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Flappy Fri 21st Dec 2012    Christmas Bash    Hi all you Party Bashers, Last Sunday was probably our highest ever turn out for the traditional fancy dress ride. We had 66 for lunch and over 60 of you did the ride - despite the very dodgy weather. So for that I thank you and commend you. Well Done !! Not forgetting a very special thankyou to Poppy and Bedpig for manning the drinks station.

Everybody made an effort to dress for the occassion. Some of the costumes and themes were incredible.

I hope you all enjoyed our time at the start, then the Sherry stop, the Brunswick, and finally at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club. Lots of Bashers keep telling me this is their very favourite venue. Great ambience with a Brilliant inexpensive Bar.

Our next bash special event will be the "2012 Oscars".This will now be held on Sunday 17th Feb probably at the Welcome Inn, Dawlish Warren and will include a subsidised carvery roast lunch... full details to follow. Would current holders of the 2011 awards return them before the end of January please?

Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year to all of you

Ride On Pottsie

(Thanks to all those who sent in photos for the site. You can see them now by clicking the link for Xmas Bash 2012 on the Photos page. Ed)

Anyone lost a helmet?
Unda has a grey Met helmet which was left at the Christmas Bash. If it's yours, please give him a call or send him an email at
Good Mates Sun 9th Dec 2012    Dark days for the bash...Litigation looms!!    The following letter from Sturmey Archer was received by a senior Bash officer yesterday. We obviously need a lawyer. Perhaps we might approach the bloke who wrote the disclaimer on the bottom of Blaster's corporate emails. He's clearly a chap who pays tenacious attention to detail!!

Dear Senior Officers, I have just read the latest edition of Birds Eye. Half truths have been twisted round and written down in a way that impunes my good name. Also my hitherto unquestioned rampant homosexuality has been called into doubt. The photographs showing me in compromising positions are clearly false constructions put together by some scurrilous technophile with a smart phone (probably a twat). As senior managers you should have exercised editorial sanction especially in the wake of the Levenson report and the trials of the BBC. I now know how Max Clifford feels - or how the blameless Jimmy Saville might feel if he was still alive.

I imagine your defence will be that this is the work of 'just one rogue reporter' and in this respect I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. My lawyers are happy to sue but I would prefer an out of court settlement. My suggestion is this - Free Beer for Sturmey Archer for the whole of 2013 at all bash rides and functions paid for by Bash senior officers (including Unda) - or a one off payment of £25000 (which is slightly cheaper).

Please give my suggestion serious consideration - My lawyers are waiting in the wings! Yours litigiously Sturmey Archer.

PS Could you get Unda to read through the Birds Eye report and correct all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. On on Sturmey

PPS Blaster is a twat.

Mon 3rd Dec 2012    Stop Press: Tomorrow's F.A.R.T. ride. Change of venue. A message from Tonto.    The Orange Elephant is closed on Monday + Tuesday. So the F.A.R.T. ride on the 4th December will be at The Exminster Golf Club instead.
Sun 2nd Dec 2012    Cheap lights!!    Anyone want to get cheap Cree lights? Dandy has been trawling the internet for good deals, and has sent us some links. See Below.

This is the link to a powerful light with a life of over 3 hours on full power. Not exactly 1800 lumens, but still good value. Only £24 on ebay.

It will fit to a Hope universal clamp at just over £7.

For something even cheaper on ebay, this is also very powerful and just £5.99 including postage.

This will need a clamp, so this is suitable at £1.39 post free.

Finally batteries and a charger for the cheapo £5.99 light. Ultrafire 18650 3.7 volt batteries.

Hope that is of some value to bashers who want lights cheaper than C and B seen! But the same lights – exactly the same. Dandy
Sun 25th Nov 2012    New Birdseye!!    Be afraid....... Bothways has compiled yet another collection of (arguably) libelous material which will doubtless be referred to the Leverson enquiry in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, enjoy the embarrassment and discomfort of your fellow bashers... Click on the "Birdseye" link (or the tab at the top of the page) and select issue 18!
Wed 21st Nov 2012    Porlock Pics    We have just a few photos from Spoons'and Snakebite's birthday bash weekend at Porlock. Click the link on the photos page to see.
Fri Nov 9th 2012    Bash Fancy Dress Ride / Christmas Party    Hi Bashers, just to remind you all that the Bash Festive Season starts with our traditional Fancy Dress Ride on Sunday December 16th which is only 4 weeks away this from this weekend.
As in previous years its theme is "anything goes" so it's entirely up to you how you represent your chosen character, image or group. We've seen some really wonderful efforts over the years. However it is worth remembering that, whatever you choose to do, you should still be able to ride your bike. Once again we will be back at the Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club, that's because our original 2012 choice, the Abbrook Centre, closed down earlier this year.
Tickets for the 2 Course Lunch & Disco Party are now on sale @ £10 for fully paid up Bashers and £12:50 for anyone else ~ there will be a special negotiated dispensation for any "young children" who still require a seat but cannot eat the full meal, provided they are siblings of F.P.U Bashers. Book you place A.S.A.P via ~ Pottsie, Poppy or Stickie.
Well that's it. We all know from past experience that this is a fun day out, stirrup cup at the start, sherry and mince pies on the ride, good lunch, cheap booze, and this year a Disco that will get you dancing. So let's be quick having you and your £10.
Ride On Pottsie.

P.S. Please bear in mind that the maximum number we can seat in the dining Room is 75. All reservations will be in numerical order. So the lower your number the better!!
Sat 3rd Nov 2012    Off-Road ride from Ashburton tomorrow(4th Nov)    Aga Khan's not feeling too well at the moment so won't be leading the ride from Ashburton, but Blaster has stepped into the breach and will be taking his mountain-bike out for some mud-chugging! Flossie will lead the road ride.
Tues 23rd Oct 2012    Badgers heave sigh of relief!!    Green Badgers travelling to Somerset for Spoons' and Snakebite's birthday bash at Porlock this coming weekend, will be delighted to hear that the proposed "Badger Cull" has been postponed until 2013!! Off-roading is dangerous enough without having to dodge bullets from trained marksmen! So for this weekend at least, we can still see Badgers frolicking in their natural habitat. Green Badgers have been accused of spreading "Two-Bike-U-Losis" throughout the countryside, but this is a matter of some debate.
Sat 20th Oct 2012    Bothways needs your help...    Hi, I am writing the winter edition of birdseye. Has anyone got any write ups that they would like to put in Birdseye regarding tours or gossip or photos. If so can they email me asap?
Sun 14th Oct 2012    Update from Juicy ref. Spoons' and Snakey's weekend    Hi Everyone!!
Just to let you know that i've let the pub know that i think here will be about 25- 30 of us for the 27th. After the meal there will be some booze provided in the marquee (cider/wine/lager etc) but not enough to get everyone sozzled so you may need to bring along some top ups of your tipples!Spoons' and Snakey's weekend
If people can bring their camping chairs for seating in the marquee that would be great and also, we're providing some food for a communal brekky but are short on camping stoves... if you're coming and could bring one along that would be really helpful!
Trying to sort out music... Does anyone have a music system that we might use? As eveyone's tastes varies i'd suggest to bring along your own tunes (cd's/ mp3players) and we can all have a bit of a shindig!
Juice :-) xxx
Mon 8th Oct 2012    Correction to rides list.    Kamikaze's ride next Sunday is from the Ring of Bells at North Bovey, (not Bovey Tracey as previously listed.)
Sun 23rd Sept 2012    Bed and Breakfast option for Bobbiball weekend.    We are looking into an option of booking a local B&B (on a room only basis when the hostel is full or if they would prefer this option) a short walk from the Minehead hostel - the cost would be slightly higher. If anyone would be interested in this option could they email me and let me know - we will then approach the B&B to negotiate a group booking.
Wed 19th Sept 2012    DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PARTY/BIKING WEEKEND. A message from Juicy.    Hi everyone!!,
Just to let you know that Ali and I are organising a party/ biking weekend for Snakey & Spoons’ birthdays on the weekend 27th- 28th October. We’re going to be going to Porlock: (Sparkhayes Campsite) and our Initial thoughts are a ride on Saturday, followed by a meal in the Top Ship, followed by drinks/party in the marquee. Then Sunday communal breakfast in the marquee and a simple ride up and over to the Bottom Ship.
Details to be confirmed but need to know if you’re interested so we know how many to expect. We’ll be in the top field which has a hook up for people with vans etc but because of the time of year, those of you who would usually tent it might want to look at b&b options too. Can you let me know (Email phone or Facebook) if you think you might want to head up?- Should be brilliant fun!!
I’ll keep you posted…
Wed 19th Sept 2012    Lots of new photos to see!!    Many thanks to Lord Stretch, who sent us some great photos of this year's Millionaire's tour, and also some pics of the Bash excursion to watch the Tour of Britain on Dartmoor. Go to the photos page and click on the links to see.
The Bash excursion to the Tour of Britain gets under way. FRIDAY 21st-
" Anytime pm set up camp
" 7pm Taxi organised to transport Bashers to ABBFEST
" 7.10pm to 11pm enjoy yourselves at ABBFEST with plenty of choices of grub and drink + music
" 11pm Taxi back to camp, coffee round the campfire till late!

