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Saturday 26th Dec 2009    Les Arcs 2010    Timotei's organising a trip to Les Arcs in July next year. Click here for the flyer (.pdf format)
Wednesday 23rd Dec 2009    Happy Christmas Everybody!    Another great Christmas Bash at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club last Sunday. The fancy dress costumes were spectacular as always. The weather was beautiful. It was fresh, clear and sunny, but very very cold, and several bashers came to grief on icy patches....luckily with no serious injuries.....possibly because the consumption of beer gives bashers a little added bounce !!!!!
Anyway...Best wishes to all of you. Lets hope the new year brings health and prosperity to us all.
Pictures of the Christmas bash, courtesy of Ingle, Mrs de Harrow and Manky, can be seen on the photos page
Monday 14th Dec 2009    Roll-Up Roll-Up for Bobbiball's Exford Extravaganza!!!    We still have a few more places available for Bobbiballs weekend in February in the stunning surroundings of Exford. Available for the bargain price of only 50 - this includes luxurious full board 5 star accomodation with fresh top quality food prepared by our resident Michelin chef. What better Christmas present could you get this year for your loved one (or if single, treat yourself to the weekend of a lifetime). To avoid disappointment contact either Anna or Bobbiball ASAP. Payment now required in full.
New edition of Birdseye now available
Check out the latest edition of Birdseye. (Just click on the "Birdseye" tab at the top of the page)Tales of encounters with Canadian Mounties, Corsican pigs and more....
Wednesday 9th Dec 2009    Update for Bobbiball's Exford weekend    Bobbi has negotiated somewhere for the camper vans to park (just 400 yards from the hostel). Cost will be 5 to 10 per night. Call Bobbi for further details and directions on 07766764900. There are still a few places left in the hostel if you want to take the "luxury" option though.
Wednesday 2nd Dec 2009    Can anyone help a tandem rider get back on his bike? See Message from Phil below.    Unfit blind stoker seeks pilot for tandem. (Its an ancient Dawes Galaxy but serviced last week) Very happy to begin with short distances and work-up as have never cycled on proper hills. (lived in the Fens before Teignmouth) If you can cycle, you can pilot a tandem! Please ring Phil on 01626 (Teignmouth) 779877.
Sunday 29th Nov 2009    Kevin McCabe named......too late!    Kevin set a ride from Widecombe a couple of weeks ago. The weather turned out glorious (see picture top-left of this page) and the riding was excellent, but Pottsie wasn't around to "christen" him. Kevin usually rolls up when the rest of the off-roaders are just about to set off...(in fact no-one can remember him ever turning up on time!) he has been named "Comes-too-Late". (Probably preferable to being named "comes-too soon" eh?)
Bash spirit undimmed by weather
A good turnout today at Woodbury despite the rain...The off-roaders had to do a bit of snorkelling on occasions, and the roadies' bikes needed a more-thorough-than-usual clean, but there was a blazing log fire, beer, and roast spuds at the pub....Makes cycling in the rain even more attractive!
Friday 27th Nov 2009    Sunday's ride (29th November) from Woodbury    Please leave the White Hart car park free for their lunchtime customers, They would be grateful if we would use the village car park (where there are toilets) or park in the road. Thanks. RIDE ON Pottsie
Monday 23rd Nov 2009    Christmas is coming.......Details of Yuletide Bash from Pottsie.
Twenty tickets sold already so book now to avoid disappointment.
The Christmas do will be held at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club on Sunday 20th December, and the format will be as in previous years ... i.e we will ride to Dawlish in fancy dress. Anything goes. There will be a pub stop at the Lansdowne and a drinks stop at the football club car park and probably a final gathering at the Bandstand. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us so that we can do all we want to!
Ticket Price will be 8 for fully paid up Bashers. Visitors/Guests/Spouses etc will have to pay the full cost price for their tickets which is 11. Young children will be charged according to their food requirement and age. Book your place ASAP as there are only 75 places in the main dining area and these will be allocated in numerical order of payment!! Give your money to Poppy, Stickie, Muddsie, Pottsie or Unda. RIDE ON Pottsie
Thursday 12th Nov 2009    Carbon Dating establishes Tripey's age!    Tripey is officially a half century old on December 18th (which is a Friday) Bashers are invited to join him for a drink or two to celebrate - starting at the Cider Bar in Newton Abbot at about 7:30pm.
Saturday 7th Nov 2009    Jonno's after a hardtail    Does anyone have a hardtail for sale abt 19 inch frame for abt 300. contact Jonno ( or call 07817 019540.
Dave Vallender acquires bash name
Following Dave's inaugural ride from Manaton a couple of weeks ago, Pottsie has been racking the old brain cells to devise a suitable name.....He noted that both "Dave" and "Vallender" contained the letters "VD" and resolved to call him "Venereal" However it was felt that poor old Dave might have trouble explaining the name to his girlfriend, and a hail of suggestions came from the assembled company. "Clap" made a brief appearance, but was eventually superceded by "DVD". (Dandy suggested that in a few years, when no-one can remember what a DVD was, he could be upgraded to "Blu-Ray"!!!)
Sunday 25th Oct 2009    Last-Minute change of plan....    "The Dartmoor Devil" road ride is on today, and the finishing line is at Manaton. Parking is likely to be difficult and the pub is likely to be a bit full! So the road riders are going to meet in the car park at Bovey Tracey and do a ride from there. It's likely that they'll go to the Riverside pub for a drink afterwards. (Off-road still from Manaton though.)
Wednesday 21st Oct 2009    Les Arcs 2010 anyone???    Timotei's putting together a trip to Les Arcs for next summer after sampling the awesome riding there is this year! He's currently negotiating with Trail Addiction, the best tour operator in the area, about having a big group. Their normal prices work out over 500 plus flights for a fully inclusive week. The other option is to rent our own self-catered chalet(s) and to use either local guides and Tim. This will work out a lot cheaper but will mean we will all have to cook/clean/go shopping for ourselves! More info when he has costs etc.
