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If you like the idea of cycling and would like to join us, please see the "New Members Start Here" item on our Homepage for a guide.
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Sat 28th Dec 2013    Roll-Up Roll-Up!! Last chance for Bobbiball weekend upgrade..    The hotel upgrade for the Bobbiball weekend (See details previously posted here) is only available for a couple more weeks before the hotel puts the cost of the rooms up to full price. We still have available 1 single, 1 double and 2 twin rooms if anyone is interested in this great deal - If interested please contact Anna ASAP so that she can make necessary arrangements.
Sun 22nd Dec 2013    A Message from Bothways    Hi - If anyone has any articles/pictures or gossip for Birdseye could you please email them to Bothways a.s.a.p., as Birdseye is being written now - Thanks
Fri 20th Dec    Re-arranged ride on 29th Dec    Bobbiball's ride on Sunday 29th Dec has been postponed. Aunt Sally has volunteered to lead a ride from the Ship Inn at Cockwood, but he does need someone else to plan the off road. Please get in touch with Pottsie or Aunt Sally if you can help.
Fri 13th Dec 2013    Update on this Sunday's Ride (15th Dec)    The off-road ride this Sunday will now start from Steps Bridge.
potts set in stone Another mystery concerning the previous life of our glorious leader :-
I have found this obvious signature "set in stone" in Singapore & I believe it originates from the time of the Japanese occupation of the island during WW II.
Now this raises a couple of questions,
Was he a leader in the great yellow peril & in charge of the working party?
Argument for this is his obvious cruel authoritarian style of command & those slitty eyes which instill so much fear into his troops.
Was he a prisoner of war & forced to endure a life of slave labour during these awful times?
Argument for this is his emaciated build, gaunt features & his ability to hit the deck at a moments notice as was necessary to pay respect to the devilish sons of Nippon oppressors.
What's the answer ? How can we discover the truth? Is Bed Pig his Comfort Woman & does she need freeing from a life of oppression? I will carry on investigating despite the debilitating heat, humidity & widespread dangers from many Tigers. i will be visiting Agent Wong in Hong Kong next week which may provide more clues from the Mystic Orient.
On On
Commander Hatrack, James Hatrack Double O Devon
Blaster's helmet
Mon 9th Dec 2013    Advice from Blaster    After another little fall navigating Jetty Marsh Roundabout at speed in excess of the autumn road conditions I smashed up another helmet and sustained only minor injuries! So, as a crash dummy, these tests prove you should always go out protected!

Health and Safety Advice.
It cannot be overstressed that Blaster is constucted from the same material as the eponymous hero played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator II" It is said that he can only be destroyed by being dropped into the molten core of Mount Doom in Mordor! Mere mortals like you and I are not so durable. Do not try to emulate his feats at home!!
Liquor_store Menswear_store Skeletons in the cupboard??????
We've been sent (from a secret source) some photographs which raise questions about the good names of several of our foremost bashers! The photographs were taken whilst "strolling" in the Red Light District of an Australian city by our correspondents, who can only be identified by their code names "Noddy" and "BigEars". Could it be that the wealth of the Potts and Glendinning empires was generated from the rag trade and booze? Are Pottsie and Blaster the progeny of transported criminals? Even more interesting...... what on earth were Noddy and Big Ears doing in the Red Light District of Sydney???? Naughty Noddy! Naughty Big Ears! (Hope you had fun though!!)
Thurs 5th Dec 2013    A message from Pottsie re: the Teign Estuary Trail campaign.    As you know TVPB are supporting the Teign Estuary Trail campaign. By getting 6000 signatures on a petition, we can force Devon County Council to debate this item and put on their agenda.
We currently have over 90 registered Bash names so if 50 bashers got ONLY 20 signatures each then we could contribute 1000 names to the petition. But we need to do it quickly. We need the 6000 signatures by 31st December 2013!!
The completion of the Trail is vital, not only to create jobs and provide a much needed economic boost, but also to develop a safe and healthy resource that walkers, nature lovers, families, young children, the disabled, the older generation and cyclists can use together for now and future generations.
the e-petition is now live and you can sign using the following link
The online form asks for your address and then it also asks for Address Format. In this box just put your address again please. This petition can ONLY be signed by people who live, work or study in Devon. i.e. if you live in London your signature will not be accepted by County Hall. There is a text error in one box. Devon are aware of this and will change it soon but we need to get started now !
Ride on Pottsie
Mon 2nd Dec 2013    VIP option for Bobbiball weekend!!!    Can you imagine the Bobbiball weekend combined with 3 star comfort? - well this is now on offer! we have an exclusive package "upgrading" from the Youth Hostel to a 3 star hotel in Exford within 3 minutes walk from the hostel itself. The accommodation is bed only in the Crown Hotel with all food (including breakfasts) provided at the hostel. This extra comfort combined with all the fun, beer and food provided at the Bobbibal festival is at an amazing cost of only £69.00 per person - the hotel website is We only have limited places available for a short period of time at this great price so to avoid disappointment, please email me ASAP so that I can reserve the required places and forward payment details. Thanks. Anna.
Fri 15th Nov 2013    Xmas Bash!!    The Christmas Fancy Dress ride will start from the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club on Sunday 22nd December. Stirrup cup will be served from 10:30 & there will be refreshments and singing on route. We'll have a pub stop with Roasties or Chips then back to Starcross for 1:45 and plenty of Bargain Booze to wash down the traditional 3 Course Bash Lunch, followed by a Disco. All this for £10 (£12:50 for guests) HOW MUCH???. SO ~ Pay to Book your place A.S.A.P. cos only 70 can be seated in the dining room. Bookings after No 70 will have to eat their meal in the bar. Let's be having you. Pay Pottsie, Sticky, Unda, Mudsie or Blaster.
Protest riders assemble at Teignmouth
Mon 11th Nov 2013    Teign valley protest attracts hundreds of riders.    TVPB were very well represented at a protest ride highlighting the need for a dedicated cycleway in the Teign valley yesterday. The ride was joined by hundreds of local cyclists and caused long tailbacks on the A381 for a time.
The Mayoress was in attendance to offer her support... ably assisted by Pottsie and his bugle!!!
Mayday and friends did a grand job of shepherding the group along the route. Let's hope the message gets though and that the new cycleway will be under construction soon!! Mayoress at protest
Sun Nov 3rd 2014    Pics of Lord Stretch and Diamond Lil's wedding celebration ride    Excellent turnout for today's ride. Many thanks to the Happy Couple for organising the ride and barbeque (and providing booze!!!), The Duckaller Farm team did a grand job of feeding the hungry horde too. Evie and Noddy (Thanks chaps!) have both sent us some pics which you can see by clicking the link on the Photos page
Fri 25th Oct 2013    Bin Bag Bob's Annual "Booze Cruise" 2013 BROWN ENVELOPE!    To avoid postal charges please consider this as your 'Brown Envelope' from BBB & Co.
The 2013 annual 'booze cruise' to Roscoff. 20th Year!
Depart Plymouth Friday 29th November 20:45, arrive Roscoff 08:00 Saturday 30th.
Return: dep. Roscoff Saturday 30th 20:30 and arrive Plymouth 08:00 Sunday 1st.
Cheap fares now on Brittany Ferries website and tokens in the local press.
Hope to see you there, any queries or further info then name and address to me on the back of a twenty euro note!
Dartmoor Way Website launched.
There is now a website detailing the Dartmoor Way Cycling route, 95 miles in total, which is a mixture of on and off-road riding completely circumnavigating the moor. The maps are downloadable in .pdf format.
It would be a lot to do in a day, but could be a very pleasant two or three day ride with an overnight stop or two! Website is
Thanks to Blaster for the info.
Wed 23rd Oct 2014    Bothways wants you to get your kit off!!    TVPB calendar - Birdseye hope to produce a bash 2014 calendar in the style of the "calendar girls" (but not limiting it to just the female bashers) this would make a super Christmas stocking filler for anyone, with all profits to the leukaemia research charity. For this to become a reality Bothways is still 10 pictures short ! So come on bashers, get those pictures in ASAP, but remember modesty must be protected with suitably sized objects i.e. fruit/veg /beer barrels! Remember... a biking theme must be included in the picture.
Fri 18th Oct 2013    Photo of Aged Fart Bashers    F.A.R.T. 15th October:- here is a moving picture of all our older Fart Bashers enjoying themseves in the sunshine @ Dean Court farm Shop, Buckfastleigh with carers Flossie & Eve. They say it's really nice that our older Bashers are so very grateful for all their attention, and they do seem to get so much enjoyment from being out & about together, which makes it very rewarding. Pottsie.
A nice day out!