" 10.30am Bash ride to suit all ability of cyclists, anything from 2mile to 30mile ride.
" 1.30pm Pub Stop/Lunch
" 3.30pm back to camp for "Bash Fete Games"
" Sometime later till even later Bar-B-Q in Stable Barn!

" 11am Normal Sunday Bash including "Hare of the Dog" visit to ABBFEST again!
" Pm--- dispersal sometime!
The Bash Laureate's ramblings on the Millionaire's Tour

Lord Stretch has commisioned the Bash Poet Laureate (Hat Rack), to write some verses on the occasion of the Millionaire's Tour. Hat Rack, unfortunately, had to miss the tour this year as he was hors de combat & laid out in sickbay, but he looks forward to catching up with you all in the near future once he can get port side walking / cycling attachment working again.
There will be some photos soon too!!

Monday Brief
As I lie here wracked with pain, I shall rack my brain, I will try with all my might, to deliver a daily load of shite. It may not rhyme, it will not scan but what the fook! Who do think I am Rupert Brook!
Please tell the lower rankers, they are a bunch of wankers, that fella Stacey is a touch too Racy, a barge poles length would be a strength if he sports those kinky plastic shorts.
I could grow fonder of a fish called Wanda and perhaps just maybe chums with Rosemary's Baby! But those deeds so hellish I will miss with a certain relish.
Please no liquoracca for my little Gassa, he knows the dangers of taking sweets from strangers.
But in this pit I will fester not part of this latest gesture. Just turn those pedals, earn those medals on on to Tetbury you must go, The Snooty Fox , Tally Ho!

Millionaire's tour 2012 Tuesday Brief
In Tetbury Town a misery of hung over bikers
A gaggle of ogres and hags in bright lycras
With rags bags scabs and manky helmets
One and five piles of sad suppurating cell mates
All well defined with separate stinks
Leave behind Snooty's soiled toilets and sinks
Onwards rich bikers chain on on hard road
Go and get pissed again in Stow on the Wold

Edgar Allen Bedpan 1915 - 0845

Wednesday campaign brief
This is the bash crossing the border
Bringing the rich and lower order
Champers for the toffs grog for the poor
Beer for the boys gin for the whores
The Millionaires continue their tour

Happy Flappy Pullett and Mash
Three tough birds on the lash
Sturmey Gassa Whiffy and Wanda
Four gay blades on a meander
Blaster Flossie Stretch and a Gem Stone
Gritty titty royal and Eau de Cologne
Old Sea Dog well chewed tits and teeth
Both broken and gnarled underneath
Miniature Pinky Thagoraus of Py
Flaming red beast and slender of thigh

A decrepit collection of addled brains and shit knees
Vomited by Unicorn of Stow towards Whitney

Millionaire's tour 2012 Thursday Brief
They wakey inner fornorny
All snuggle in there beds
Sum rubby eyes an yorney,
A poundin in poorly 'eads
“It’s Fursday,” someone seddy,
“You musket up, get reddy,
Vey up then jolly quicky
An almose innner flash,
Still feelin somewot sicky
Go off to join the Bash
An very sooney arfter
Dey very somewhere else,
Amid the shoutsen larfter
Outside a pubic howse.
Awl roun are many bodies
All jobby upan down,
While some with big beer poddies
Are lyin’ on the groun.
Then on that dredful ower
Mid lots of mild dismay,
There cums a serge of power:

The Milly hairs onner sway.
The Stretchy soun so cheery,
And on the drunkys ride
An sum, already weerie,
Are wish they cud bleddy hide
A Regropy wate givey breaver,
For dose who laggey hind,
While some fit eager beaver
Will see wot ecan find.
Jus den a cawl come floaty,
“I’m on a newy way,” swotit sed,
An somewhere someone gloatey
Cry “i’m avin a pish instead"
The pack once more togevver
Dare win and strength all gon,
But are dey finish? Never!
Cos Bossy Bluster cries, “ON!”
Our fartin, pantin army
Are strewn both wide and far.
They say we must be barmy!
They blubby right, they are!
Twots ride thru payne an sorrow
An no inthat tomorrow

Millionaire's tour 2012 Their leg swill ert like ell!
When arskt “ Wot maykshewdoit?”
The answer is quite cleer
The thort of cumin threw it
To a nice cool pinty beer
BUT for “pint” read “gallon”
The timey go so farst
You thort the pubby closeat ten
But nowitsteleven’arfpast!
Anso they weary uppy stares
All fuzzy in dehead
Din dins now in sink an onny chairs
An vay just want vere bed
Guestys in other rooms moany curse and dam
Their teeth are out an nashin’
Why cant they seem to unnerstan’
How fit u get from PEDAL BASHIN’
On on to 'Ornet ' Otel Chisselyden
Pissy Cacky nitey do it all again

ON ON The Ravin’ 'Atters

Friday Brief

Dedicated to Gassa


If you can hold your drink when all about you
Are losing the plot and burbling around you
If you can trust your checking when all the pack doubt you
But make allowance for their back biting too
If you can joke and not be tired by laughing
Or being whinged about (don't deal in drips)
Or being sledged by Archer without faffing
And yet don't look too fit, nor ride too quick

If you can ride - and not dream of going faster
If you can ride and not make winning your aim
If you can face Lord Stretch and Blaster
And treat those two imposters just the same
If you can bear to hear the crap they've spoken
Twisted by tossers to make a trap for fools
Or watch their bikes and bodies get broken
And stoop and build em up with worn out tools

If you can make one hunch of all your inklings
And risk it all on a short cut of rock mud and grass
And lose and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your cock and ass
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To short cut the trail long after the pack has gone
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the will which says to them "On On"