Anyone interested in going, please contact Tim so he can gauge numbers/accommodation etc.
Broxy looking angelic!
Monday 19th Oct 2009    A Message from Broxy    Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support and those who showed interest in my well being during what was at first a pretty harrowing experience, laid out immobile for 4 days on my back unable to get up or move around.....only knowing that I had neck/spinal injuries.
We all take a few risks on the trail, most of which we can handle depending on our skill and experience, but this time round the events have been a real "leveller" for me. I guess time to hang up my "Extreme" boots and get back to some hard and fast Singletrack which is what I love most. But that's for the future.
Cheers once again.
Steve's attached a photo for some laughs. He said it might prepare you for what looks like an extra out of a SAW movie !!! Ed
A Message from Jonno: Passporte du Soleil, Morzine 2010
I am thinking of going to Morzine again next summer and am willing to arrange a trip for others who may want to go also.
The Passporte du Soleil event takes place over the weekend 26/67 Jun 2010 and the trip would be a for a week, with this weekend in the middle. If this goes ahead then numbers would be restricted but am unsure as to how many. There are currently two self catered chalets that sleep either 8 or 12 currently available, these are with the people that me, Diddy, Bobbiball and Tripey stayed with this year. for details of the event that runs in the area for details of the chalets in Morzine
Easyjet flights are out until the end of Jun now and current cost (incl bike) approx 90. I am waiting for a cost back on the accommodation side but as an indication it cost approx 350 for 6 nights this year which was B&B with the addition of 3 catered evening meals.
Feel free to ask for more info from any of us who went this year and if interested in going then please let me know soonest either by phone 07817 019540 or email
Sunday 18th Oct 2009    Only one more evening Fart until next spring!    Followers (or leaders) of the evening F.A.R.T.S rides will have noticed that the last ride on the list this year is for this coming tuesday (20th Oct.) There will be a new F.A.R.T.S ride list published in the springtime. Meanwhile, if you would like to go to the F.A.R.T.S Christmas meal, it is to be held at the Ship Inn, Cockwood, on the 11th Dec. Call Aunt Sally on 07545 577504 to book your place. (All Farters welcome)
Saturday 17th Oct 2009    Broxy home!    Martin and Deb went to vist Steve on thursday and ended up taking him home. So any get-well cards, grapes, large lottery wins etc should be directed to his home address!
Bothways beats Beaver bug!
Bothways has been feeling a little under the weather since her return from Canada, and it turns out that she had picked up a bug commonly transmitted by beavers! (What are the chances eh?) A course of antibiotics was prescribed and she's now beaver bug free!
Off-Road ride on Sunday 18th Oct
There's no off-road ride set at Samford Peverell tomorrow, so the off-roaders are going to meet at 11am in the main car park at Bovey Tacey.
Tuesday 13th Oct 2009    You can't keep a good basher down!    Deb went to see Steve today and says that he is much better. He is off the very strong pain killers that were making him feel like he was drunk all the time and has been walking up and down the corridor in the ward albeit with the physio but this is really good news. We don't know when he'll be going home, but it would be best to ring the ward first just in case anyone is thinking of going in and he's not there. Follow up treatment has not been discussed but we presume that he will be going to a hospital in Exeter.He says thanks very much for the card he thought it very kind.
Monday 12th Oct 2009    Message from Bobbiball - re 2010 Exford weekend 5-7th February    - We only have a few places left for this weekend. The cycling will be great for both on and off road riders, at an amazing cost of only 50.00 for accommodation and food - Deposit of 10.00 will secure a place with full payment by the beginning of December - If interested contact either Bobbiball or Anna asap.... for those who have paid deposits (or have said they will) please let Anna have the remaining payment asap...cheques made payable to Mr J Bassett - but give to Anna first!
Update on this weekend's ride (Sunday 18th Oct)
Ther is no off-road planned for the ride at Samford Peverell this Sunday but there will be an off-road ride starting at 11 am from the main car park at Bovey Tracey.
Update on Steve Broxham From Martin and Deb
As you are already aware he had a bit of an off on Tuesday whilst riding on Exmoor. As a result of this he has sustained some damage to his neck, basically the ligaments have pulled a chunk of bone away from his C2 vertebra and he has put a crack in the one below it. Obviously you can't do that sort of damage without some bruising and at the moment he is having some nerve problems with his hands. The good news is that he has full mobility and the forecast is that he should make a full recovery, it will however be a slow and (probably) painful process. On Friday he had a halo (head brace) fitted and is in some discomfort from that but hopefully by the end of next week he will be up out of bed and able to walk around. Steves new temporary address is Portman Ward, Musgrove Park Hospital. He has a direct line which is 07022532157, and the ward can be contacted on 01823342020 or 01823343020. Finally thanks for all the kind messages which we have already received and passed on I know he appreciates them.
Sunday 11th Oct 2009    Cornish Way Pics    Little Pinky has supplied us with loads of pics of the Cornish Way Tour. (some of you know this as the Millionaire's tour....It's the same thing!) Anyway, he has been very generous and if you want to view all the photos you might want to put a weekend aside....... Click on the Photos page to see.
Saturday 10th Oct 2009    Broxy in hospital    Steve (Broxy) Broxham had a nasty fall while riding on Exmoor a couple of days ago and has injured his neck. He's residing in Portman Ward at Musgrove park Hospital, Taunton at the moment, but we wish him a speedy recovery and will post updates when available.
Tuesday 6th Oct 2009    A reminder to all you forgetful bashers...........BinBag's Booze Cruise 2009    This year it will be on 20th/22nd November.
Usual format - Late ferry Friday night/arrives Roscoff early Sat AM.
Probably ride into Morlaix for shopping etc etc. Limited transport with space for beer & wine.
Sail Saturday night and arrive back in Plymouth early Sunday AM.