Dhobi-Man's naming Bash Carvery & Christening
Thursday 17th October: the Bash Nosh Carvery @ the Welcome Inn Dawlish Warren was enjoyed by 45 hungry Bashers ~ tip top company, plenty of nice grub and all in all an excellent value event for only £2 provided you're a Bash Tax payer. Pottsie took the opportunity (Sturmey being absent) to officially Christen Phillip Cunningham with his Bash Handle. He will be known as Dhobi Man ~ because he is one of those responsible for maintaining the large and ageing RD&E hospital laundry. Why Dhobi ? it's because it's the Indian Word for laundry/washing. Photo shows Dhobi Man being warmly welcomed to the Bash fraternity by Pottsie...
The Bridges of Newton Abbot
If you've been on a Pottsie Exeter Bridges Ride and enjoyed it, then this Sunday's Ride starting from the Newfoundland Way Car Park, Newton Abbot is one you should'nt miss. Sturmey & Blaster aim to ride, under or over, more Rail, Road & River Bridges than Pottsie did yet in approx the same riding time and within a similar distance. The route will also be suitable for K & S troops. After the ride the "Sadlers Well" will be the Dartmouth Inn, East St. Hope to see you at the start !!
Ride Sunday 17th November
Aga Can will be organising an off road ride on Sun 17th Nov-from The Star Inn Liverton. Volunteer required to plan the On Road Route. Pottsie will organise the Knitting & Sewing section.
The Royal Wedding
Sun 6th Oct    Royal Wedding... T.V.P.B. Exclusive!!    The TVPB paparazzi have scooped a photo of the wedding of the year. (Eat your hearts out "Hello" magazine!!) Lord Stretch and Diamond Lil have tied the knot at last. They scrub up rather well don't they?

You will get the chance to congratulate them in person if you're at the Duckaller Farm ride on the 3rd of November, but until then, very best wishes to them both.

If you are going to the Duckaller Farm ride, Lord Stretch and Diamond Lil will be providing some refreshments, but it would be appreciated if you could let Pottsie know if you will be in attendance so he has an idea of numbers. P.S. If the weather is bad the event will be held undercover in the Barn.

