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Wed 30th Dec 2015    Jools is coming !!    On July 30th Jules Holland is coming to Powderham Castle,
hopefully it will be a splendid summers evening and we will be able to arrange a "picnic in the park" and have a great time dancing and listening to this wonderful big band of absolutely brilliant muscians and singers. Last time it happened several took camper vans and stayed the night. The Bash ride on Sunday 31st should be organised close at hand too.
SO if you are interested then please let UNDA know ASAP ( or 01626 779387) ~ and provided we get more than 10 people in our party he will be able to arrange a block booking which will save 10% on the ticket price of £35.

Ride On Pottsie
Mon 2nd Nov 2015    Curry and Quiz night... A message from Pottsie.    Hi All Bashers,

on Thursday 26th November we plan to hold a "Curry & Quiz" evening at the Jolly Farmers pub, Newton Abbot similar to the very popular event we held there in Nov 2015.
It will only cost you £3 for food~ which is less than a pint of beer at this pub !! SO ~ If you want to be there, for what should be a great fun evening, then get your arse into gear quick and book your place by giving Stickie, Pottsie or Blaster your £3 ASAP and certainly by Sunday 22nd at the very latest. This offer only applies to Bash Tax payers 2015/2016 ~ all others and guests £6. NO tickets will be sold on the night.!!
The quiz will be run as a team event so if you got some idea of the team you want to be in, then start organizing it !! Ideally we need 4 or 5 teams of say 10 Bashers ~ and you need to think up a name for your team too.
Lastly, we need at least 40 Bashers if this is going to work. So if we don't have that number by Sunday 22nd the event will be cancelled and your ticket money returned to you.

Ride On Pottsie
Mon 26th Oct 2015    Bobbiball weekend... A message from Bothways    Hi Bashers - Christmas is only 2 months or 8 weeks or to be precise 61 days away - do you know what to get for your loved one? Well what could be better than a "fully inclusive weekend away" - that is just what the Bobbiball weekend is offering - for an amazing cost of only £55.00 per person you could take your "loved one" or "lover" or "lover to be" on a fun packed weekend with as much or as little cycling as you want! The venue is an old Victorian rectory in the beautiful country side of the Forest of Dean - it even has its own church on site! So to prevent disappointment - book early to ensure you see the glow of delight in the eyes of that "special person" on Christmas day. Gift Voucher can be provided to ensue there is a present beneath the Christmas tree. If interested please email
Wed 21st Oct 2015    The eternal question... when and where to F.A.R.T.!!    Hi All you who F.A.R.T. the programme for the next 2 months has been posted on the Tuesday rides page. You will note that we are including details of our 3rd "Away Day" and the proposed Christmas Lunch venues.~ In respect of the latter we would like to hear from you "Pronto" if you are prepared to support the christmas lunch plans and if you could also, at the same time, indicate which venue would be your preference, as we will need to act quickly if we are to secure our booking. Relative to the 3rd away day, which is another Blaster Special, we will be meeting at Sourton Cross/Down Grid Ref 536917 @ western end of the Okehampton By Pass off the A386. The aim is to ride ALL of the Granite Way and maybe even to get to Tavistock... BUT If it's raining or the weather forecast is crap, we will revert to the home venue for the day which is going to be The Staples Rest, Trago Mills, where we can all be dry. However Blaster would still like to know how many will attend his away day ride so can you reply to that also.
Mon 19th Oct 2015    Another new arrival!    No... not the kind you knit little jackets for... but a new addition to the Bash. Peter Mason was named "Socket" yesterday after he set his first bash ride from Bovey Tracey. The thought processes which let to the name (we understand) had something to do with his profession, and his fluorescent socks!! Here's a photo which we've "borrowed" from Ziggy's post on Facebook. (the cheque is in the post Ziggy....honest!)
New Birdseye!
Bothways has been burning the midnight oil to get the "Summer" edition of Birdseye published. (If she didn't spend so much time saving lives and getting married she'd be able to get her homework in on time!!!) Anyway... it's here now... full of sex, nudity, violence, lies, unjustified slurs and the odd spelling mistake and grammatical error.... Just the way we like it! Click on the Birdseye tab and follow the link for edition 25.
Thur 17th Sept 2015    France 2015.... Update from BinBagBob    Further on the French trip.
Regret looks as if the ferry schedule is same as last year, not quite as good as in past years.
We now plan to catch the Friday 4th Dec 08:00 ferry which arrives Roscoff 15:00 lt.
Not sure what we shall do first, probably get the wine, beers sorted from the WBS store, but we are arranging to stay in Roscoff overnight.
Then Saturday we have until 16:00 to catch the ferry back to Plymouth, arriving 21:30.
If anyone wants to join us then they can make their own arrangements and let us know.
There should be ‘fare offers’ in the local press soon and the accommodation in Roscoff is very reasonable.