If you can pedal with front riders and keep your virtue
Or dawdle with knitters - nor lose the common touch
If neither words nor bad ass pants can hurt you
If all short cutters and front riders count with you, but none too much
If you can cheat and lie for an hour and a minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run
Yours is TVPB and everything that's in it
And what is more you'll be a true Basher my son

On On Ruddy Hard Tippling
(and his exceedingly good cakes)

That's the lot
(probably make good Andrex substitute of printed)
Tues 28th Aug 2012    F.A.R.T. change of venue    Greetings Farters, The FART ride on Tuesday 4th September will now be The Orangery Restaurant, Powderham Castle + NOT Duckaller Farm as so many Farters are away. L+H, Tonto.
Mon 27th Aug 2012    Bash "Christening"    Hi Bashers. After probably the longest and most contentious TVPB christening ceremony ever !! ~ I was eventually allowed to name Gary Clifford "Gassa", cos he works for Shell in connection with the fleet of those massive gas transporting ships i.e Q class LNG carriers. I say allowed, because yet again, I made the fatal mistake of delivering a list of possibilities, backed by a comprehensive rationale, to a throng of 20 bashers, but sadly, I failed to take into account the effect that a mixture of both alcohol & Sturmey Archer can have on these proceedings, thus creating what I now call the bash "Barabbas syndrome". Despite all of this, we got there in the end, and at the same time, had a really good laugh at the expense of the unfortunate recipient - Gary- now to be known as "Gassa". Welcome Gassa!
P.S. I hope he's glad that, in the end, Sturmey's choices were not those heaped upon him.
Ride on. Pottsie
Thurs 23rd Aug 2012    Update for Trucker's Teign Valley Treat 31st Aug to 2nd Sept    Hi Bashers, here's some more info re the Teign Valley Bash Weekend.
a) Fridays fish supper is at the Teign House Inn @ 8pm. 20 places have been reserved for the after ride fish & chip nosh. If you're not camping or riding then you are still welcome join in. Just let Trucker know beforehand.
b) The Sunday ride will start from the Teign House Inn @ the normal time 11am. Sausages &chips will be provided after the ride.
c) Please note ~ if you intend camping @ Truckers then you will need to "bring your own" food & booze.
Ride on Pottsie
Mon 20th Aug 2012    Anyone fancy watching part of the Devon stage of the Tour of Britain which passes over Dartmoor then through Ashburton and Buckfastleigh on Saturday 15th September?    Wiggo has just announced that he will be on this tour so this is our best opportunity to see our Tour de France and Olympic gold medal winner LIVE!! Suggested ride – 10.00 Meet at Greenawell Park Farm for coffee. Cycle off 10.20.
11.00 Ashburton (anyone not cycling can park in Glentor office car park)
12.30 From suitable vantage watch the Tour of Britain cycle past (there is a King of the mountains section at Dartmeet for the able bodied bashers)
1.30 Visit suitable venue for lunchtime drinkies (and if tour is on television watch finish at Dartmouth). Possibilities are The Silent Whistle or Dartmoor Lodge, (yet to be arranged)
Sometime, Cycle back to Greenawell Park Farm!
Details of the tour are now on the web
Please contact me if you are interested in this unique opportunity to see Wiggo live (anyone any good at making stick-on ginger sideburns!!)
Mon 20th Aug 2012    Change of Venue for next week's ride (Sun 26th Aug)    Hi all bashers, Please note that a decision to alter the starting place for Gary's "virgin bash ride" and christening was taken at Mustang & Dodgy's after their truly excellent curry lunch, which followed another brill cider stop @ Snotrags beautiful hostelry. We will now start from Blaster & Flossie's @ Greenawell Park Farm,West Ogwell,TQ12 6EW. Aiming for a stop at the very popular Staverton beer festival. Camping is available on Sat & Sun nights for those who would like to sample the total freedom of the good life in the shade of those incarcerated in Channings Wood . If you were unlucky enough to have missed this week @ Dunsford then this is a certainly a " must do it"~ as is Truckers on the following weekend. So let's be having you!! Ride on Pottsie
Tues 14th Aug 2012    Another Bobbiball weekend????    Please let me know if anybody is interested in staying in the Powdermills Bunkhouse near Postbridge for the weekend 28/29/30 September 2012 for off or on road cycling. Same format as Bobbiball weekend. Approx cost £50. Sleeps 26. 007766764900 or email
Sun 12th Aug 2012    Camping weekend in the Teign Valley. 31st Aug to 2nd Sept    Hi, all bashers, whether you're tarmac riders or headbangers this is a very special TVPB camping weekend that you don't want to miss ~ and it's by kind permission of Trucker & Curtains (Prowse) on their unique estate deep in the stunningly beautiful Teign Valley. What's more, it's another freebee for all bash tax payers. Here's the outline plan.
Friday 31/8 ~ If you want to, you can start by camping on Friday. We plan to have an easy ride culminating in a glorious fish supper at a local pub. However if you want to eat, you will need to pre-book your meal.
Alternatively, if you're not a "camper", you are still welcome to join the ride and have the fish supper ~ but once again I stress you will need to pre-book.
Details of timings and cost will be published when we know how many bashers are going to commit themselves to the Friday event.
Saturday 1st Sept ~ Organised rides for on & off roaders starting @ 10:30am.
Evening BBQ & cheap booze on what we hope will be a warm, dry summers night.
Sunday 2nd Sept ~ usual TVPB Sunday rides for on & off roaders. Bash grub will be provided after the rides. You may need to bring your own booze.
Camping still possible sunday night too!
This is only an outline programme. More explicit details will be published as soon as we a good idea of the level of TVPB interest and support. ~ so what we would ask you for at this time - is - will you be there and if so for what days??
Please let Pottsie know A.S.A.P. if you would like to come. Thank you.
Ride On Pottsie
Fri 10th Aug 2012    Texas Thom's videos on Youtube.    At long last I have edited the videos I took at the Forest of Dean weekend, and the Cheddar weekend! If you want to see them..... They are here.. Enjoy....( A message from Manky ..... Each link should open a new tab in your browser. Best to close the tab after you've finished watching the video so you don't end up with loads of open tabs..)

Forest of Dean best of.... Featuring... Kiwi, Jonno, Mayhem, Chris, Princess, Dan Arkle, Pete the Plumber, Scotty, Beefy, Luke, Ben, plus others... a few too many bluebells too

Forest of Dean Year 2000 run... Following Princess, and Froggy

Forest of Dean Buc-2 run... I can't work out who I am following..... Can someone help!

Cheddar... Ken and Duncan Synchronized falling...... plus pub run!.....