Le Grand Depart
Smudger Sun 29th Sept    Red Rock Brewery. Bryan Smith's Inaugural Ride.    Thanks to Bryan Smith for setting a fine ride today from The Red Rock Brewery, and organising some nosh for the ravening hordes. Pottsie has named him "Smudger". I'm sure he will be relieved that Pottsie didn't adopt Sturmey's suggestion of "Bishop Basher"!! It was Eve's birthday today too... As is traditional on these occasions, she had one too many diet cokes and found herself unexpectedly in a hedge.. still on her bike! No damage done though, and we were very pleased to help her eat her birthday cake after the ride. Happy Birthday Eve!
Fri 27th Sept 2013    Carvery Night at The Welcome Inn. A message from Pottsie.    Hi all you Hungry Bashers,
On Thursday 17th October we have organised a "Special Event". A Raucous Carvery Roast for Ravenous Thursday night Carnal Carnivores (with a vicarious variant for Vegans).
This will be held @ The Welcome Inn Dawlish Warren after the normal Thusday night Bash Ride starting from 8:30pm. ~ and best of all it's only going to cost Bash Tax payers just £2. Please note you don't have to ride to eat but you must book your place and accept that you will pay us the £2 even if you fail to turn up!!
Many of you will already have sampled this pub's Carvery Roast so you already know it's OK.... and at this price it's a must for value. To participate in this event you must have paid your Bash Tax! I and several other TVVAT's will be collecting your £2's and compiling a Noshers list at all Bash rides up to the Tuesday 15th October ~ this will be the very last time you can book and pay!!
If you can't get to Bash ride before then but still want to come phone or email Pottsie (01626 865159 /07425136042) It's now only 3 weeks away so don't hang about!
Ride On.. Pottsie.
Piss-up in a brewery
Wed 25th Sept 2013    Tour of Britain pics.    Thanks to Bryan Smith for the above photos of the Bash gathering at Haytor on Friday. The Tour of Britain stage finish attracted crowds of spectators.. including our very own RJ.... who appeared extremely patriotic in his Union Jack suit.
For those of you with Facebook accounts, there is some really good video footage (Taken from one of them there "Quadracopter" thingies I think) of the Tour riders going up the Teign Valley road past Truckers field. See the link posted by Joystick on the TVPB group page.
Piss-up in a Brewery...
Blaster's ride from Greenawell Park Farm last Thursday had a halfway stop at the Hunters Brewery near Ipplepen. Thanks to Dandy for this pic of Bagpuss and friends... all looking a little fuzzy at the edges. (Not quite sure whether caused by the beer or the photography!)

Mon 16th Sept 2013    Lost some specs?    A pair of cycling specs was left at the Carpenters Arms last Thursday. If they are yours, contact Bagpuss to arrange return.
Bash Crashes
Fallen Woman took a nasty tumble off her bike recently, and was somewhat bruised and bloodied. (see item on our Facebook page) There were a few accidents on Thursday's ride too. Rent Boy crashed and broke his collar bone, and after that, both Jed and David also crashed! Lots of blood, cuts and buckled wheels. Best wishes to all for a speedy recovery. Let's hope for a quiet ride next week!!!
Rent-Boy Picnic
Sun 8th Sept 2013    Bash "christenings"    Michael Foundly set his first bash ride on Thursday, and was named "Rent-Boy" for his trouble! (something to do with him being an estate agent if you were wondering...)
Welcome Rent-Boy!
And on Sunday, Paul Harvey led an elite band of off-roaders on Haldon for his inaugural ride. He'd already been named "picnic" from his old bash group. (On account of his penchant for a mid-ride sandwich, and providing jelly babies!) So "Picnic" he remains. (sounds as if he's a good chap to stick around!) By the way, he's the one wearing what Pottsie likes to call a cravat!!

Wed 4th Sept 2013    Off-road ride this coming Sunday (8th Sept)    The off-roaders will be led by Spiderman & Paul Harvey and will start from the Haldon Belvedere car park (Same starting point as Mustang and Dodgy's ride on the 4th Aug) Scroll down the page to here for directions. This time we'll be heading back to the New Inn at Alphington though.
As Paul is a "Virgin Basher" this event may also trigger a TVVAT's vote for a Christening.

Fri 30th Aug 2013    Birdseye Summer edition now available!    All the latest gossip from the Bash. Click on the Birdseye tab at the top of the page and select issue 20 to see.
(The exhibitionists among you may be interested in Bothways' proposal to produce a Bash Calendar along the lines of the famous WI "Calendar Girls") A cycling theme obviously.... so what will you use to cover your modesty??
A section of the new bridge to be placed across the river Clyst at Topsham
Wed 28th Aug 2013    Bin Bag Bob first to ride New Bridge!    One for Pottsie, a new bridge he will not have been on! It's part of the new bridge across the river Clyst at Topsham.
Only trouble it's still on the canal bank at Exeter!
The bridge sections are being assembled on the canal bank then taken (four sections) down the canal, across the Exe and up the Clyst, then jacked up on to piers.
Brilliant bit of engineering and logistics.
Must arrange a ride on it as soon as it's open.... We always get on it first.
Death of popular local landlord.
Sad to report the passing of Roy Wheeler on Sunday 25th August 2013. Roy was landlord of our popular Thursday night pub, The Crown + Sceptre, in St Marychurch, Torquay. He was the longest serving landlord in Torbay. He was a real local character and will be sadly missed by us all.
Mon 19th Aug 2013    Sad News    For those of you who weren't aware, Kevin(Aga Khan)Hallett's wife Tracey passed away last Sunday after a long illness. The funeral is to be held on Friday 23rd Aug, and there will be a wake at the Dartmoor Lodge Hotel, Ashburton at 2pm. Kevin would welcome any bashers who would like to attend. (Informal dress.)
Rubber's 77th birthday ride.
Mon 19th Aug 2013    Rubber spends his 77th birthday riding the Nut Cracker.    Happy Birthday to Rubber, who was out with the off-roaders yesterday. Picture by Mayhem.
Fri 16th Aug 2013    Off-road ride on 1st September.    The OFF Road will meet on Haldon in the redundant Cafe car park [Was Happy Eater] North Bound Carriageway A38 to Exeter 11am. Road ride will start from the Anchor at Chudleigh Knighton.
Fri 16th Aug 2013    Bothways and Allways charity ride.    Anna and lee completed the 100 mile Jurassic classic cycle with 2780m of climbing in 7hr 52 mins and 55 seconds - it was a tough but really nice cycle. Thanks to all who sponsored us - our just giving page is if anyone else wanted to support our charity ride for prostate cancer
Fri 9th Aug 2013    Ride this Sunday 11th Aug    A late entry for this Sunday's ride. Lord Stretch will lead a road ride from the Shipwrights Arms at Shaldon. The off-road ride will be led by Plugger. (Armpads advised as some of the trails are quite brambly at the minute)
A message from BinBagBob ref next Tursday's ride from the Stowey Arms.
Just a thought. I was out planning our ride on Tuesday and by 21h00 it was getting a little dimpsy. By next Thursday, the evenings will have drawn in a bit more, so it's probably advisable to have lights.
Butchers Arms closed!
Unfortunately, the Butchers Arms at Abbotskerswell has closed, so the ride on the 29th August (provisionally) will now be from the Lord Nelson at Kingskerswell. The rides list will be updated if there are any further changes.
Bike for sale.
bike for sale Bianchi Nirone 7
Just over one year old, size 59cm alloy frame carbon forks. Tiagra shifters and mechs.
Asking price £650 o.n.o.
call Jonno on 07817 019540 or email

Tues 6th Aug 2013    Camping weekend in the Forest of Dean. Sept 2013    Juicy, Spoons and Ken the Rave are organising a camping weekend in the Forest of Dean on the 14th and 15th Sept. See the flyer here. The countryside is beautiful and the trails are plentiful!