Make your own bookings with Brittany Ferries, on line or booking line. Watch out for local press and special offers. Now is the time to collect those vouchers... Further info from BBB.
A message from Donna Timmis re: Orienteering style event on Haldon
Any bashers interested in forming a team for this event? Bear in mind that there are fees to pay for entry...between 17 and 24 per person by the looks of the website, plus fees for extra maps and a 30 penalty if you lose your electronic gizmo.....

Hi There,
My name is Donna and I am organising a series of mountain biking events around the south west. The next event is being held at Haldon Forest Park, near Exeter on Sunday 29th November.
Would it be possible for you to publicise our website and the next event to other members of your club, who may be interested in participating?
Mud and Sweat run Mountain Biking Adventure Events throughout the UK. Our events combine off-road mountain biking with the skill of navigating, for fast and fun adventure. Events are usually held within forests and open countryside that contain a good network of tracks, paths and country lanes, providing a variety of route choices. Each event has courses of different lengths, durations and are suited to a range of abilities - from those who want to test their riding skill through to those who would like to tour around on large tracks.
Each event is open to solos, pairs and often teams or families and follows a score format. Participants will be given a pre-marked waterproof map, with all the checkpoints marked on it (each checkpoint has differing values), they must then navigate their way around as many of the checkpoints as possible within a time limit. The aim is to get the highest score possible.
Mud and Sweat provide the maps, safety and event support and the electronic timing equipment (all our events utilise SportIdent) .... All participants need to compete is a working bike, helmet, compass and sense of fun and adventure to work up a bit of Mud and Sweat!
For more information and an entry form, please look online at or phone 07971 423280
Many thanks,

Friday 2nd Oct 2009    Ticket to Malaga no longer available    Juicy does not now have a ticket to Malaga for sale for the trip on 4th to 8th November. Ticket would have included charge for bike, and would have cost 160 including transfer fee. Don't call 07738 719900........ 'cause it ain't available any more!!
Friday 25th Sept 2009    Breaking News.
ER Doc in "Pork and Ride" disaster