Les Arcs... Just some riding inside one of the big apartment blocks....
Noddy and Big Ears Charity Presentation
Sun 5th Aug 2012    OUR own Noddy and Big Ears are doing their bit for charity.    They are busy fund raising on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK, a disease that has struck a few bashers lately. Recently Mike and Linda Slade received a £284 cheque from the Coop in their Teignmouth hometown, after staff baked and sold cakes for the charity. The intrepid tandem riders are also taking part in the big prostate cancer charity ride around east Devon from Exmouth RFC on August 18, which was postponed in July because of the appalling weather. 'When some of our own members suffer from prostate cancer, it really brings it home to you how widespread it is. But early detection can give a very good chance of recovery, as RJ, Rubber and Unda, have discovered,' said Big Ears, who is only partially sighted, and is pictured here with Noddy receiving the cheque from Coop staffer Ben Shill. Photo, Teignmouth Post.
Wales Weekend Cancelled
Sadly, the camping trip proposed for the 1st and 2nd September has had to be cancelled, as Blowtorch has work commitments that weekend. There will be a ride on the Sunday though. (Probably from the Teign Valley) See the Rides list for the latest details Barnie's home!!
Barnie's back!!
Sadly, Just for a short visit, but nice to see him..... He'll be back to the sunshine soon though..... Lucky bugger!!
Sun 29th July 2012    Bobbiball Weekend 2013    Bobbiball Festival (Click the link to see the flyer) is booked for the 1st - 3rd February 2013 at Minhead Youth Hostel. It promises to be another awesome weekend of cycling, eating and drinking. The hostel is smaller than previous years. (It's wet in Minehead and the hostel has shrunk!! Ed.) A £10:00 deposit is required to secure your place so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Thanks Bothways
Sun 29th July 2012    More Info Re Aga-Khan and Mayhem's Quantocks weekend.    (Click Here to see previous info) Aga Khan has been hard at work scout-bashing today, and has found some great climbs. (and some good descents!!!)
If you're staying at the Moorhouse Farm Campsite next weekend, don't forget to book and pay a deposit to secure your pitch!
Also, The local pub (The Plough at Holford) gets pretty busy, especially at weekends, and they've advised booking a table if you're eating there.
If you're just going up for the Sunday ride, there is a car park in Holford.
So if you want to eat at the pub, let Aga Khan know, so he can add you to the table booking, or if you are just riding on Sunday, let him know so he can meet you at the car park.
Phone Aga on (Mobile) 07887 803855 or (Home) 01364 653171 for more info.
Landing at Exmouth
Mon 23rd Jul 2012    Boat Bash Pics    Thanks to BothWays, who sent us some pics of the assault craft arriving at Exmouth yesterday, and the establishment of a beach head.
F.A.R.T. ride 24th July
Hi, All Those Who F.A.R.T. Tomorrow we ride to a new venue at Duckaller Farm, off Port Road, Dawlish EX7 0NX. (Tel. 01626 863132 or 07878608095) Port Rd is off the Exeter Rd approx 2 miles from Dawlish town centre. Look for the signpost for Ashcombe/Mamhead, which is opposite St Mary's cottages. These are located beyond the new Sainsbury store, or if you're coming from Exeter, beyond the Cofton Farm camping site. Proceed up Port road for 800 metres, and then turn right down the hill to Duckaller Farm. Hoping to see you all there tomorrow.
Ride on Pottsie
Sat 21st Jul 2012    A Message from Pottsie re. the "Boat Bash" tomorrow.   
a) We plan to load bikes @ 10:30 am.
b) You will not be able to park in the S&FCC car park. You can park free in the Generals Lane parking area or street park. There is also a pay car park on beyond the Atmospheric Pub.
c) Lunch time snack food will be provided by the catering corps @ a small charge probably not more than £1:50.
Have some change to pay for this please!!
d) Try to wear something yellow 'cos it's the bash colour, & Bradley Wiggins should win the yellow jersey for the Tour de France. The first ever British winner.
Ride on Pottsie
Fri 20th July 2012    Aga Khan and Mayhem's Quantocks weekend Aug 3rd-5th    (See Latest post) Riding/camping weekend on Aug 3-5th.
Rides =
The plan is to do a cross country ride starting at 10.30 a.m. on Sat 4th August leaving from the campsite. On Sun 5th August we have the choice of either exploring more local routes or heading to Triscombe for some more great riding.
Location =
Quantocks = Moorhouse Farm Campsite, Holford, Bridgewater, Somerset, TA5 1SP.
Tel: 01278 741295
Camping prices = Tent/Camper Van/Caravan site for 2 persons £14 per night * Shower £0.50 for 5 minutes. * Hook up £2/night * Extra person on pitch £2.50 per night * Pup tent for one person £9/night * Large tent £15/night *
(So share pitches for maximum value) Facilities - hot showers, dog friendly, bike wash, picnic area etc.
It is just off A39 between Bridgewater and Minehead
WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT HOLFORD PLEASE IGNORE SAT NAV! At The Plough Inn Sat Nav will direct you off the main road to the right down Portway (narrow lane not suitable for large vehicles caravans etc). Please ignore and stay on the main road. Once you leave the 30 mile area into 50 mile area there is a brown tourist sign on your left for Moorhouse campsite 300 yards ahead on the right. At the sharp left hand bend turn right signed Lilstock and Stogursey, Moorhouse is the first entrance on your right. The Plough Inn at Holford is a ten minute walk from the campsite.
Lost a grey waterproof?
After the ride from the Star at Liverton last night, a grey waterproof cycling jacket was found in the pub. If it's yours, contact Blaster or Flossie, who've taken it home for safe-keeping.
Boatbash on Sunday.
Noddy has suggested that we could all wear yellow on Sunday to honour the Achievement of Brad Wiggins yellow jersey victory in the Tour-de-France. Let's hope we're not suffering fom premature Brad-adulation!! (sorry...couldn't resist...)
Tues 10th Jul 2012    Littlehempston needs your help!!!!    This Saturday the 14th July there is an organised cycle ride to support the campaign to get a safe route from the lanes into Totnes. Anyone interested in supporting this worthwhile, bash friendly route should look up to get the details and sign up their petition.
Sat 6th July 2012    A message from Dooty, Jelli and elder sister Debbie,    It is with great sadness that we inform you that our brother Andrew passed away suddenly at home on 4th July aged 53. Although not a Bash member he has cycled with the club on occasions and some bash members will know him through the long distance and charity rides that he entered, often on the tandem accompanied by his wife Karen. Our thoughts go out to Karen and their children George, Esther & Lottie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sat 30th Jun 2012    New Birdseye!!!    Bothways has been spending some time at home recently, and between her nursing duties, has compiled the latest edition of Birdseye. (For the more squeamish among you, we should say that there is quite a lot of medical detail!) Click on the Birdseye tab at the top of this page and select issue 17.
Thanks to Martin and Deb who sent us some pics from the Jubilee Weekend at Porlock. The picture of Mayhem shows the sign post that she broke while taking a sharp right turn on a downhill previously known as Star Wars...... Mayhem apparently had trouble avoiding the signpost, and split it in two with her arm! Tough cookies, these Arkles! In honour of her achievement, the trail has now been renamed "Struth"
Fisheye pics
Tues 26th Jun 2012    Mountain biking takes its toll!!!    Some of the headbangers have got knocked out of shape over the you can see from Spoons' photos at Cheddar a couple of weeks ago...How many can you recognise?
Sat 23rd Jun 2012    THURSDAYS IN JUNE (BUSTING OUT ALL OVER) WASHED OUT!!    So far June's Thursdays have coincided with Atlantic depressions and our lowest ever summer numbers turning up for the rides!
Bin Bag Bob had three for his ride at Clyst St Mary on the 7th. Dodgy + Mustang one and two half’s (Trucker + Snotrag rode to the pub) on the 14th. Piss Pott (who is only a member due to his relationship and charity of our CO! ) only had Blaster and part of Aunt Sally to join his ride on the 21st.
Next week on the 28th Blaster has booked a buffet for 31 people to celebrate HM Work + Pensions putting him on their books! So, never mind the weather.... Turn up for the ride at 7.00pm or get to the Union, Denbury, at 9.00pm for free grub! (Ingle + Unda please note there will be NO £1 collection!!!
Thurs 21st Jun 2012    Cheddar weekend video    Thanks to Texas, who shot some video from his headcam of the descent to Cheddar Gorge last weekend. He's uploaded it to Youtube, and you can see it by clicking on the following link!
We're hoping to get some more photos of the weekend watch this space!
Sat 16th Jun 2012    Another member for the "Clavicle Club"    Lee had a pretty serious fall on his way to work the other day and has broken an ankle, collarbone, three ribs and his helmet, as well as being concussed. He's now out of hospital, and the word is that he will make a full recovery but won't be fit for bike-riding for some time. Anna's providing nursing services at home (can you imagine?). She says that Lee isn't allowed to drink for the time being, but if anyone wants to send him a bottle or two of white wine, she'll drink it on his behalf!!
You'll be glad to hear that the bike is OK, but the sad news of course, is about the helmet. It sustained five fractures and the little chap just didn't have the strength to make it through the night.....
Anyway....Get well soon mate.....Hope you'll soon be able to get out for a beer on bash nights.
Fri 8th Jun 2012    BothWays needs your help!!!    The "summer" issue of Birdseye is in the process of being written - There have been quite a few bash weekend trips since the last issue but so far, no "write ups" about them. Please Please Please email me any information about the trips so that I can make sure that they have short write ups - Thanks Bothways
Sun 3rd Jun 2012    Bash "Christening"    Following her virgin bash ride today, Kathy Dean has been named "Nellie" by Pottsie. (After the popular song "Nellie Dean". It was written in 1905, so it may not be familiar to everyone, but Pottsie treated the Stowey Arms with a fine rendition.)
Welcome Nellie!!
Fri 1st Jun 2012    Forest of Dean Pics    Thanks to Scott and Dan, who emailed some photos of the Timmitours birthday weekend in the Forest of Dean. You can see 'em by clicking the link on the photos page
Tues 29th May 2012    Dinky Tour Pics!!!    Thanks to Mayhem, we now have some photos of the 2012 Dinky Tour. See the photos page
Headbangers at Combe Sydenham, May 2012
Mon 28th May 2012    Fun at Combe Sydenham    The head-bangers visited Combe Sydenham last weekend....It looks as if a good time was had by all....see pic.
....and apologies from Manky....I missed out the most important bit when I was editing the page yesterday....