Camping at Rushmere Farm. Only £6 per person per night!!
Rushmere Farm. Crossways, Coleford GL168QP (01594) 835319

FRIDAY: Evening ride starting at 6PM Finish at Gamekeepers inn, Five Acres, Coleford. GL16 7QN
SATURDAY: All day ride from 10AM: Lunch/Cider stop at the Boat Inn, Penallt
SAT EVE/ DINNER: BBQ!! (BBQ's supplied on campsite, but bring charcoal, food and firewood (Fires permitted in BBQ's only) or pub if weather's crap!
SUNDAY Riding at 10:30
All riding is off-road unless anybody wants to lead a road ride.
Your ride leaders are Spoons and Ken the Rave YEAH BABY!!
Contact us to let us know if you're planning to come along. We need an idea of numbers so we can let the campsite know.
Email Lucy
SPOONS MOBILE: 07857630940
LUCY MOBILE: 07738719900
HOME NUMBER: 01600 716898

Sat 3rd Aug 2013    Off-road ride tomorrow (4th Aug)    The off-roaders are going to meet on Haldon in the lay-by/carpark just below Belvedere (Lawrence Castle) For those with Sat-Navs, I think the nearest Postcode is EX6 7QY, and for those with handheld GPS Devices, the grid ref is SX 87598 85894. We'll head back down to Dawlish for the BBQ after the ride.

Fri 3rd Aug 2013    Jurassic Classic.    Bothways and Always are doing the Jurassic Classic 100 mile road ride on Sunday 11/08/2013. The route is going to be very lumpy going from Exmouth - Sidmouth - Lyme regis - Honiton - Cullompton - Exeter - Exmouth. Proceeds are in aid of the Prostate Cancer charity. If anyone fancies sponsoring us, we have a Just giving page .
Sat 28th Jul 2013    Bobbiball Weekend 2014... A message from Bothways.    We have just noticed that the date was wrong on the original flyer sent out for Bobbibal weekend - sorry - Flyer has now been updated with the correct date of the 7th - 9th February. if anyone has given us the deposit and cannot make it we will refund it. If people are still wanting to go, places are going fast, so get that deposit to us with an email confirming £10:00 deposit a.s.a.p. Please contact Bothways for details of payment methods.
Sat 20th Jul 2013    Ride from Duckaller Farm on Sunday 4th August.    Hi Bashers,
The ride on 4th Aug will be followed by a Barbie which will include some alcoholic drinks provided by the Bash. If you have paid your "Bash Tax" it will cost you £3. Visitors or any others will pay £6 plus £1 for each drink. If the weather is a problem we will use their barn. Pottsie will plan the tarmac ride~it may well be that "off roaders" would be better off starting from Haldon and joining us at Duckaller about 2pm.
Can we have a volunteer to plan & lead the off roaders. It is important that I have some idea of how many of you will be coming to the Barbie so that I can organise the food & drink we will need. So can you please let me know if you are going to be there A.S.A.P.
Thanking you in anticipation~
Bagpuss hits 40!!
Fri 12th Jul 2013    Happy Birthday Bagpuss!!!    Bagpuss has now reached the ripe old age of 40.

The poor bloke had to endure three performances of "Happy Birthday" sung by the bash!! His hearing will probably never be the same again!

Thanks to Eve for the pictures, which you can see by clicking the link on the photos page
Update on Sunday's ride (July 14th) from Bittaford
For the mountain bikers, there will be an off-road option, led by Blaster. It's a great starting point for getting up onto the moor, and the weather forecast is looking good!
New "Birdseye" out soon!!
Bothways is compiling the latest edition of Birdseye, and would like contributions from Bash members. So if you have a good story, joke, recipe, photo, or indeed anything to contribute (Anything embarrassing is usually very welcome!), please contact Bothways.
Wed 10th Jul 2013    BobbiballFest 2014!!    Yup... It's coming around to that time of the year when we start thinking about next year's Bobbiball extravaganza!!

This time we're returning to Exford, nestled in the Exmoor hills. A weekend of awesome riding, eating and drinking! Bothways has sent us a flyer which you can see here