"Swine Flew" on Tuesday when Dandy collided with a pig in Corsica. True folks...I don't want to "Boar" you with the details, but the top doc on his marathon cycle ride around the mountainous island was well and truly "Stitched Up" by the collision with the "Road Hog" as reported by a local "Ham Radio" enthusiast. It takes more than a pig to stop Dandy though, and after a brief visit to the local hospital where he was found to be fit to continue, he was heard to say "sow far..sow good!!!!"
A Message from Pottsie....Curry Night on Thurs 15th Oct.
Cost for the curry night is 5, you must book your place and pay beforehand. If you're unable to get to a bash ride to pay then you can always send a cheque payable to J G POTTS to 99 Kingsdown Crescent DAWLISH EX7 OHD
Monday 21st Sept 2009    Mayday's Round the World Challenge    Mayday sets off tomorrow on the second leg of his round-the-world trip (La Rochelle to Rio de Janeiro). You can check out his progress (his boat is called "Qingdao") by looking at
Saturday 19th Sept 2009    Happy Birthday Trucker    Best wishes to Trucker for his 60th last Tuesday. Hope the party goes with a swing tonight.
More millionaire's tour pics
Mrs De'Harrow has kindly sent us another tranche of photos from this year's Millionaire's tour. Check out the beach babes and the eligible bachelors....It's a lifestyle most of us can only dream about... See the Photos Page.
...And Two More Namings.
After their ride from Kingsteignton last week, Matt Hoare was named VINYL. (Could have been SHAG RUG or FROSTIE)and Nigel Fend is to be known as BAGPUSS. ('Cos he works for the water board and they're all reckoned to be FAT CATS)
Monday 14th Sept 2009    How the other half live    Make yourself jealous...look at the luxury of the Millionaires tour...Pics available on the photos page.
Monday 7th Sept 2009    Change of Venue 10th Sept ride.    Next Thursday's ride (10th Sept) will now be from the Sandygate Inn at Kingsteignton. Scout bashers Matt and Nigel.
Forest of Dean Weekend
All those who went to the Forest of Dean this weekend will want to thank Ken the Rave and Tripey for organising the campsite and some great rides... Thanks fellas.... when's the next one?
Found Property.
A Tronic bike computer was found at the Ring of Bells at Bishopsteignton last week. Pottsie has it and will return for a modest finders fee....
Fancy a 24 hr endurance event?
Alistair (MadAl) Cope has emailed us with details of a charity cycling event on the 18th Sept (that's quite soon!) around the Axe estuary. Details and registration forms can be obtained from
Friday 28th Aug 2009    Ali Named    Following Ali's inaugural scout bashing exploits, she has been named "Mumhammed" by Pottsie. (Floats like a butterfly.......Stings like a bee?)
Thurs 20th Aug 2009    Reminder about Bobbiball's Exmoor weekend    Bobbiball's weekend in the Youth Hostel at Exford next February is getting booked up...... To reserve your place, give 10 deposit to Bothways. Details can be seen on the flyer.... which can be seen by clicking here. (There is limited parking onsite, but those of you with campervans can book for 25 per person if you don't need accommodation but want to share food and booze)
Sunday 2nd August 2009    Devon Bash Cancelled    The joint event with the TVPB and TVH3 scheduled for the weekend of the 25th to 27th September at Moretonhampstead has been cancelled. A large deposit was required to guarantee the use of the campsite, and not enough people had booked early to cover the outlay. The organisers therefore decided to play safe and cancel the booking while the deposit was still refundable.

Update on Forest of Dean Weekend
Tripey would like to let any of you who are going to the Forest of Dean Weekend (4th, 5th & 6th of September) that there is a ride planned for the Friday evening with a pub meal afterwards......If you arrive too late for the ride, you'll just have to go to the pub!!!!

If you happen to be Cycling in Surrey....
Unda picked this article out of one of the Sunday papers about cycling and pubs....I'm sure it will strike a chord with all Bashers....

PUB CHAMPION. Punchbowl Inn, Oakwoodhill, Surrey (01306627249)
There is no bad way to spot a country pub on a summer's day at lunchtime, but perhaps the best of all is from the saddle of a bicycle. After a wholesome morning grinding chain rings, dodging potholes, shedding sweat and learning the true shape of your backside, that first blissful glimpse of a pub sign will dispatch any niggling doubts that the world is a wonderful place.
Bikes and pubs go together like a ploughman's and ale. While it's only in recent years that cycling has become accepted as a mode of existence in cities and by town planners, in the best pubs there has never been any doubt. A century ago the emergence of bikes brought an army of newly mobile punters to country pubs, swarming out of the towns to discover the countryside, and today's wise publican still welcomes the sight of a mini-peloton sweeping into the yard, because they'll be hungry, thirsty, full of shiny-faced bonhomie and most unlikely to litter the garden with fag-ends.
The country-pub could well have been designed with the cyclist in mind. There is almost always a garden in which to watch over your bike, food that provides maximal nutritional value while tasting much better than the very best energy bar, and a variety of beers fiendishly designed to impart muscle fuel along-with a general sense of goodwill. Why there are not British country pubs on each stage of the Tour de France is a mystery.
There is certainly no shortage in the best cycling parts of this country, and in some areas the frequency of delightful pubs by the roadside makes staying in the saddle downright challenging. One particularly blessed route is the Surrey Cycleway, which meanders through the lanes of the North Downs, and where the wisest riders plan their outings not around grand ideas about distance and personal bests, but where they want to be at lunchtime. And there are few better places to be than the Punchbowl Inn at Oakwoodhill, with nothing but gorgeous countryside and a cricket pitch for company, excellent pies, fine Hall Woodhouse beers, and scarcely a sideways glance when you shuffle through the bar with your chamois gusset trailing behind.
Richard Brass

Saturday 1st August 2009    Trucker's getting a bus pass!    Trucker reaches the ripe old age of 60 on the 14th Sept and Bashers are invited to a party on Saturday the 19th Sept in his field. Campers and Caravanners are welcome (for the usual fee of course). Could you all let him know if you're coming so he knows how much caviar, champagne (and sausages) to buy! Tel 01626 852201.
Friday 31st July 2009    A couple of updates    This Sunday (2nd August) the ride will be from the New Inn, Whimple Rd, Broadclyst. Anyone wishing to stay the night in mobile home, gin palace, camper etc - cost is 5 (how much?)