Change of venue for FARTS ride 5th June
Hi Farters, Please note there will be a venue change for 5th June. We will now meet at Torquay Railway Station cafe~ Rather than Powderham.There is a cycle race in Torquay that day and the route goes past the station. Several regular Farters have asked for the change to be made. Ride On Pottsie
Fri 25th May 2012    "The Mystery Cat" gets his Bash Handle!!    Phil Mulligan was finally christened "McCavity" @ The Stowey Arms after the Exeter Bridges & Cycle Paths ride May 17th. Sturmey Archer selected this Bash Handle based upon what he said was, his knowledge of Phil's school days when his 2 best mates were BenDoon & BenDover (we now know these as Vinyl & Bagpuss) hence his name and role in this, then very young and active Trio, was as/ or even to/ Phil "McCavity" .
Ride On Pottsie
Redrock Brewery Bash May 31st
Noddy and Big-Ears invite you to sample the delights of their Bash Ride from the Redrock Brewery, Humber Farm, Lindridge. on Thursday 31st May @ 7pm.
This "Saddlers Well" is situated in an idyllic location surrounded by bleating sheep and right next to "Nicks Hall" The ancestral abode of the Fellipee Flops.
What's more, their real ale is only £2 a Pint. Nibbles will be provided and there will be a £1 whip.
You should be there !!!
TVPB representatives at the VTT at Les Forges, May 2012
Thurs 17th May 2012    Dinky Tour    Another wonderful tour in Brittany....The weather was perfect for cycling....Sunny and crisp. Four of the tour party rode the 55 miles or so from the ferry at Roscoff down to Rostrenen for lunch....and were joined by Dandy and Spiderman for the remainder of the ride to Cleguerec. On the second day, hard riding, but great food at our regular stop in Bubry, and on Sunday we took part in the VTT at Les Forges. (the photo is reproduced by kind permission of Richard Griffiths, who was reporting the event for a local publication.) Day four saw us riding in the Foret de Quenecan, drinking beer by the lake and riding the notorious "bollock bend". Thankfully, there were no casualties this year, but a moment's silence was observed for those who had fallen in previous campaigns. We hope to have some photos soon....Watch this space!!
Fri 4th May 2012    Update from Pottsie re. "Bridges of Exeter" ride on Thurs May 17th    Hi Bashers, Just a note to update you all regarding the Exeter bridges & cycle paths ride from the Stowey Arms, Exminster, 7pm Thurs May 17th. Firstly the route is not exactly the same as last year. This time it's slightly longer and, if it's completed the way I have planned it, we will go over or under 24 different road, rail, river or foot bridges plus one level crossing. Only two of these bridges will be crossed twice, making a grand total of 26 bridges in all. This will be a group led ride and Blaster will be in command as, unfortunately, I won't be able to get to Exminster @ 7pm. He has all the maps ~so I will see you in the pub later. There will not be enough time for a beer stop but this will be more than compensated by drinking at the Stowey ~ because their real ales are only £2:50 a pint on Thursdays. Here's hoping for a fine weather evening and a lot of bashers joining the "bridge brigade"
Ride on Pottsie
p.s. This is a nice easy route, a few slopes but no hills.
Wet ride on Woodbury
Mon Apr 29th 2012    Hard ride...but lots of chips!    Howling gales and cold driving rain for Jonno's ride on Woodbury on Sunday, but a few hardy (some would say foolish) bashers still turned up!! Five off-roaders...and a solitary road rider. Full marks to Tonto for keeping the roadies represented! Jonno had organised chips for about twenty people, but a good attempt was made to finish the lot!! see pics.
Last Thursday's ride from the Sandygate.
Hi Bashers, despite the rain & wind over 20 Bashers turned up for the 19th Birthday ride @ The Sandygate. 8 of whom were founder members of TVPB .They were Blaster,Cobbler,Trucker,Unda,Tooley,Barsteward,Mudsie & Pottsie. Results for those who rode the full course are as follows:-
Fastest Male Dandy 1hr 17 mins 4secs
Fastest Female Flossie 1hr 21mins 31secs
Best Young Rider Sam 1:32:00 (not sure about full course but good effort)

Other Good Times for the full course were posted by
Blaster 1:21:31
Manky 1:26:30
Vinyl 1:26:30
Licker 1:27:17
Unda 1:31:11
Aunt Sally 1:38:31
RJ 1:38:33

