Bobbiball's Dorset Bash    Dandy (Tarantino) Nicholls has made a couple of video's of the Dorset bash which can be viewed on Youtube! You can find them by searching for TVPB or click these links.... Part 1 and Part 2. (If you want to view them full screen, right-click on the links and select "Open in new window")
Tuesday 5th Feb 2008    Snakebite and Dusty's Easter Weekend in North Wales - 21 to 24 March 2008   


Good Friday - Snowdon

Saturday - Marin trail, Gwydyr Forest, Betws-y-Coed

Easter Sunday - Penmachno, just south of Betws-y-Coed

Easter Monday - Llandegla, off A5 north of Llangollen


Dolgam campsite
On the A5 between Betws-y-Coed and Capel Curig Tents/campers - £4 pppn
No need to book camping - just let us know you'll be there.

Dolgam B&B accommodation - in farmhouse across the road from the campsite If you go for this option please book yourself direct and let us know you'll be there. or 01690 720228

Further B&B available in Betws-y-Coed - 4 miles away If you go for this option please book yourself direct and let us know you'll be there.

Evening meals: Pub near Capel Curig and pubs in Betws-y-Coed Let us know if you're after pub grub and we'll try to arrange bookings and transport

For further information or to let us know you're up for it… Contact Dusty & Snakey - phone/text: 07899 927027 or email:
Tuesday 5th Feb 2008    Nash Bash Update from Posty    Hi Y'all and Happy New Year! Just to remind you that Nash bash 2008 registration price goes up on March 1st, so get ur regos(see attachment) into Luv machine pronto!
Don't forget to indicate on the form if you want a bed at the hostel or camping (NO EXTRA COST FOR BEDS)
We have plenty of room for camping but limited space for parking, so we would ask you to share cars with a friend if possible
Please also ensure that you indicate on the form if you intend to bring a camper van

Some contacts below -
Horace "Hosepipe" Cliff - general Nash Bash dogsbody dude - 01495 726934
Tony "Postman Splatt" Frost - PA to general Nash Bash dogsbody dude - 01873 832419
Paul "Luv Machine" Jones - registrations dude - 07773059803

More details on rego form and on Nash bash website courtesy of our friends at the Cranks -
Also don't forget that Horace is putting on Taf bash from the Nash bash venue at Talybont this coming Saturday 9th Feb - contact him for details on that
ONON to Nash bash!
Thursday 31st January 2008    Issue 3 of Birdseye now available....Click Here!   

The Words February - March 2008
WHAT a glorious day for the Oscars ceremony.

Brilliant weather with blue skies, no wind. Both on and off road riders had a great time on the lanes and the trails around Haldon and the Exe estuary.

And the carvery at the Welcome Inn - free for most and £4 for non-regulars (how much!), was top notch, with unlimited helpings of meat and veg that filled up even our hungriest riders.

It was another virtuoso performance by our CO, Pottsie, who was MC for the awards presentations, with some help from RJ and others who 'warmed up' the audience. The full list of winners is included further down the page.

About 50 bashers supported the day, but with over 100 fully paid up 'members', it could have been a lot better. Especially when you consider that anybody who turned up for at least four rides over a four-week period, got the nosh gratis.

Another disappointment was that only 31 bothered to vote. Perhaps next year it should be a condition of attending that a voting form is completed.

PS, The CO and his missus apparently ate Faggots' spleen, so thoughtfully and delicately produced for examination at the awards by Kamikazee.

"Waste not want not was how I was brought up in the war," Pottsie declared.

"Bedpig seasoned it well, and with a few veg and potatoes made a delicious, if somewhat different meal. I've had worse in some of the bash pus.It is the first time we have eaten any of the bashers, but I can recommend a slice of Faggots to anybody."

PPS, We hope the curse of the Best Newcomers award does not strike this year. Many past recipients have never been seen again!

THE Christmas party was also another hit, and again great value at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club, with cheap booze, excellent food, mulled wine, beers and mince pies on the fancy dress ride through Dawlish, and a storming band that had the dance floor packed from start to finish. Those who found the modern beat combo a trifle on the loud side, did have a quiet room to relax, chat about the old days, play cards, snooze and knit!

Well done to everybody who made the effort with some original and hilarious costumes.

If anybody has an idea for a different venue next year and is willing to put in the research to ensure it meets all the criteria, then speak to Pottsie now. Basically, it needs to be in a central location, close to a town so we can parade in fancy dress, have adequate parking - especially for campers! - provide good food and reasonably priced drink, and enough space for a band-disco and dancing - all at the right ticket price.

It's tricky, which is why we use the fishing and cruising club. It's a popular venue and we only go there once a year, so maybe most folk are happy with it. Let's have suggestions.

AND many thanks to Pottsie and Sturmey Archer for the generous food and drink at their joint birthday part at Holcombe Village Hall, and also to Bothways for the grub served up at her Exmouth abode for her 40th.

OUR traditional curry night is being held at the Old Thatched Inn, Bovey Tracey, on March 6, and will set you back all of £ m..... etc etc!

A short ride, and back to eat at about 8.30pm. It's a ticket only event, with places limited to 45, and advance booking only. Pay Pottsie or Poppy.

MOTHERS' Day is on Sunday, March 2, and the suggested venue is the Anchor Inn at Chudleigh Knighton, with Pane (young Stamp) as scout basher.

WE seem to have 'lost' a few bashers on some rides lately. So it might be worth emphasising that on live, unmarked routes (on or off), it is always best to have a nominated 'sweeper' for each section to keep and eye on the stragglers. There should be regroups at each junction, to make sure nobody misses the turn.

When the sweeper arrives, everybody should be there, and another 'sweeper' can then supervise the next section, and so on.