Also.....Undeterred by the weather last year, Bobbiball has arranged a weekend in the Youth Hostel at Exford next February. There is even a flyer.... which can be seen by clicking here.
Monday 20th July 2009    Forest of Dean Weekend    Thanks to Tripey, Ken the Rave and others, a trip has been organised to the Forest of Dean on the 4th, 5th & 6th of September. The riding in the Forest is reputedly superb. You may experience trails by the name of "Ken's Erection", "Rocky Horror" and "Twat"
The address of the campsite as follows:
Bracelands Caravan Park & Campsite, Bracelands Drive, Christchurch, Coleford, Gloucester, GL16 7NN
Details and prices can be found Here

Beano's Ride a qualified success
We hear that there was a somewhat limited turnout for Beano's ride from the Tradesmans Arms at Scorriton last week...Beano and one other Basher!
The weather was the crucial factor as it was grim that day, but on the bright side, I understand that the Pub did very well for the bashers, and neither of them will need to eat again until next July !!!
New Edition of "Birdseye" available.
Bothways has compiled another action-packed edition of Birdseye for your entertainment, complete with pictures, and the usual mixture of news and scandal. Click on the Birdseye link at the top of the page and choose the July 2009 edition.

Saturday 27th June 2009    Devon Bash and TVH3 25th anniversary celebrations    The Teign Valley Hash House Harriers (TVH3) and the TVPB are going to hold a joint event this year on the weekend of the 25th to 27th September at Moretonhampstead. The price for the weekend (including camping fees, food and entertainment) ranges from 45 to 55 per person depending on how promptly you pay! Download the registration form in .pdf format. Further information and payment details are on the form.
Tuesday 23rd June 2009    Parking on Tonto's Birthday Ride.    Ride from Crown + Sceptre, St Marychurch, Torquay.
The Landlady has asked if we would park our bikes in the car park, not in in the garden. Let's be good boys and girls! P.S. There is off + on road riding + pub stop + food!
Wednesday 10th June 2009    A message from Bothways....Off road Audax opportunity    Lee & myself are going to do this off road audax on Sunday, have a look at the website Any Bashers interested?
Monday 8th Jun 2009    Cheddar weekend    Thanks to Timotei for another successful Cheddar weekend. The trails were superb as usual, and the rain held off during the day, although it hissed down on the Saturday night and we wondered at one stage whether it was time to start building an ark! The campsite facilities were limited and very basic, but Tim negotiated a good price for the weekend and most of us managed to shower and get to the loo when necessary. So Thanks again Tim.
Friday 22nd May 2009    Timotei's Cheddar Weekend.    At last a campsite has been found who aren't going to rip us off! It's been really hard finding one that will take a group, have availability, are kid friendly, have showers and are close to pubs and trails etc. The campsite is called and it's pretty much opposite Broadway Campsite!! It's pretty basic with only 2 showers (electric), and 2 toilets but the camping area is flat with nicely cut grass! There are no facilities for kids. However Broadway is only across the road so BMX track, playing stuff and pool can be used. The cost is a fiver per person/night, kids free.
Will everyone who is coming or thinking of coming let me know so i have an idea of numbers?
cheers everyone,
Tim (Please email as soon as!!)
Wednesday 20th May 2009    Tour of Britain coming to the South West!    As you may know there are two stages in Devon this year. Thursday 17th Sept. Frome Bideford.     Friday 18th Sept. Hatherleigh Yeovil.
Might be worth a visit, the race finishes at Town Quay, Bideford at 15h10 on the Thursday There is a website but still in early stages:
(Thanks to BinBagBob for the info)
Sunday 17th May 2009    Welcome to the new look!    As you can see, we've been down to B&Q over the weekend and bought some brushes and a couple of gallons of emulsion to repaint the website. I hope it looks OK for of the difficulties of website design is that everybody has different browsers and screen resolution so it doesn't always look exactly as expected..... So if you find any faults....and I'm sure you will....drop me an email and I'll try to fix it.
Cheers All,      Manky.
Tuesday 5th May 2009    Aunt Sally's Birthday Ride Sunday 10th May 2009    The ride will start at 11 am from the Turf Locks Hotel. (road and offroad rides) The Hotel is not accessible by road, but parking is available at Exminster car park or at Powderham car park. Either way there is a ride of about a mile to the Turf...... You may need to allow a little extra time!
Sunday 3rd May 2009    Timotei's Cheddar Weekend. 5th to 7th June 2009    Camping at Broadway Campsite. Cost should be about 50 per pitch for the weekend, but we may be able to put two tents on each pitch to keep the costs down. Timotei needs to know the numbers so if you would like to go, please email as soon as!!
Friday May 1st 2009    Manky's been playing.....    Thought it might be time to update the image of the website....I've chosen a template and put together a few pages to show what the proposed new design of the site might look like. You can have a look here. Not all of the tabs work yet, and very few of the links...(You can click on the home, birdseye, contact and news tabs at the moment) ...and there's plenty of work to be done if we decide to go ahead....but you can see the general style of the site and the potential.
If you could let me know what you think......gently, I'd welcome any comments or suggestions so I'll know whether it's worth pursuing.
Wednesday 29th Apr 2009    Broken Man's 70th Birthday Party    Broken Man had a surprise party at Trucker's field last Saturday and Fallen Woman has supplied us with some photos of the occasion. Tony was required to blow out the 70 candles which adorned his cake....a feat that Red Adair may have baulked at......., but managed to extinguish the lot! See the photos page.
Tuesday 28th Apr 2009    BinBag's Booze Cruise 2009    This year it will be on 20th/22nd November.
Usual format - Late ferry Friday night/arrives Roscoff early Sat AM.
Probably ride into Morlaix for shopping etc. Limited transport with space for beer & wine.
Sail Saturday night and arrive back in Plymouth early Sunday AM.