Kind regards/B3
Wed 16th Sept 2105    Flossie and Blaster's Abbfest weekend at Greenawell Park Farm (This weekend 18th-20th Sept)    Itinerary as follows:

Friday. Anytime pm turn up at Blaster +Flossies farm to park vans, pitch tents or crash out in stables, caravan, etc. Landy taxi will leave for Abbfest at 7pm prompt, anyone not there for then will have to make their own way!

Saturday. Bike ride starting at 11am visiting a local pub somewhere! Anyone wanting to visit Abbfest again welcome. Evening possibilities by agreement include visiting Abbfest again or BBQ in stable barn. Bring your own food if you want to BBQ!

Sunday. Normal Bash starting at 11am, finishing at Jolly Sailor, East Ogwell. Possible skittles if enough interested!
Fri 11th Sept 2015    Another "Christening"    Chris Cunningham set his first ride from The Bishop John de Grandisson pub in Bishopsteignton last night... A good turnout by the troops and a generous spread of sausages and chips (with Bread and butter so we could make chip butties) all cotributed to an excellent evening out. Chris was eventually named "Baldrick"... on account of the fact thae Baldrick always had a "Cunning Plan"... and it sounds a bit like Cunningham... Geddit?

Welcome Baldrick!!

Tues 8th Sept 2015    A new arrival!!    Hi Bashers, today's ride was Dave Rice's first Bash Trail which was followed by his "Bash Christening".
16 Bashers turned out for what prooved to be a "Hilly Ride" on the most glorious of Sundays @ The Red Rock Brewery. Dave had laminated a marked map of the route, well done, and after the ride we all sat round a large table in the sunshine and enjoyed drinks that he so kindly provided, and in addition to this he also presented us with cycling water bottles. Brilliant.
Subsequently we came round to giving him his bash handle. I say we because the eventual choice was deciced by a "Bash Cheerometer" and though I submitted my names all were invited to contribute. The actual final choice was "Bas Marty". Why ? ... because based on the fact that Basmati is a type of rice and "Marty" is a character that Ernest Borgnine played in a film of the same name. Some of the older Bash crew may remember it and why it's appropriate

Anyway it was a really nice day and we were also treated to a variety of amusing Rugby stories from both Barsteward and Bas Marty.

Ride On Pottsie
Thursday's ride from the Bishop!
Hi Bashers,
this weeks Thursday ride Sept 10th is from The Bishop John de Grandisson Inn, Bishopsteignton and it's Chris Cunningham's first Bash Trail . Chris is a new Basher this year and as is the custom he will be bestowed his Bash Name at a Christening in the pub after the ride . Currently some of our regular Thursday riders are away on the Millionaires Tour so can you please make a special effort to support this event so that we get a decent attendance.
a) because we have'nt been to this pub for many years now, and it would be nice if we could put on a good show of support and b) it is after all a Virgin's Trail that we should endeavour to consumate with a large turnout.
Thanking you in anticipation
Wed 2nd Sept 2015    New Bash Tops.... A message from Pottsie.    Hi all Bashers,

As you may or may not know our Quartermaster, Lieutenant Noddy Slade, has resigned his commission and returned to the Ranks ~ Battle fatigue having claimed yet another fine officer. We thank him for all that he acheived.

But not to worry, as one soldier falls then another bravely steps forward to take his place, and in this respect the new Quartermaster is Lieutenant Bagpuss Fenn. He has wasted no time in designing new uniform cycling tops. However, before he can finalise precise details of cost, layout and style, he is looking for "SPONSORSHIP" - particularly from those soldiers in the Bash who are in business with the right connections and authority.