Yummy....chips!! P.S Craig(Nipper) Hickson was actually the first rider home in 1:16:00 ~BUT~ unfortunately he missed the right turn @ The Claycutters so his time did'nt qualify him for 1st.
Thankyou to all those Bashers who turned out on a very damp & windy night, hope you enjoyed the drink, food & ambience in the pub afterwards. Lets "Ride On" to our 20th birthday next year. In the meantime please note that our next total Bash event is the "Boat Bash" Sunday 22nd July which celebrates the collection of the 2012/2013 Bash Tax. So pay up, when asked, and be there for yet another Fab Bash Freebee.
Ride On Pottsie
Bash Shirts - Update
Hi guys, Greetings from Noddy
The shirts are now with me. I will be on hols from 12 May therefore I will be attending the following bash dates with your ordered shirt and some spares.
1. 1st May Decks - Shaldon
2. 10th May - Keyberry - Newton Abbot
Please indicate which is good for you, so I can bring your shirt along, Money with shirt please cash or cheque, no HP applies on the instructions of Brigadier Potts - The CO (Pottsie).
In the unlikey event you cant make any of the above dates please collect from me in Teignmouth.
HOW MUCH - Only £20 thanks to our sponsors, Braking Wind Cycles, The Landsdowne and the Glendinning group.
Ride on Noddy
Tel. 01626 775288
07889 395888
Thur 19th Apr 2012    7 Stanes pics.    Thanks to Mayhem, we now have some cracking photos of the Easter weekend in Scotland for the website. Click on the photos tab at the top of the page to see.
Snack stop on Bobbiball's ride from Dousland Mon 16th Apr 2012    A Message from Bobbiball    I would just like to apologise for the lack of food at the pub yesterday epecially as most of you had travelled a long way. Anyway many thanks for all those that made the effort - how about a barrel of beer and a BBQ next time! It was a shame that the roadies weren't very numerous, as I had laid a trail, but maybe news of a beer festival at Ideford had filtered through!!
Ride On
Sun 15th Apr    Change of venue for ride on 6th May    Ride will now be from the village car park, North Bovey. Meet at the Ring of Bells afterwards. Tripey is leading an off-road ride. Any volunteers to lead a road ride?
Tues 10th Apr 2012    Mayhem, Dusty and Snakebite's Scottish weekend    Great weekend in the Seven Stanes area riding the Kirroughtree, Dalbeattie and Mabie trails. Weather was kind to us....only a little damp at times. Trails had something for everyone, from heart-stopping rocky descents to gentle woodland singletrack. There was a plan to take in the Newcastleton trail on the way home, but the weather wasn't promising, Stonewall's van was poorly, and so only three riders made it. The local pub, The Laurie Arms, was relaxed and friendly, and made us very welcome. Good food and beer. A special thanks to Kirsty for keeping her sense of humour at all times!! There will be some photos (of both the riding and the social life) from Mayhem soon! If you were there and have some pics, please email us a couple of the best for the website! Thanks. Manky.
Thursday 26th April is TVPB's 19th Birthday ride from the Sandygate Inn, Kingsteignton
.....where it all began back in April 1993. This year we will, once again, repeat the route of the very first "Bash" ride. I will, as I did for the first time last year, organise a "Time Trial" for those Bashers interested in the thrill of the chase. HOWEVER, I'd emphasise that your participation in a timed ride is NOT MANDATORY. Bashers are, as usual, welcome to tackle all or just part of the 20 mile route, as they see fit. What I really hope we achieve is lots of riders enjoying themselves on what will be our "Incredible Bash Ride No 1919", then coming back to celebrate in the pub afterwards.
The first ride was due to start @ 6:45 in the hope that we wouldn't need to use lights. However I would advise all of those planning to ride this year to have lights. The same also goes for the following couple of Thursdays. Better safe than sorry!! If you're interested in last years report on those times acheived by the leading riders, here's a copy:

Lovely evening for a repeat run (Held on Thurs 29th Apr) of our very first Bash Ride. I know we had at least 37 riders...brilliant, considering we lost so many regular Bashers to the rugby club event.
Great that 9 of our founder members were with us. Farther, Mudsie, Unda, Poppy, Twiggy, Shortie, Bigfoot, Pottsie & Cobbler who made a special effort to be there too.
As for the timed ride of the exact original route, at least 15 did it inside Pottsie's 1hour 41 min 54 secs. First in were Pottsie jnr (pisspot) & Dandy timed @ 1hour 18min 7secs folowed by Joystick @1:19:22. Then Bagpuss & Wendy Urban (1st lady rider) @1:24:20. Beano was next 1:25:30 followed by Dave Long, Richard Powell & Flying Pig 1:26:17. First founder member home was Unda who clocked 1:26:50 along with Licker & Vinyl. Manky, Aunt Sally & Bobbiball managed 1:39:28. Well Done!
Final point to make here is that to the best of my Knowledge 6 of the first 15 are in fact "casual members" hopefully they will all take up a full subscription membership soon, and join us on a regular basis. After all its only a measly £10 p.a.!! So, as Race Director I say that the best performances came from:
1) Dandy & Unda, because of time taken relative to their age
2) Wendy, cos she was the fastest female.
3) Flying Pig, best young rider
4) Beano, for proving veggies ain't all J. Arthurs.
Pillocks Prize must be shared between Night Light & Jelli who managed to make a complete "Bobbiballs Up" of the ride.

Finally,thanks to everyone who took part. On On to next year when we will do it all again and give you a chance to redeem yourselves. Please also note that next week we aim to Ride No 2 again and Ride No 3 will be repeated the following week. This should give you the chance to prove that you are just as good or even better than the founder members.

So, will 2011's Ihr 18 min 7sec get beaten by the "speed merchants" ~ or can you do better than the time you or your peers posted in 2011??
Ride On
Fri 23rd Mar 2012    Nash Bash 2012    Nash Bash 2012 is being hosted by Berkshire All Terrain Bike Hash House Harriers...or B.A.T.B.H.H.H. for short!! Dates 22nd to 24th June at Tadley Rugby Club. Book now and it'll cost £70, but it's £80 from April 1st, so book early to save money!! You can get all the info and registration forms etc. at their website. Pottsie presents plaque to The Dartmoor Lodge Hotel
Fri 23rd Mar 2012    Award for the Dartmoor Lodge Hotel.    On "F.A.R.T 20th March TVPB presented Trevor & Diane Couchen of The Dartmoor Lodge Hotel, Ashburton with a special Plaque to thank them for the exceptional level of hospitality afforded to the Bash over a period of years. Firstly at The Great Western Hotel Exeter and now at The Dartmoor Lodge.
Besides the excellent offering of "Gratis Snacks" they also keep an impressive range of "Real Ales" that put most pubs to shame. Its always been a treat to ride from their hotels~ in fact we think they are unique as Hoteliers given the range of food and drink they offer. Hence The Hospitality Plaque to demonstate our appreciation.
Ride On Pottsie
Fancy a go at the "Jurassic Classic"
On Sunday 8th of July, starting from Exmouth, there's a sponsored road ride (either 100 km or 100 mile) in aid of the Prostate Cancer Charity. If you are interested in taking part, you can register on their website at
Tues 20th Mar 2012    Thanks from Dooty and Pane    We would like to say a big thank you to those that attended the do at Ullacombe to celebrate our birthdays. Due to the limit on numbers at Ullacombe we were unable to give an open invitation to all bashers. We funded the party ourselves so that all donations given went directly to Dartmoor Rescue Group to help fund the work they do both on Dartmoor and in urban areas, the wonderful sum of £840 was raised , How much??!
Thankyou to everyone for making it such a memorable evening, Dooty & Pane xxx

It was a seriously good do! You can see a full report (with pictures) in the latest edition of Birdseye!! Ed
Mon 19th Mar 2012    Millionaire for a day or two?    Want to Join the Millionaires in Bradford On Avon for the end of Tour Frolics Friday 7th / Saturday 8th September?
Well, why not treat yourself to a luxury weekend at the end of the Millionaires Tour of the Cotswolds at the Leigh Park Hotel for one or two nights? All the normal Bash fun, but in nice surroundings with a great dinner and good wine list, all goes to make a super mini break and along with a bit of shopping in Bath or a ride on Saturday all for £72.50 per person/night, it is an absolute snip at the price.
Inquiries to or
Mon 19th Mar 2012    Camping/Riding weekends in the next few months. (Some details from Timotei)   

Easter (April 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Steve, Ali and Ruth are organising easter weekend in Dumfries and Galloway riding the 7 Staines trails. Jo and myself are going up on Wednesday 4th April, Ruth and Debacle on the 5th and the rest arriving on the evening of the 5th Kirroughtree, Mabie, Dalbeattie are amongst the trails we’re riding.