It's a small hostel, so early booking is advised to secure your place!!!
Plugger taking a dip in the river at Fingle Bridge
Sun 7th July 2013    Summer's arrived!!!!    A Blazing hot day for Dodgy and Mustang's ride from Dunsford... So hot that Plugger decided to cool off in the river at Fingle Bridge. Excellent off-road ride, and great food at Mustang's place afterwards. ..... and Andy Murray fulfilled a long held ambition to win the Wimbledon Tournament.
Next Sunday's ride from Blackadon Farm, Bittaford.
Little Pinky is going to provide BBQ facilities and some salads etc. after the ride on Sunday, so bring something to drink and something to throw on the Barbie! He'd like you to let him know if you're coming too, so he's got an idea of quantities required? Email
Directions – Please do not rely on Sat Nav.
From Exeter take the A38 Expressway towards Plymouth. After the junction for South Brent. Take the slip road sign posted ‘Plymouth Park & Ride’. Turn right back over the A38 and then take a left at the T-junction. After 200m turn right (just after the Wrangaton post office). Drive up the hill and turn left at the staggered crossroad. After one mile turn right into Moorhaven Village just after the Gate Lodge.
From Plymouth take the A38 to Ivybridge. Take the B3213 and follow signs for Bittaford. In the Village of Bittaford turn under the last arch of the viaduct before driving up the hill taking the third left into Moorhaven Village (just before the Gate Lodge).
Mon 24th Jun 2013    Bash Naming at Red Rock Brewery    Nicky Dykes' first ride and naming was a very civilised affair, largely due to the absence of the Machiavellian Sturmey Archer and with some timely intervention from Pottsie.
The usual quota of dubious suggestions (We understand that the prime offenders in this respect were Debacle and Hatrack) were dismissed by Master of Ceremonies Blaster and the gathered Bashers finally elected for 'Patchy'. Partly in view of Nicky's penchant for purple and also because a patch is very useful to 'Plug' a hole.
She's very relieved!
Wed 12th Jun 2013    Dartmoor Classic Marshalls Needed    Ken Robertson ( is looking for help with the marshalling of the Dartmoor Classic on Sunday 23rd June. Various locations and times. Please email Ken if you can help out and want to find out more. £25 vouchers for Colin Lewis in reward.
Via Steve Farmer (Aka SmallHolding)
Photos of Timotei's Cheddar weekend.
Courtesy of Martin and Deb (AKA MnD Photography), we've got some cracking pics of Tim's Cheddar weekend. Click the link on the photos page to see
Thurs 23rd May 2013    Tweedledee and Kwikfit's Bristol to London Bike Ride.    Just to let you know that Kwikfit and I completed our 121 mile ride just after 12.30pm on Sunday after an overnight stop at Reading. We'd coped with:-
1. 100+ walkers on the canal towpath near Devizes - do they leave their ears and brains at home?
2. a blowout between Marlborough and Newbury - thank goodness for our support team ... Tweedledum!
3. merging with a cycling time trial between Reading and Maidenhead - everyone passing us at a rate of knots - not surprisingly!
4. a second blowout at Hammersmith Broadway.
Many thanks to the bashers who've donated - we now have £300+ for Prostate Cancer U.K. If you would like to donate please go to where, as a tax payer, your donation will be worth more.
Thanks for the support from the club.

Pottsie's Exeter Bridges Ride
Sat 18th May 2013    Pottsie's Exeter Bridges Ride    First let me say Thankyou to the 27 Bashers who supported my annual "Novelty Exeter Bash" and their kind comments after the ride in the pub (Great Chips) . It makes all the time & effort put into planning it worthwhile.
So - Here are the Facts :- The ride was 18 plus miles long and it took us a full 2 hrs to complete with No Pub Stop! There were 39 Bridges/Crossings + 1 level crossing: 9 of which are UNDER though in fairness No 3 was an Archway and No's 27 & 30 were under footbridges. Of the 30 crossings OVER No's 4,5,7,& 9 were minor crossings and No's 2 & 39 were the same bridge repeated.
If I'm spared I'll try to do even better in May 2014 with a variation of Thursday's route. One regret about last night's Bash is that we only had 5 soldiers of the "other kind" ~ Mustang, Mudsie, Dooty, Flossie & Big Ears. Despite the fact that this Bash is never totally "fast & furious" and is meant to appeal to no tails and the K & S troops.
Finally I'd like to say that "novelty Bash rides" are always welcome as they make a change from our normal format. So if you've got an idea for something that's a bit different or new then don't be frightened to book a date and try it!!
Sun 12th May 2012    Next Sunday's ride from the Shipwrights Arms at Shaldon    Lord Stretch and Diamond Lil are setting a road ride, Plugger will lead an off-road route.
Wed 8th May 2013    Plugger has set up a Facebook page for the Bash.....    which has 43 members already! This should allow bashers the facility to communicate directly with each other and share information on rides and events and also to post photos. It also includes a link to the website... hopefully it will prove useful to all, though one has to be on Facebook to access the group. Just log on to Facebook and search for Teign Valley Pedal Bashers.
Fri 26th Apr 2013    Fancy a try-out on a 29er??    The Bike Shed are doing a demo day up at Haldon this weekend (Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm) where you can try out 29ers of various makes, and also some £600 hardtails. you can get details at their website at, or from their Facebook Events page
Sun 21st Apr 2013    Scoop!!! Donna and Sanders engaged!!    Hello magazine will be gutted... You heard it here first. We hear that Mad (Donna) and Sanders who may not be familiar to all of the road riders, but are well known to all the Green Badgers and those of a muddy disposition, have announced their engagement. Very best wishes from us all.
Just giving to good causes....
C'mon chaps... dig deep in your pockets and support Debacle and Tweedledee, who are both doing long rides in order to raise money for very worthwhile charities. Debacle is cycling a 500 mile route across the Pyrenees on the famous Camino Frances Pilgrim route raising money for "Medic Malawi" which provides healthcare and education for a community in Malawi. Tweedledee is cycling with her son Ian from Bristol to London to raise money for prostate cancer research. Visit their "justGiving" pages to donate. Debacle's page here, and Tweedledee's page here.
Sat 20th Apr 2013    Stephen Lee Farmer's Christening. A Report from Blaster    Pottsie had given me strict order that Steve would be named SLEEFER from letters in his name. Unfortunately the naming ceremony was hijacked by the bashers present (led by Sturmey Archer) and it was decided by democratic vote that Steve becomes SMALLHOLDING (I think a type of Farmer... not what is under his Lycra pants!) At one stage he was nearly TITMASTER due to being a teacher of IT! I have informed our CO that I found it impossible to obey his order due to a mutiny!
Thanks to Nightlight for the pic.
Fri 12th Apr 2013    Easter weekend in Wales    Just a couple of pics here, but you can see more on Mayhem's and Faggots' Facebook pages... Great weekend. Some snow on the trails at Machynlleth and Penmachno (which made staying upright challenging at times), but the Coed y Brenin trails all clear. Thanks to Mayhem for the pics. Easter 2013 weekend in Wales
Lost a helmet?
Licker and Dooty found a cycle helmet (Grey with "Bad Boy" logo) at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising club after the birthday celebrations on Sunday. If it's yours, give Licker (Stuart) a call on 07771 966129 to arrange return.
Tues 9th Apr 2013    A message from Sticky Dickie    Many thanks to Pottsie for organising the wonderful surprise party on Sunday with special thanks to Poppy, Bed Pig , Diamond Lill, Mash, Fallen Woman and anyone else for laying on the excellent spread . Also to thank so many bashers for turning up to make it a special occasion for Bed Pig and myself.
Sticky. =
Tues 2nd Apr 2013    New Tuesday evening F.A.R.T.s list.    Aunt Sally has arranged a programme of rides for Tuesday evenings which you can see by clicking here, or following the links from the rides tab at the top of the page.
Fri 22nd Mar 2013    Spring Birdseye issue now available    Another collection of fascinating trivia and libel from our very own Bothways. Click on the "Birdseye" tab at the top of the page and select "Birds Eye View Issue 19" to see.
Phil and Caroline at the Royal Oak, Ideford
Fri 15th Mar 2013    Ideford Pub scoops top TVPB honour.    The Royal Oak at Ideford beat some strong competition to win the TVPB "Pub of the Year" award again this year. Phil and Caroline (pictured)always do us very well, and the award is a small way of showing our appreciation. (not quite as good as buying huge quantities of beer, obviously, but hopefully, we do a bit of that too!!
Diddy's getting down and dirty to raise money for Hospiscare!
Good Luck to Diddy on Saturday when she takes part in the Rock Solid Assault Course Race at Escot Park. She has set up a team of 4. Its going to be a cold wet day for her as she bravely crawls through mud, wades through icy lakes, dodges fire, water cannons, and crawls under barbed wire and just surviving what ever else they throw at her!! She is doing it all in aid of Hospiscare. If anyone feels they would like to support her with a donation her web page is
Off-road on Sun 17th March
Tripey is going to lead an off-road ride from the Royal Oak, South Brent this Sunday.
Mon 25th Feb 2013    Kathy Fox's Bash Christening.    In keeping with tradition, Kathy Fox was christened with her "Bash Handle" after the ride she organised from the Dartmouth Inn, Totnes, on Sunday 24th Feb.
She will be known as "Minty" in keeping with that long established brand of FOX, which has for many years been producing clear, pure, Glacier Mints ~ totally in keeping with our Kathy's character.
This was despite a last desperate effort on the part of King Stirrer Sturmey Archer to have her named "Fox Hat" after that splendid old joke featuring the Queen & Prince Charles, and comments on TV & the press relative to the his very strange choice of headwear on a Royal Visit.