Make your own bookings with Brittany Ferries, on line or booking line. Watch out for local press and special offers nearer the time. Further info from BBB.
Tuesday 28th Apr 2009    BinBag's Booze Cruise 2009    This year it will be on 20th/22nd November.
Usual format - Late ferry Friday night/arrives Roscoff early Sat AM.
Probably ride into Morlaix for shopping etc. Limited transport with space for beer & wine.
Sail Saturday night and arrive back in Plymouth early Sunday AM.

Make your own bookings with Brittany Ferries, on line or booking line. Watch out for local press and special offers nearer the time. Further info from BBB.
Saturday 25th April 2009      
Tuesday 21st Apr 2009    A message from Jonno. Special Offer for TVPB members. Holiday in France.    My sister has just opened up a B&B near Macon in Burgundy and is offering a discount for TVPB members. 10% discount on the accommodation is available for any bashers who make a booking by the end of this year. (a bottle of local bubbly will be provided too). Click this link for the flyer. Anyone wishing to book should quote TVPB, please see for details.
Monday 20th Apr 2009    7 Stanes Trip    Snakey and Dusty's Easter trip to Scotland was a great success. Buzza has posted some fabulous photos of the action on the GreenBadgerRacing site. Click here for the link to greenbadgerracing or here to go direct to the Scotland photos.
Friday 17th Apr 2009    Birdseye Spring 2009 Edition Out Now!!    Bothways has produced another stunning collection of news, anecdotes, advice and general Mickey-Taking for our amusement. Check out the Birdseye page and click on the link for the 8th edition.
Saturday 4th Apr 2009    Nash Bash 2010    Blow from "Q.U.A.F.F." (For the uninitiated, it stands for "Quorn Unfit All-Terrain Flab Fighters") has sent us an email to let us have the details of next year's Nash Bash at Sherwood Forest Here's a banner....
NashBash Banner

Have a look at the NashBash Website for further details and registration forms etc.
Sunday 29th Mar 2009    Nathan sets first ride    Nathan set a successful first ride today and has been named "Midge" by Pottsie. If I've got this right....Nathan could be abbreviated to "Nat",,,,which sounds like "Gnat"... Biting insects in mind then....."Midge" was the chosen name.
Tuesday 24th Mar 2009    Evening F.A.R.T.S rides    If you "Fancy A Ride Tuesday", Aunt Sally has sent us a list of the evening FARTS rides for this summer. All the rides are on Tuesday evenings and start at 6:30pm from the Ship Inn at Cockwood. (Near Starcross) Click here to see the list, or follow the link on the rides page
Sunday 22nd Mar 2009    Tripey's Son Named    Tripey's son Kevin has been named by the Bash after setting his first ride today. He will be known as "Batman". For those of you who were not present to witness Pottsie's convoluted thought processes. Kevin is Peter's son...Cricket fans will know Kevin Pietersen is pretty handy with a bat.....Hence..."Batman".
Thursday 19th Mar 2009    Update from Dusty. Easter in Scotland.   
Easter weekend trip to (7 stanes Scotland:
4 days riding - 10-13 April 2009 (Good Friday to Easter Monday)
Camping at Loch Side Camping and Caravan Park, Castle Douglas
Plan so far:
Friday - Mabie @11am
Saturday - Kirroughtree
Sunday - Dalbeatie
Monday - Newcastleton
Contact: Dusty&Snakey 07899 927027 or
Cu there x
Saturday 14th Mar 2009    French Exchange 2009    Tweedle Dee has produced a flyer for the French Exchange this year with dates, ferry times and contact details. If you fancy practicing your conversational French while you're pedalling along quiet country roads with the kind of glow that can only be produced by a couple of glasses of fine wine, this could be just the trip for you! Click here to see the flyer. Click here to see how many Euros you can get for your pounds!
Tuesday 10th Mar 2009    The "Oscars" Awards for 2008    The 2008 Bash Oscars awards were held at the Jolly Farmer in Newton Abbot on Sunday. Joe "Bobbiball" Bassett and John " Debacle" Arkle scooped six of the most prestigious awards including the "Fat Belly Nosher" award, Hospital Case 2008, and Anna's "Lost Cause" award. The Glitterati posed for the press outside the venue, providing an exciting spectacle for three local residents, who were heading home from ASDA with their carrier bags of groceries.
If you would like to see a list of all the awards and their respective recipients, click Here There are also some photos of the event. Click the link on the photos page
Pottsie was genuinely surprised by his special long service award and has sent the following message.