Lieutenant Bagpuss may not be known to all of you as he only rides on Thursday with the Lycra division. So I am by copy of this memo asking our Webmaster to introduce a picture of him on our website. (Your wish is my command Pottsie!! Ed)
He may not look pretty but I can assure you that this soldier holds down a responsible job and is well up for the task.
So, please help him if you can ~ his email is

Fri 28th Aug 2015    Graham's naming ride    Good turnout last night at the Kings Arms for Graham Zimbler's naming..... He will now be known in the bash as "Ziggy". (Lucky escape... Sturmey Archer is normally on hand to suggest something rude!! ) RJ led a chorus or two of "Ay Ziggy Zoomba" to celebrate the occasion. Here's a photo of Ziggy looking suitably serious in keeping with the gravity of the proceedings :-)

Bash waterbabies!
Fri 21st Aug    Bash Splash!!    You may have noticed higher tides in the Torquay area on Thursday evening.... This may have been a contributing factor..... Intrepid Bashers, led by Nightlight, taking a dip in tropical Torbay. Thanks to Graham Zimbler for the photo. (You can see more of Graham's pictures on the TVPB Facebook page.)

Wed 19th Aug 2015    Bobbiball weekend 2016! A message from Bothways.   
Hi all,
Hope you're all OK and having a good summer of cycling.
We are looking at booking the Hostel for the Bobbiball Weekend 2016. The YHA Wye Valley hostel (formerly Welsh Bicknor) is still available for the weekend of 05 - 07th February 2016. It is one of the larger more expensive hostels to book. We want to keep the cost at £55:00 for the weekend but to do this we need to know we have enough interest to fill it BEFORE we pay a deposit as it is a BIG financial commitment for myself and Lee to do without knowing we have enough money to pay for it.
Would you please send me an email ( You'll need to transfer a £10:00 per person deposit to our account by the 12th September (account details will be provided) if you want to book on to the weekend - if we have enough interest we will go ahead and book it, if we do not then we will refund the money or if interested look for a smaller hostel if that is what everyone wants. If you know of other people that would be interested in coming please forward this email to them
Anna and Lee

Thanks from Blaster and Flossie
"The old Red Bus" (Blaster's tandem) sustained a broken seatpost during the high spirited festivities at Anna and Lee's wedding do.
We are pleased to report that a new post has been provided and Blaster would like to thank Faggots and the Green Badgers for the replacement.
The old red bus is on or off again!
(Mostly off!)
Sun 2nd Aug 2015    Wedding party pics.    For those of you who don't use Facebook, there's a selection of photos of Anna and Lee's wedding party at Trucker's field which you can see by clicking the link on our photos page. The whole event was a great success and a vast amount of money was raised for the two chosen charities.
Mon 20th Jul 2015    Pottsie finds the Limelight!!    Our CO, Col Potts (affectionately known by some as the benign dictator) has at last found fame on TV. He was the lead item on the Saturday ITV local bulletin, which prominently featured him playing his bugle - almost in tune for a change - at the opening of the new bridge across the A38 from Teigngrace to Heathfield.
Pottsie had a few appropriate words to say - quite sensible for a change - and there were also shots of other bashers in their yellow club shirts making the inaugural crossing.
There must have been nearly 200 cyclists there, but the bashers, as usual, outshone them all, with a superb turnout.
The bridge is also shared with walkers and horses, as was evident from the large mounts of manure deposited. Mash reckons it was because the beasts were scared by the noise of the rushing traffic, and sh.. themselves!
It is a brilliant £1.6 million piece of engineering, and mean cyclists can now pedal from Newton Abbot alongside the old Templer canal, to Bovey Tracey, mainly off-road. We longer have to take our life in our hands trying to cross the dual carriageway through the gap in the central reservation.
PS, Unda managed to record the historic Pottsie three minutes of fame on his camper TV, but has no idea how to put in on the website or Utube or even take a still!
F.A.R.T.s venue tomorrow.
Hi all those who F.A.R.T. please note that tomorrows ride (21st Jul) will be to The Jollie Brese ~ the brand new Wetherspoons pub in Teignmouth. There is a roof garden which may suit us, but if you're planning to come please use the entrance in Lower Brook Street as we can park bikes there!
ride On .. Pottsie
Anna and Lee's Wedding bash.
All of us who went to the party in Truckers field this weekend, or have seen the photos and comments on Facebook, will know what a great party it was! Many thanks to Anna and Lee, and the many others who helped to make it go with a swing!!