Q. Whare are you orf to today Charlie??

P.C I'm orf to Middelsborar, Mater!

Q Whare the foks that ??

P.C Thankyou Mater, will do! ~ and so ~ he turns up in a rather splendid Fox Hat!!

Ride On - Pottsie
Capt Tonto's special award
On Sunday 24th Feb Tonto was presented with the following award cup.

"Soldiers of the other Kind" ~ Top TVVAT - Captain Frances "Tonto" Popley.

In recognition for all the work she puts in, and what she achieves on behalf of myself and TVPB. She is now, quite rightly, our highest ranked, and most respected female officer. Small in stature, but huge in enthusiasm and performance.

Ride on Pottsie
Fri 22nd Feb 2013    TVPB in the news!    You may want to rush out and buy a copy of the Mid-Devon Advertiser/Teignmouth Post, which is out today. There's a good pic of the Oscar award winners, complete with full names. In time this edition may well become a collectors item!
Hash/Bash at Parkers Farm? A message from Bobbiball.
The Teign Valley Hash are having a camping weekend at Parkers Farm (Ashburton) on the weekend of 12th to 14th of April. If there is enough interest from the Bash, I'll organise an off/on road ride on the Saturday (anybody else who would like to help?) Email me or call 07766764900 for further details. You can see the details for the weekend on the TVH website Click on the links at the right of the page labelled "Gispert Gallop" for the flyer and registration form.
Wed 20th Feb 2013    Minehead pics    Many thanks to the Kiwi, Diddy and Bothways for sending some pics of Bobbiball's Minehead bash earlier this month. You can see them by clicking the appropriate link on the photos page.
Tues 19th Feb 2013    Dinky 15    The annual Dinky tour to Brittany will be early May this year. Out Wednesday overnight 1 May, back Monday afternoon 6 May (Bank Holiday). The usual mix of crap food, overcrowded cycle tracks, childish company, cramped accommodation and inflated prices. Mostly cross-country off-road, but as ever, some may ride 72 miles on road to the house. Likely cost in the range £120-£140 to include all food, booze, ferry, cabin, but excluding lunches. Limited to 16, and that will mean some in tents or campers. Book with Dandy.
A New Arrival. Congratulations to Laura and Killkenny.
Here's a very happy message from KillKenny and Laura Parker. "Could you let everyone know our baby girl was born at 5.43 this morning - weight 6lbs 2oz. Her name is joy Lillian Jane Parker. We are all doing fine!"
Sun 17th Feb 2013    Bash Awards 2012   
A grand day for the awards... A tad windy, but dry and even sunny at times! The Welcome Inn provided a slap-up carvery, and Pottsie was on sparkling form... The jokes seem to get better every year. (Or maybe it's just the way he tells 'em!)
List of award winners below;

TVVATs Special helpers of the bash –
Anna (Bothways) Reffell – Birdseye,
Shirley (Poppy) Ware – Cakes + general assistance,
Andrea (Flossie) Wallace – Collecting money on Thursday nights,
Sally (Mustang Sally) Pike – Collecting Bash Tax + record keeping.