People can lag behind for all sorts of reasons, breakdowns, punctures, chatting, drinking, eating, amnesia, texting, admiring scenery, taking a leak etc, but it is a bit careless to lose too many.

JUST a reminder - the Nash Bash this year is deep in the Welsh Brecon Beacons from July 25-27. organised by The Dragons Bash.

The base is an outdoor activity centre in Talybont - no gays in the village, but three pubs - and there is room for campers and tents. £50 pp before March 1, and then rising in increments to £75. Full details on our web, or

FROM now on we are combining the Words, and eventually the Rides List, with the brilliant new Birds Eye gossip and scandal column, which spares nobody, into one printed bundle, for those Luddites who don't have a computer, or have one but don't know how to access the web or email. (Believe us, they do exist!)

Birds Eye has really taken off, and the editors are offering a small incentive to anybody stitching up a fellow basher, whether true or not. As they put it, the old adage of 'what happens on tour, stays on tour', has now well and truly gone. So beware, the girls are watching.

Scout Basher of the Year - Anna 'Bothways' Reffel;
Crasher - Chris 'Faggots' Brains;
Most Promising New Male Basher - Lee 'Stinka' Atkinson;
Female - Jacqui 'Q' Warrender;
Cranker of the Year - John 'Unda' Ware;
Dope Pedlar - Nigel 'Ingle' Hayman;
Best Pub - Old Thatched Inn, Bovey Tracey;
Special Achievement - Mike 'Farther' Wareham (for still riding at 80 plus);
Best Mini Tour - Joe 'Bobbiball' Bassett (Minehead);
Drinker of the Year - Julie 'Fallen Woman' Ridd;
Bash Beast - Colin 'Dodgy' Gibbs;
Most Disastrous Ride - Paul 'Flatmate' Silvestre;
Tandem Award - 'Mustang Sally' Pike and Jon 'Aunt Sally' Sell, for collecting 104 subs
Pottsies' Plinth - Francis 'Tonto' Popley; CO's personal award for cake making - Shirley 'Poppy' Stringfellow;
Best Young Basher - Ross 'Pane' Stamp;
Campervan award - Dick 'Sticky Dicky' Owen;
Stirring Spoon - Aunt Sally;
Engineering Officer's Special Award - Tim 'Timotei' Nelson;
Hospital Case - Jenny 'Bedpig' Potts;
Shinpads' Award - Bothways;
Anna's Lost Cause Award - Doug 'Manky' Flack.

Tuesday 29th Jan 2008    A Message from Jonno    Knobblies are organising a mountain biking trip to Wales on Feb 12th, leaving the shop at 7am. If any bashers are interested, please call 01395 270182 to book a place
Tuesday 22nd Jan 2008    'BE NATURALLY ACTIVE' FUN DAY    A public event to celebrate the opening of the Exmouth to Lympstone section of the new Exe Estuary Trail. To be held in Exmouth and Lympstone from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 1st March 2008.

The fun day is a celebratory event for local communities plus the wider general public with the aim of promoting the fantastic walking, cycling and horse riding opportunities available in Devon. A carnival atmosphere is expected at each end of the route, as well as along it, with stalls, refreshments, musicians and exhibitions throughout the morning at King George’s Playing Field, Exmouth and a street party in Lympstone Village.

Devon County Council will be providing a marquee at King George’s Playing Field and shall be manning two ‘Stamping Stations’ at each end of the route where the public are encouraged to collect a stamp from each end of the new route in order to win a ‘Goody Bag’ full of exciting freebees! The event is to be advertised in the local press and we are expecting several hundred visitors to the event.

Exhibitors include the Exe Estuary Partnership, the Cycle Circus, André the trick cyclist, DORIS the Community Roadshow, Segway, Public Rights of Way, the Lympstone Band, a Cycle Rickshaw, Exmouth Rotary Kite Festival plus many more.
Monday 21st Jan 2008    Bashers biking for charity    Mike and Linda Slade, who have become familiar figures on their tandem, are undertaking a charity ride starting on Friday April 11th from Plymouth to Ilfracombe on the coast-to-coast Devon route. The proceeds of the ride are to be split equally between the Teignmouth Lifeboat and Operation Imprezza, which is a charity formed to help the Imprezza secondary school in Nairobi, Kenya.If you would like to help, contact Mike and Linda on 01626 775288 or 07504 727788, or email
Tuesday 8th January 2008    Ride for the Homies on Sunday 4th Feb    For those not going to Bobbiballs Dorset weekend, Blaster and Flossie have kindly agreed to organise a ride for Sunday 3rd Feb (in CTC style --- with Coffee!!). Meet at "GREENAWELL PARK FARM, WEST OGWELL, NEWTON ABBOT" 10.30am for coffee. 11.00am start with a finish after ride at the UNION INN, DENBURY. (Plenty of room for car parking for any wimps not riding to the start!)
Friday 4th January 2008    The Oscars!    It's that time of year when the acheivements of Bashers are recognised. Everyone is invited to make their nominations for the awards ceremony to be held on Jan 27th. Download the voting form by right-clicking on the following link: Awards Voting Form and selecting "Save Target As". Fill it in and give to Pottsie by 20th Jan. (with your money if needed)
31st December 2007    Happy New Year    Good health and a happy new year to all.... As an incentive to get back on your bike after the New Year Festivities, the C.O. has offered that bashers who attend at least 4 of the rides before Jan 27th will be entitled to receive a free meal at the Awards Ceremony. See you all soon!
A Message from Both Ways
And if you were wondering what to do with all the money you're going to save on the cost of your meal.... All bashers who have their name down for Bobbiballs Dorset weekend, please pay either Anna or Bobbi a.s.a.p:
£35.00 per person staying in youth hostel:
£25.00 per person staying in van:
No payment - No weekend! Thanks Anna