Mayday Bank Holiday (May 5, 6, 7)
As you all might know by now Joe Arkle and Rosanna are getting married in the deepest, darkest, furthest tip of Cornwall so if anyone planning to go wants to take bikes there’s a lot of interesting historical areas to explore with Stone Circles, Standing Stones etc (Lots of things for Ruth to climb up onto!) and a host of other interesting paths to ride. All pretty easy but good fun. We plan on riding a combination of Saturday, Sunday and Monday when the main festivities aren’t taking centre stage.

Tim’s birthday weekend (May 18, 19, 20)
Forest of Dean Camping weekend, staying at the same campsite as usual £6 per person/night each nr Coleford, xc riding on Fri nt, Saturday and Sunday. Ken the Rave to provide expert local guiding.

Mustafa’s North Wales Weekend (N.B. Now early September. See rides list or contact Mustafa for up-to-date details)
Somewhere in the Snowdon vicinity, watch out for snow! See the foreigner for more details!

Cheddar Camping Weekend (June 15, 16, 17)
In its 14th year now all the usual stuff, campsite in Cheddar, bbq, pubs, pear cider, oh and awesome riding over the Mendips of course
Another cracked clavicle!!!
Spoons fell off his bike on Saturday and has broken his collar bone, so will be off the bike for a while. Probably nothing to do with the fall, but rumour has it that he had been watching the rugby at a local pub and might just have had a sip or two of cider..... Anyway, let's hope he'll be fit for Tim's Forest of Dean Weekend in May.
Sun 18th Mar 2012    New Edition of Birdseye available.    "Hot off the press" The latest collection of scandal and misdemeanour from around the Bash (Don't get this sort of thing in the CTC do ya?) A gift for voyeurs, and those who like to indulge in a little schadenfreude. Click on the Birdseye link at the top of the page and select edition 16 to see!!! Another helmet bites the dust
Sat 17th Mar 2012    Always wear a helmet. (especially when cycling!!) A warning from Blaster.    This years Cranker + Drinker made an early attempt at a different award next year! On Thursdays night ride while flying downhill trying to catch Flossie and overtaking an as yet unnamed basher (may be Henpecked?) on a junction, he was “shut out” and seeing the island kerb approaching very fast, tried to unsuccessfully jump it!!   Apart from a bruised rib and dented pride he was uninjured thanks to the fact he was wearing a helmet that took most of the impact with the tarmac! See pic.
Fri 24th Feb 2012    Our Second "Red Thai Night"    We're having our second "Red Thai Night" at the Lansdowne Inn, Dawlish on the 29th March. ~ only £3~~ yes!! only £3 i.e the price of a drink !!! Provided you are a registered bash tax payer 2011/2012 and you pay for your meal by march 26th. But~ £5 to all those who don't qualify and late payers. So please book and pay a.s.a.p., especially when approached by our designated "cash collectors", as we can only seat 50. Hopefully,this time most bashers will manage to wear something red in keeping with the theme. Come hungry! as the Barton Brothers always serve up enough for even the largest appetites with lots of variety. p.s. This is the first thursday ride after the clocks go forward so, though it will be lighter longer, you will still need lights and probably so for the next 4 weeks too.
On On
Wed 22nd Feb 2012    Off-road ride this Sunday.    Some of the SAS will be meeting at Widecombe this Sunday for an off-road if you're the kind of person who wears armour and rides on knobblies, you may want to be there!! (Normal people of course, will be meeting at the Manor Inn, Chelston, for Mash's ride :-)
Sun 19th Feb 2012    Would you like a bash email address?    We have the facility to provide email addresses for any paid-up Bashers who would like one. They would be in the form of "", and any mail sent to them can be automatically forwarded to an address of your choice. So, for instance, if you chose to have mail forwarded to a hotmail address, any message sent to the tvpb address would appear in your hotmail inbox. Your personal address would not be visible to the sender unless you replied to the message. If at some later stage, you decided that you no longer required the address, the account can be deleted, and you would no longer receive forwarded messages.
If you're interested, send an email to and let us know what address you would like your mail forwarded to, and we'll get it set up.
On On
Wed 15th Feb 2012    Easter Weekend in Scotland?    Scotland Easter Trip - Dusty and Snakebite will be riding some of the 7 Stanes trails in the Scottish borders over the Easter weekend. Mayhem is organising some self-catering / B&B accommodation for those who don't want to camp / do not have a camper van. If you are interested in coming, please contact Mayhem ASAP so that you can be included in arrangements.

Sat 11th Feb 2012    Thanks due for Bobbiball weekend.    Thanks to Anna and Lee for all the hard work they put in to make this year's Bobbiball weekend such a success. Bucktu, as always, deserves a special mention for the huge effort needed to feed the hungry horde. Ken-the-Rave, Spoons and Juicy, for the miles and miles they put in setting the rides, and there are many others who contributed in various ways. It's not always easy to say our thankyou's after the Sunday ride while everyone is in the process of stripping beds, loading bikes, showering and changing, but we know how much work is involved, and it is very much appreciated. Pottsie presents the Pub of the Year award to Sid and Mandy at the Kings Arms, Kingsteignton
TVPB "Pub of the Year" Award
Sid and Mandy from the Kings Arms at Kingsteignton, have again lifted this prestigious award! They always look after us extremely well, and the honour is well deserved. Congratulations to both of them.
Bobbiball weekend photos.
Dandy has let us have some photos of the Welsh Bicknor weekend which can be seen on the photos page. If anyone else has some good pics, please send them in to and we'll post them on the site.
Tues 7th Feb 2012    Pottsie's ride from The Exeter Inn, Clyst Honiton. 4th March    This is a repeat of the aborted Pottsie bash ride of the 11th Dec. This is a tarmac only ride. However, can I ask for a volunteer to organise something for the S.A.S/Headbangers. ~ Last time, I believe, Blowtorch was good enough to organise it from Four Firs Car park. Woodbury, and afterwards, we all met up in the Exeter Inn at approx 2pm for some very tasty roasties.~ Maybe we can do the same or similar again....Any volunteers please??

Here's thanking you in anticipation. Pottsie View from the hostel
Mon 6th Feb 2012    "WikiBash" leaked communications from Bobbiball's arctic exercise!!!    Classified media from the Welsh Bicknor weekend has come into our posession. In spite of the threat of extradition and Court Marshall, we feel that it is our duty to lift the lid on this most secret of operations. Here are some extracts from intercepted communications....

On 4 Feb 2012, at 23:55, "John Potts" wrote:





And the reply from Major Nicholls...

From: Anthony Nicholls Date: 5 February 2012 23:04:25 GMT To: John Potts Subject: Re: BASH BRIGADE ARTIC TRAINING EXERCISE


Report from front line. All men safely returned from campaign. Private Slush fell from his steed in battle but was revived by MO to the men's assistant with the aid of a digestive biscuit. Injuries were sustained to Hank's elbow (Nothing at all to do with cycling!) and Mustang Sally's knee, though both should be fit for duty shortly. Private Spiderman also took a tumble whilst performing one of the more hazardous descents, but was thankfully uninjured. Traction of bike tyres on snow and ice predictably poor, but no serious problems. How cool is off-road!!