Stirrer Spoon – Raymond (Sturmey Archer) Stacey
Drinker of the Year – Gary (Gassa) Clifford
Helping Hand Award – Jon (Aunt Sally) Sell for riding to the Xmas bash on a penny farthing.
Most Promising New Basher, Female – Kathy Fox
Most Promising New Basher, Male – Jon (Plugger) Dykes
Cranky Knee Award (presented by Bobby Ball) - Tony (Broken Man) Ridd
Engineering Officers Award (presented by Aunt Sally) – Tim (Bucktu) Davenport
Pottsie’s Plinth – Ruth (Mayhem) Arkle
Dope Pedlar of the Year (presented by Ingle) – Cathy (Mash) Gillard
Tours Award – Antony (Dandy) Nicholls for running 14 Dinky Tours
Tandem Award – Linda (Big Ears) Slade + Mike (Noddy) Slade
Special Achievement Award – Rob (Hat Rack) Clifford
Mike (Farther) Wareham Memorial Glide Award Female – Julie (Fallen Woman) Ridd
Mike (Farther) Wareham Memorial Glide Award Male – Doug (Manky) Flack
Best Bash Pub – 31 club (Thursdays) – Royal Oak, Ideford
Best Bash Pub – (Sundays) – Hank,The Beach Hotel, Exmouth
Hospital Case – Lee (Always) Atkinson
Crasher of the Year off road – Manky
Crasher of the Year on road – Jack (RJ) Smith
Most Disastrous Off Road Ride – Joe (Kamikaze) Arkle
Most Disastrous On Road Ride – Bob (Bin Bag Bob) Board
Best Bash All Rounder – Joe (Bobbiball) Bassett
Scout Basher of the Year Off Road – Peter (Rubber) Jones
Scout Basher of the Year On Road – Ian (Blaster) Glendinning
Cranker of the Year 2012 – Richard (Sticky Dicky) Owen
Thur 7th Feb 2013    Fancy a trip to visit Old Fart?    On a surprise visit to a bash at Lympstone last year Roy Stoyle (Old Fart) enquired if we would like to visit him in France this year? Moving on from this we are considering an expedition to see Roy in May.

The dates in mind are from Friday 17th May to Friday/Saturday 24/25th May inclusive. Travelling by ferry Plymouth - Roscoff overnight and daylight return sailing.

Roy's pad is some 84 miles from Roscoff down Southwards. The proposed tour will be an gentle 'off road' extravaganza! More details will be available in the next few days, in the meantime to gauge interest please contact either Bin Bag Bob ( or the Old Fart (

On.On. BBB
Tues 5th Feb 2013    Bobbiball Weekend "Raving Success"    It was a great weekend, but it could have been so different.... After months of the heaviest rainfall for years, with the ground sodden and in the middle of winter, Exmoor could have been a very inhospitable place. But Bobbiball must have friends in high places! The sun shone on us all day Saturday, and although cloudier on Sunday, stayed dry. Thanks, as always, to Bothways, Allways and Buktu, for their tireless work in organising and catering for the ravening horde. Thanks also to Hank and the Tweedles for their help with food and leading the road rides respectively. And, obviously, to Bobbiball for turning up!
A special mention for Timotei and Scrubber, who laid two brilliantly marked trails. The marks really were brilliant... (Where did they get that paint?.. Chernobyl?? ) Some of the trails were laid in the evening when it was dark, with Tim riding some of the tracks, and meeting Jo to drive between the offroad sections. Anyone who's laid a trail like this knows that it's hard work and time-consuming, so very many thanks on behalf of all of us for all of the effort and research that went in to setting two really excellent rides.
Music was provided via Unda's old NAD amplifier (almost a tradition now) which, these days, is only equipped with one speaker. But the volume was still good enough to shake the rafters a little, so Ken the Rave and friends strutted their stuff 'till the early hours.
On a more sombre note, an allegation of "match fixing" was made. A quiz hosted by Tweedle-Dee was won by a team captained by Tweedle-Dum. In one round of twenty six questions, Tweedle-Dum's team answered every question correctly!! These are Pedal Bashers! That just can't be right can it??
Nepotism, cheating, drug-taking and flatulence were all vehemently denied by both parties of course..... but give it a few years.... Could be Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce all over again!
Finally, please could you send any pics to Manky so we can put some on the site? We don't have any yet, and I know there were some good pics taken. The usual fee will be paid for any photographs used. Thanks in advance to any of you who contribute.
Mon 28th Jan 2013    Bobbiball promoted to Corporal    Sharp-eyed Bobbiball noticed that the rides list was approaching a landmark count of 2000 next week, prompting the C.O. to rummage in his archives (that's not a euphemism) and check the numbers. The true count as of the 30th December 2012 was found to be 1956, so the rides list this year has been adjusted to reflect this. The exact cause of the error is unknown, but it is believed to date back to around 2003. The landmark 2000th ride will now be towards the end of May.
Good news for Bobbiball though. In recognition of his sterling work, Pottsie has promoted him to Corporal, with all the privileges and resposibilities the rank entails. The British Army website lists the responsibilities of the rank as follows.

"Corporal: After 6-8 years, and depending on ability to lead, promotion from Lance Corporal to Corporal typically follows. In this rank additional trade and instructor qualifications can be gained. Corporals are given command of more soldiers and equipment such as tanks and guns."

Many congratulations to him, but in view of the possibility that Corporal Ball may be given command of tanks and guns, caution is advised when he is in the vicinity!
Dawes bike
Sat 26th Jan 2013    Bike for sale    Dawes 301 hybrid. Medium/large frame size, 21 speed, fully refurbished with lots of new parts. £100 with a years warranty!
Contact Aunt Sally on 07971 991625

You can see a larger photo by clicking this link
Mon 21st Jan 2013    Ride from the Anchor Inn, Chudleigh Knighton. 10th Feb.    The Tweedles will be setting a road ride on 10th Feb. Any volunteers to lead an off-road group?
Sat 19th Jan 2013    Dusty and Snakebites Easter Trip to Wales. 29th March - 1st April.   
Bobbiball falls over....again!XC rides including Climach-X trail in Dyfi Forest and Coed Y Brenin trails centre.
Staying at Dolgun Uchaf Campsite and Bunk House near Dolgellau.
If you wish to be included in bunkhouse booking then contact Mayhem.
if haven't been before and you want a sneak preview of the trails, you can look at the websites for the ClimachX trail at Dyfi Forest and Coed Y Brennin trail centres by clicking on the links.
There's an option to have B&B too. Its the same phone number as below, and a single room is £38/night or a double is £75/night.