My very sincere thanks to the Bash for my very special long service award. It was a real surprise to receive the silver inscribed cornet, something I've been thinking of buying ever since my original cornet was stolen over a year ago. The fact was that I play so badly that I couldn't justify the cost. Thankfully, the Bash made the decision for me, so I'm very grateful.

(Did the Bash stump up for a pair of earplugs for Bedpig too?.... Ed)
Tuesday 3rd Mar 2009    News From the Southern Hemisphere.    We've had an email from Wun (Malcolm Ball), who seems to be having a fine time in South Africa and is involved in a charity raising effort for the Tzadoka Foster Home for displaced Cape Coloured kids. You can see a copy of his email here, and a copy of the news article about the charity here. (Inevitably, he wants us to donate summat to the charity, but he has set a very generous example.) Next time he's back, we're hoping he's going to to a charity ride in aid of the Teign Valley Pedal Bashers Benificent Society!!!

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Friday 13th Feb 2009    New Date for the Oscars!    The TVPB Awards Ceremony (Oscars) will now take place on Sunday 8 March @ The Jolly Farmer, Newton Abbot.
Please give voting forms, money + any trophies to Mudsie by Sunday 1st March.
Thurs 12th Feb 2009    Fancy a bit of cycling in the Cornish Way?    There are 4 places available for the Cornish Way W/E at The Chy-an-Albany Hotel, St. Ives. B & B Evening Meal and live music on Saturday - 65 pp. - Friday 11th to Sunday 13th September,2009. Please contact RJ if interested. Phone 01626 833128
Oh to see ourselves as others see us!
Click here to see the "insider" report by Unda's mate Mike Baker as it appeared in the Herald Express yesterday. (The article about the bashers is on the right hand side of the spread...)
Sunday 8th Feb 2009    It's Alive!    The messageboard has its first message.......
Friday 6th Feb 2009    Message Board    We're trialling a message board facility so Bashers can leave messages on the website. If you want to have a look, log in to the members area with your password and click on the messageboard link.
Friday 6th Feb 2009    Extreme weather scuppers tour.    The Bobbiball weekend in Wales has been cancelled. Even some of the major roads around Brecon are closed this morning, so It's very doubtful we could have got up to the hostel even if we could have got out of Devon! Bobbi's going to make enquiries about a later date, but it's still very disappointing for the organisers. Thanks to all who put the time and effort into the tour organisation.
Thurs 5th Feb 2009    Update on Bobbiball Weekend    Apologies to all those who have been trying to contact Bobbi on the phone number posted yesterday. A digit was missing....(You just can't get the staff these days can you?) The error has now been corrected. Phone number should be 07766764900.
The block booking has now been cancelled, and a refund is available for anyone who decides not to go.
The youth hostel is still open though, and we can still go if we want to. Bobbiball will provide food for all who are still going, but he needs to know numbers by 10am tomorrow so he can buy supplies. If you haven't decided by 10 am, you'll have to take your own food!
So....Can you call Bobbi tomorrow (by which time we'll know more about the weather situation) and let him know whether you're still up for it! If you could pass on the information to anyone who hasn't seen this update and get them to call too(By 10am) we'll have a good idea of the amount of beer and bacon to buy!
Wednesday 4th Feb 2009    Severe weather threatens mini-tour!    The Youth Hostel at Llangattock, venue for this weekend's Bobbiball mini-tour, is only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles at the moment because of the recent snow and freezing temperatures, and the weekend may have to be cancelled. This site will be updated on Thursday evening with the latest situation, so watch this space!
In the event that the Hostel is inaccessible, a full refund will be given for the tour. (Aren't you glad you didn't invest in an Icelandic bank?)
Bobbiball can be contacted on 07766764900 if you have any questions.
Monday Feb 2nd 2009    Easter weekend trip to Scotland    4 days riding - 10-13 April 2009 (Good Friday to Easter Monday)
Camping at Loch Side Camping and Caravan Park, Castle Douglas.
Riding 7 Stanes - Dalbeatie, Aye, Mabie, Kirroughtree, Newcastleton - exact riding venues to be decided nearer to the time.
Contact Dusty & Snakey for details
Friday 30th Jan 2009    Fancy some tandem riding?    Nick (Satanic) Mills would like to get some more riding in, and is looking for someone to pedal with. He's got the bikes, but needs a partner. If any bashers are interested, please call Nick on 07786962847.
Tuesday 27th Jan 2009    Update for Bobbiball weekenders!    I've got a bad feeling about this........Bobbiball has supplied directions to the Youth Hostel at Llangattock....He says not to trust your satellite navigation systems.......Trust Bobbiball! The advice, as to be well insured! Click here for the directions.
Sunday 11th Jan 2009    TVPB Website access.    We are in the process of changing our webhosting provider from Lycos to Strato which will give us more space and will hopefully allow us to provide extra facilities on the website as a result. During the changeover process there may be a short period (possibly 48 hrs or so) when the address is not available This won't mean that the website will be down. It just means that you'll have to type in a different address to see it. So in the meanwhile, if you find that you can't see the website by typing in, type in the address of my webspace on the Tiscali server at This link should work throughout the changeover period.
Sat 10th Jan 2009    C.O. Wounded in Action.    Our C.O., Pottsie, has been wounded in action whilst on a solitary reconnaissance mission in East Devon, breaking a leg and damaging his communication equipment (mobile phone) and vehicle (bike). Details about the incident are sketchy, but it is believed that ice may have been placed on the road by hostile forces of nature, and the C.O. fell as a result. However, he managed to get his bike to safety and inform HQ of his position. A task force comprising members of the NHS, family and friends was despatched to get him and his equipment back to base, and Pottsie soon found himself in the very capable hands of Bothways at the R.D.&E. Hospital, where he is awaiting an operation to repair his damaged leg.