Surprisingly... there were 2 nearly full opened barrels of cider left over that need drinking up - as opened I think they only last about 1 week - there is a medium dry and Sweet. Is there anyone that could use them (either at hash/bash or just general own consumption) as we would hate to throw it away - if you can, can you let Anna or Lee know asap as they are going to Truckers tomorrow (Tues 21st Jul) to start clearing the marquees away. (They will need the barrels back to return to the supplier.)
Replacement seatpost....
In the aftermath of the weekend, Blaster has found that his tandem needs a replacement seatpost.... If anyone has a 27.2 mm diameter post they aren't using , could you contact Blaster please?
Bendy Wendy gets a cuddle from Pottsie.
Fri 17th Jul 2015    Our flexible friend!    Wendy Urban received her Bash "Bashtism" last week and was named "Bendy". Pottsie is pictured giving he a congratulatory cuddle! Thanks to Rent Boy for the pic.
Sat 11th Jul 2015    Save up yer euros!!... BinBag's organising another "booze cruise"    BBB is doing another French ‘excursion’ a little later this year - Friday/Sunday 4/6th. Dec.
Details will follow, but based on the usual format.
Bikes may be optional!!
Cheers for now/B3
Fri 10th Jul 2015    Space available on Millionaire's tour!!!    Want to live the high life, mix with the big knobs, cycle across the south of England from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel including the Isle of Wight?
Contact Raving Hatrack (Rob Clifford) on 07721666750 now. Unfortunately one of this year's Millionaires Tour group has had to drop out through medical problems so a vacancy now exists. If you don't fancy cycling but can drive a Land Rover or know someone who might enjoy the trip then give me a call.
Top notch hotels, dinners & transport all ready booked for you. Tour dates Monday 7th September to Saturday 12th Sept.
Tues 7th Jul 2015    F.A.R.T.s Rides list update.    The F.A.R.T.s Rides list has now been updated for July.... Though unfortunately not early enough to give prior information about today's ride.... Be assured that those responsible for the omission will be mercilessly flogged with wet lettuce leaves!
Hopefully, everyone made it to Bovey anyway. :-)
Weather Cock!
Fri 26th Jun 2015    Tim Andrews "Christened".    Thanks to Tim for laying the ride and organising the food at the Wellington Inn last night.

We all knew which way the wind was blowing when Sturmey Archer started thinking about a bash name for him though.... He ended up as "Weather Cock" (or WC for short!).

Thanks to Graham Zimbler also, who emailed this photo of Tim contemplating his fate!
Fri 29th May 2015    Cycling on Woodbury Common    Chris Warberton from Knobblies bike shop in Exmouth, has asked if any TVPB members would like to come along to a meeting to discuss riding on the commons.

It's being organised by Clinton Devon Warden, Dr Sam Bridgewater. His email to Chris is quoted below with an outline of topics for discussion.

The meeting will be held at 7 pm on weds June 3rd at Bicton Arena, Rolle estate offices, this is the entrance on the Yettington Road. Go through gates and follow the drive, then a sign on L directs you to our office with parking in front. the countryside learning officer will be happy to answer any other queries you may have beforehand.

Hi Chris,
Following on from our previous discussions, please do let me know if you think you can mobilise a group of cyclists with a keen interest in the Commons to meet with us and discuss cycling on the Commons, and if so, when might suit. What I hope we can do is:

1) Clarify legal status of cycling on Commons (there seems to be some confusion with walkers often thinking that cycling isn’t allowed)

2) Clarify Estate policy on cycling on other land (e.g.. permissive access plantations such as Island/Uphams/Harpford etc. )

3) Provide information on the purpose of the current Visitor Management Plan recently commissioned by the Council, and allow feedback on a number of issues related to this

4) Discuss the value of producing a cycling guide to the commons (primarily aimed at occasional visitors who might get lost; locals do their own thing)