Torrent Walk Campsite
Dolgun Uchaf
Coed Y Brenin
LL40 2AB             Tel: 01341 422269
Bobbiball's new "tipple"
Bobbiball joined the bash Thursday night - but decided to short cut to the pub to save the long and fast full bash run - but he fell off on route to the pub. Luckily, some kindly Bashers clubbed together to buy him a pint of - 'falls over' to help his spirits. Thanks to Nightlight for the pic.
Plugger at the Red Rock Brewery.
Sun 13th Jan 2013    "Lucky Escape" for basher in naming ceremony.    John Dykes set an excellent virgin ride today, and managed to have the sun shine too... a rare treat in recent times. Then, of course, came his naming.
Pottsie eventually named him "Plugger" (with reference to the little Dutch boy who plugged the dyke with his finger) , but only after a lucky escape..... from Sturmey Archers mischievious suggestions. (Just don't ask... He's so naughty, that Sturmey Archer!!)
So... Plugger it is! Welcome!! (Photo courtesy of Bothways)
Fri 11th Jan 2013    Cycling in the news!    Two very different links here. Serious item from the Guardian about the antipathy between cyclists and motorists.
And on a completely different note, some scary urban downhill footage (from Mexico I think). Looking at the video, It makes you wonder how these guys survive long enough to develop their bike riding skills. Thanks to Dandy and Blaster for sending them.
Pie and Pint night.
Tonto is organising a Pie and Pint night at the Crown and Sceptre, St Marychurch, on the 7th March. Provisionally, Cost £5 each. Choice of 3 pies + numerous ales.
You don't have to partake of a pie, there will be the usual ride. Yes there will be a veggie option + yes you can have a drink other than a pint. The number of pies will have to be booked so cash in advance only. So break open that piggy-bank and get that fiver out! Details will be firmed up nearer the date.

Tues 1st Jan 2013    Happy New Year. A message from Pottsie    A very Happy, Healthy and hopefully Wealthy New Year to you all.
2013 is upon us and the Bash embarks into its 21st year with our current years subscriptions having been paid by 90 conscripts ~ 31 of whom are "soldiers of the other kind" i.e. no tails. So it's a nicely balanced band of troops.
Incredibly, we have now logged up 1990 rides (plus over 200 f.a.r.t. meets) and 2013 will see us flag up 2000. Also, we still have over a dozen regular riders who took part in the first 10 rides way back in the spring and summer of 1993. I think we can look forward to the future even though the Bash has somewhat changed over that period of time. Let's face it, change is inevitable so we need to embrace it and make the best of it.
As we are not officially a "Club" we don’t do A.G.M.'s, Committee meetings, balance sheets, rules & regulations etc. We like to think of ourselves as more of a sort of "Barmy Army" run and supported by a loyal band of TVVAT's. I know what this may look like but, believe me, it stands for Teign Valley Very Active Troops. Like so many other organisations they are, in the main,an ageing band. We need to attract new younger people in the hope that they too will be enthused by TVPB's aims and priciples. So much so that they will eventually become the next generation of TVVAT's thus securing our longevity.
The current troop of TVVAT's are as follows and I want to identify and thank them, in particular, for their help and assistance, not only in 2012, but over many TVPB years.

Aunt Sally (Engineering Officer, Bike Bits & No2 Tax Collector)
Blaster (Deputy C.O. Bash Landie and Camping a la Ferme)
Flossie (Landie Driver, Food whipper & Head counter)
Bobbiball (TVVAT of low rank-BUT-famously creator of the Fab winter weekends so aptly named after him)
Bothways (Birdseye editor, Bobbiball w/e's aided by Allways + hospital care for those wounded in active service)
Bin Bag Bob (Booze Cruises & lots of them too!!)
Bucktu (Catering Officer, Nobody's been poisoned-yet)
Dandy (Senior M.O. Officers only. Furiously Fast. Speciality, Lower Torso) and Brittany Bashing via 14 Dinky Tours.
Debacle (M.O. non commissioned ranks. Speciality, Self Destruction)
Mayhem (Most able & sympathetic M.O. Speciality, Head Bangers)
Hatrack (Brigade Bus Driver & Wit - now Millionaires Tours too)
Lord Stretch & Diamond Lil (Wealth Tour Operators ~ Millionaires & Italy)
Manky (Web Master Supreme - But daft enough to ride with Dandy)
Mudsie (C.O's Long Serving P.A. Speciality weight training & chocolate)
Mustang Sally (Leading Tax Collector and Bash membership records)
Noddy & Big Ears (Quarter Master Bash clothing, origination & sales)
RJ (Entertainments Officer,Song Master & Joker. Speciality, Denzil & founder of the Millionaires Tour.)
Poppy (Sherry, Cakes & Cash Collector)
Tonto (Scout Mistress responsible for rides programme + Admin Work)
Sticky Dicky (Brilliant Bash Banker . Current Whereabouts Unknown!!.)
Trucker (Teign Valley Camp Site)
Timotei (Prolific S.A.S. Tour Organiser - his life is going downhill fast, along with so many other Head Bangers. BUT ~ where is he now??)
Unda (Adjutant & Piss Off Press Officer. TVPB's answer to Murdoch.) and Originator/Organiser of so many of the "Bash Abroad" Tours.

Many others have played a part in organising and helping. You are still appreciated, even if your name is not mentioned in the above list of TVVAT's

We are the Pedal Bashers, we're OK
and we ride every hill that's on the way.
Some of us are fat and some are slim
We all have lights though some are pretty dim
We all drink beer and we eat lots of beans
Cos we travel much faster on wind powered machines
Yes, we are the Pedal Bashers and we all say
We're happy to be mounted and get on our way.

Can be sung to the same tune as "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK" (Apologies to Pottsie. This is an ever-so-slightly Bowdlerised version for the net. Ed)

Ride On Pottsie

Devon Dirt 2013
The Devon Dirt ride this year is going to be held on 20th April from Ashburton. If you're thinking of entering, keep an eye on the Devon Dirt website at