Supplies and logistics report few problems. The brigade was superbly catered for, as usual. Food was both plentiful and delicious. However the electricity supply was intermittent. We understand that this is not unusual in these wild and disputed border regions between England and Wales.

I regret to report that a fire broke out in the kitchen on the morning of the 5th Feb, setting off the fire-alarm. The fire was quickly extinguished, but the fire-alarm could not be de-activated, and the brigade was forced to call in the specialised services of the YHA fire-alarm deactivation team. An investigation into the cause of the fire will doubtless be commissioned at some later date.

Finally, it was reported that Buktu, the brigade chef, had deserted the unit during Sunday's operations. I am pleased to confirm that he was spotted by local intelligence officers (from the Gloucester Citizen Newspaper) undertaking a solitary campaign. The evidence can be seen here

Fuller report at 2100 Thursday.

Respectfully yrs


Next Sunday's ride from Totnes. A message from Bobbiball
Could I please have a volunteer to do the road ride this Sunday or will give out maps. Maybe it would be a good to meet at the Steamer Quay car park on the other side of the river. There may be a charge for parking!
Tues 31st Jan    An Invitation from Mash.....Lunch Party (for charity) - Friday 10 February    I would love to have your company for a lunch party (with optional bike ride).
Lunch will be served at 12.30.
If you would like to take part in the Ride, please meet at my house in Torquay at 10.30.

WHY? I am doing a London to Paris cycle challenge in June, in aid of the Hope Cove Lifeboat (which has to be replaced this year and we need to raise a large amount of money to buy the new boat).
RSVP Cathy Gillard (aka Mash), For full details, email
Sun 29th Jan 2012    TVPB Annual Awards 2011    Thanks to Tonto for typing up the awards list in super-quick time and emailing it to us for publication. For those of you who couldn't make it to the Welcome Inn today, you missed a treat. Food was plentiful and Pottsie was on great form ...where does he find those jokes?'s the list....and a photo!
2011 Awards .... Th lucky winners!!

Stirrer Spoon – Julie (Fallen Woman) Ridd
Hospital Case – Ann (Mudsie) Wareham
Most Promising New Basher – Linda (Flappy) Proctor
Drinker of the Year – Ian (Blaster) Glendinning
Helping Hand – Shirley (Poppy) Ware
Engineering Officer’s Award – Nick (Blow Torch) Chandler
Pottsie’s Plinth – Anna (Bothways) Reffell
Dope Pedlar – John (Unda) Ware
Tandem Award – Stuart (Stretch) Munday + Irene (Diamond Lil) Agass
Special Achievement Award – Dick (Sticky Dicky) Owen
Mike Wareham Memorial Glide Award – Female – Cathy (Mash) Gillard, Male - Antony (Dandy) Nicholls
Best Bash Pub – The Dartmoor Lodge Motel, Ashburton (Trevor + Diane) + The Kings Arms, Kingsteignton (Sid + Mandy)
Head Banger Crasher of the Year – John (Debacle) Arkle
Crasher of the Year On Road – Andrea (Flossie) Wallace
Most Disasterous Ride – Jo (Bobbiball) Bassett
Best All Rounder – Jack (RJ) Smith
Green Badger Zero Award – Chris (Faggots) Brains
Best Off Road Head Banger Scout Basher – Stuart (Spiderman) Blundell
Best On Road Scout Basher – John (Pottsie) Potts
Cranker of the Year – Ian (Blaster) Glendinning.
Muddy Donna!
Mon 23rd Jan 2012    Pub Food ... There's no such thing as a free lunch!!! (Unfortunately)    If you choose to eat the food provided by the pubs on bash rides, you may be asked to pay a small contribution i.e. £1 or £2. So, if asked for, this will be a mandatory charge - not negotiable. This is purely because Thursday rides no longer get the support they used to enjoy in the "heady days" of the 31 club. Currently we are lucky if 20 turn up, and even then, they don't drink anything like as much as the "original dark night riders" did. Also we have to accept that traditional small pubs are struggling to make ends meet and they are, contrary to some bashers belief, not making a fortune out of one pint of beer & a glass of wine, which is all that so many of us now drink in the host pubs. Please note the same payment principle also applies to pub food on Sunday rides too!!
Ride on.
Info. re. Bobbiball weekend.
Our scouts have been spying out the ground for Bobbiball's weekend at the Welsh Bicknor YHA hostel. We understand that Sat-Nav systems may be unreliable when navigating to the hostel, so it's a good idea to check the directions on the YHA site from the link above. The lane down to the hostel is long, narrow and steep, has a hairpin bend in it and there's limited parking at the hostel, so don't be tempted to take large vehicles down there. There's space at the Goodrich Cricket club for camper vans, but if you want to stay there, please check with Anna first, so she can book you a place.
Fri 20th Jan 2010    Off-Road ride this Sunday    For the headbangers, there will be an off-road ride from the Kestor Inn, Manaton, this Sunday (22nd Jan)
Wed 18th Jan 2012    Spiderman's Austria Photos    It's been a long wait.....................but we now have Spiderman's Austrian photos for you to enjoy! Have a look at the photos page and click the link.
Tues 17th Jan 2012    An opportunity has arisen!!!!    A hostel place has unexpectedly become available for Bobbiball's weekend at the Welsh Bicknor Youth Hostel (3rd - 5th February and for the amazing sum of £55:00). There's no guarantee about either the weather, or who you'll end up sharing a room with, but the food and the riding (there is both on and off-road riding available) will be great, of course, and the social life may be spectacular.... Don't miss this chance.... Contact Bothways as soon as poss. to book your place!!!
Sun 1st Jan 2012    New Edition of "Birsdeye" available.    All things come to those who wait.... Edition 15 of Birdseye has now been published. Hard hitting investigative journalism at its best... and all without the aid of telephone tapping, paparazzi, or voicemail hacking!! Spiderman on Dartmoor
Sun 1st Jan 2012    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE BASH BRIGADE    Welcome to 2012. I hope that this is a Very Happy & Healthy new year for all Bashers whether they be ~ Headbangers/S.A.S. i.e "special amoured squad", Tarmac Invasion Troops or those in the F.a.r.t. Force.
2012 is the 19th year of the Bash and hopefully we will continue to offer a Bash Rides Programme that offers both challenge & enjoyment in the company of other like minded "social cyclists" and drinkers.
Our first Brigade event is the 2011 Oscars on the 29th January, followed by the Bobbiball weekend 3rd-5th February.
However its still imperative that everybody is prepared to volunteer to go organise a ride sometime in 2012 to support Captain Tonto in the difficult task of Bash Scout Mistress. If you need help please ask for it!
Ride On Pottsie
Xmas Bash photos.
We've managed to get some photos of the Christmas Bash.... Many thanks to Mrs D'Harrows, Juicy and Unda for sending them. Click on the "photos" tab at the top of the page to see.
Change of venue for FART's ride 3rd Jan
Owen Hargreaves the owner of Moorish Cafe, Ashburton has telephoned me to tell me that Moorish will now be closed on Tuesday 3rd January. As a result we will have to transfer our meeting place to The Dartmoor Lodge Hotel ~ Sorry - Pottsie