We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him out with us again soon.

The M.O., Dandy is also going to be out of action for some time as he is due to have an operation on an ankle injury. Word has it that he may be billeted on the same ward as Pottsie.....Heaven help the ward staff!

In view of Pottsie's accident, it's been decided to postpone the "Oscars" ceremony until a later date. Please return your completed awards nominations forms and trophies to Mudsie anyway, and watch this space for updates. (At the moment we think the awards ceremony may be in March)

At present, the ride on the 1st of Feb is still planned to be from the Jolly Farmer at Newton Abbot, but we will update the rides list if there are any changes.
Tues 6th Jan 2009    Sad News from Becky Simpson    My father, Harold Simpson, has been a member of South Hams CTC for many years and has often contributed to the South Hams Snippets section of the Highwayman Magazine. He has also cycled with TVPB in the past.
Unfortunately, Dad (Harold) passed away on 23rd December 2008.
For information, details of the funeral will be in the local paper - it will be at 12.00 on Mon 12th Jan at Ashburton Catholic Church, with an internment at Buckfast Abbey.
"H" has done a number of bash rides over a number of years, initially introduced by Scrubber, and latterly turning up at some of the Tuesday morning "Farts" rides. He was well known to many in the bash and will be sadly missed. Click here to see the photo and poem published in the Highwayman magazine.
Friday 2nd Jan 2009    The Oscars are coming!    However, a window of opportunity may just have been missed!
Until about (9pm on Sat 3rd Jan, you would have been able to download a copy of the voting form for this years awards from this site.....too late now....A policy decision has been made.....You have to go to a bash to get a form......AND....You have to go to a bash to hand it in...(but you get a cheap lunch for your trouble!)
·The TVPB Awards Ceremony is on Sunday 1st February at The Jolly Farmer, Newton Abbot.
·Carvery meal is just 3 per head FOR FULLY PAID UP BASHERS WHO HAVE ALSO VOTED - all others 5.50
·After the Ceremony there will be dancing to Light the Fuse Afterwards
·NB You don't have to vote for every award - only the ones you want to
New Year's Eve 2008    Happy New Year!    As a new year treat, we have the latest edition of Birdseye for you. Lots of pics and gossip....just the way we like it!
Sunday 28th Dec 2008    More pics!    We now have a few more pics of the Christmas bash on the website, courtesy of Mrs 'Arrow. Click on Photos page to see.
Tues 23rd Dec 2008    Merry Christmas Everybody    Another fine set of fancy dress outfits this year at the Christmas Party See on the photos page.
Tues 16th Dec    Red Alert.....Money Wanted by Bothways!!    Can everyone going to Bobbi balls weekend in February give the money 55.00 (minus 10.00 if deposit already paid) in cheque or cash form (euros or credit cards not accepted) to Bothways by Thursday 8th January (cheques will be paid in middle of January) Please make cheques payable to Mr J Bassett.
Sat 13th Dec 2008    Urgent message from Wan re Summer tour 2009    Unfortunately, I will not be able to go on the tour, so is anybody prepared to finish off what I began? Otherwise I will have to inform the people in Spain that we are cancelling our booking!