5) Discuss the value of creating a Woodbury Common Cycling Group that could act as a hub for information on cycling/events/code of conduct

6) Allow general feedback from cyclists on issues of concern/frustration to them

Sun 24th May 2015    Stag and Hen!!!    Anna and Lee had their respective hen and stag do's on Friday... The boys went bowling and the girls went off to see Showaddywaddy!! Phoebe's phone was hard at work and took lotsa photos... See them by following the link on the photos page.
Sat 23rd May 2015    New Bash photographer!    Anne Kingdon is rapidly becoming the Bash's official foreign correspondent. She's sent in some photos from the Mallorca tour AND from Dinky 17!! You can see 'em by following the links on the photos page.
Last chance to RSVP for Pullits "Wake for the missing years"
Pullitt really really needs to know numbers for food etc next weekend... If you don't let her know by Sunday 24th (Tomorrow!!) there won't be any nosh for you... so get those fingers dialling or emailing pronto!
Anna and Lee
Fri 22nd May 2015    Bothways' and Always' wedding cycle ride. (John-o-Groats to Lands End)    Well, Anna and Lee have managed to get themselves in the papers a few times promoting their charity wedding cycle - even a write up on the cycling weekly news page on line!!!. They have a page on Facebook (anna & lees wedding cycle page) which has donation buttons on it, and links to all the press releases as well. They will be updating it with their progress on a daily basis (internet access permitting) as they go. So if you make lots of donations, they're going to have to keep going even when the wind is in their faces and it's wet and their bottoms and legs are sore.... Go on...make 'em work for it!
Tues 19th May    Re: Bash Ride on Sunday 24th May    The ride will start from the Claycutters Arms at Chudleigh Knighton (Not at Teign House Inn as previously listed) There will be a road ride led by Mr and Mrs Picker! (Melon and Soapy). Off-roaders could do an ad-hoc ride from the pub, or maybe arrange to meet at Haldon?
Sunny Ray Baines' naming
Hi Bashers, Ray Baines set his first ride from the Castle, Holcombe on Thursday 14th May and was duly christened "Sunny"... 'cos his name sounds like Raybans, (those expensive Sun Glasses) and he is after all called Ray ~ So SUNNY seemed appropriate. (See Pic.... Is he wearing a light sabre as a tie?)
Ride On
Mon 4th May 2015    Bike wanted.    Unda is looking for a bike for his daughter - hybrid type, medium frame, under £100. Contact him by email or 07703 156278.
Fri 17th Apr 2015    R.S.V.P. address for Pullit's "wake for the missing years"    Pullitt now has a TVPB email address (Lucky girl eh!). If you're going to her wake at the end of May, can you let her know, so she's got an idea of how much caviar and champagne to order!!! (We live in hope!)
Anyway.... Address is
Wed 15th Apr 2015    22nd Birthday Ride. Thurs 23rd April, A message from Pottsie    Hi all Bashers, The "22nd Birthday Ride" will now be held at The Claycutters, Chudleigh Knighton @ 6:45pm. The route will once again be the original route we completed 22 years ago,when most of us were less wrinkly, fitter & faster. The majority of long term Bashers have ridden the route, or parts of the route, in our previous Annual Birthday rides. It wasn't a race then and it's not intended to be a race this year either. Suffice to say that it took me, (then a sprightly 57 year old) 1hr 41min 54 secs to ride it. That's only meant to be a benchmark ~ please let's not have Bashers riding "eyeballs out", forsaking personal safety in an effort to register a really quick time on what can be a very dangerous and hazardous route. IF you want to race, then let me know, and I will design a suitable SAFER COURSE for those interested in pitting their pedal power against others of a similar persausion.
After the ride snackfood will be served in the pub.
Mon 13th Apr 2015    New Photos    Thanks to our resident photographer Phoebe who has sent us pics of the recent curry night at the Jolly Sailor, and some more photos of Fallen Woman's Tamar Extravaganza. Look on the photos page to see.
Sat 11th Apr 2015    New Birdseye!!    Bothways has been hard at work compiling the latest edition of Birdseye. A round-up of all the latest Bash events and some brilliant photos! Check out the Birdseye page and click on edition 24.
Fri 10th Apr 2015    A Wake for Pullitt's missing years!!    The w/e 29/30/31 May I am holding a wake for the missing years!! (there is Irish blood )
Propose camping at Gara Bridge fri nite onwards.
BYO BBQ Fri nite, Saturday ride, then Sat nite wake night. & party, food provided. MUST RSPV! for numbers.
Sunday ride with Pinkie and POSH. (venue will be posted on rides list when known.)
Tues 7th Apr 2015    Devon Dirt Ride on 19th April    Blaster has forwarded the information below from Graham Brodie.
He thought some of the Green Cross Baggers (spelling not wrong!) may be interested (but don't tell them there are no lift ups!)

Entries are rolling in fast for the 2015 Devon Dirt Bike Ride from BigPeaks at Ashburton.
So far over 250 have signed up for the ride which starts at 9.30am on Sunday 19th April.
The hilly route will take riders through Sigford up on to Dartmoor, past Hound Tor and on to Manaton and North Bovey, and eventually back to Bovey Tracey and Goodstone.
The 55Km ride is comprised of a combination of muddy tracks, forest runs and country lanes, with a few technical sections as well.
CTC helpers will be busy feeding refreshments to riders along the route, anbd BigPeaks will be providing mechanical support for the riders.
This year organisres are expecting to see a few cyco-cross (CX) entries as the sport is enjoying a massive revival, with national Championships due in Devon in 2016.
To find out more about the Devon Dirt and enter online visit the website or ring 07889-964101
Graham Brodie

Thur 2nd Apr 2015    Photos of Fallen Woman and Broken Man's Tamar weekend    Lord Stretch has sent in a disc of cracking photos taken at the Camping weekend on the 21st/22nd March. Look on the photos page and click on the Tamar Weekend link to see them.
Tues 17th Mar 2015    Swimming with dolphins is old hat now.....take advantage of the opportunity to ride with Badgers!   
Tim and Jo's Cheddar weekend 2015 will be held on June 19,20,21.
Same routine as always;
Rides Friday evening 1930 then to a pub in Cheddar for food/drink.
Saturday 1000 ride stopping at a pub around 1400 en-route. BBQ in evening.
Sunday 1000ish ride returning to campsite about 1400
Same campsite as always... Broadway Cottage.
Any q's fire them back to Timotei!
Sat 7th Mar 2015    Further Update on Woodovis Park Camping weekend from Fallen Woman.    There will be a short Friday ride for those that want it starting at the campsite.The on road ride on Saturday will start from Woodovis Park camping at 10.30ish We will let the off readers know very shortly about the Saturday ride. All Sunday rides will start from the Tamar trails centre at 11.00 am. The entire restaurant at the pub at Chipshop has been booked for Saturday night for those that want to indulge !
Fri 20th Feb 2015    Update from Fallen Woman on camping weekend at Woodovis Park 22nd March    Debacle has asked me to inform any off roaders considering coming to Tamar Trails centre during our camping weekend that if biking in Tavy woodlands, a fee of £5.00 per day is due and may be paid online. Gawton Gravity Hub offers over 500ft of unrivalled gravity fed descent and is advertised as the best purpose built permanent downhill mountain bike venue in England. The Gawton Gravity Hub uplifts may be arranged by Fly-Up downhill and cost £29.00 per day. A weekend lift pass may be purchased and he recommends that if you want this, it would be a good idea to apply now. is the place to apply.
Any riding that Debacle and we are leading is free !
Mon 16th Feb 2015    Events dear boy.... Events!    There are a few interesting things happening in the next few months... You're too late to book for Pinky's Majorca trip, but there may be opportunities to mingle with the rich and famous on this year's millionaires tour, or to sample a plethora of beers and ciders at Abbfest. Details will be posted when available.
Majorca Pinky Trip 2nd - 8th May (fully booked)
Millionaires 7th - 11th September? (Tour to be confirmed if going ahead for 2015)
Abb Fest Weekend - 19th - 20th September (To be confirmed by Flossie & Blaster)

Mon 16th February 2015    And the Oscar goes to.....    Sixty Bashers attended the annual awards ceremony at the Jolly Farmer this year. Here's the list of the lucky winners...

Mike Wareham Memorial Glide - Female: ----- Eve "Phoebe" Bates
Mike Wareham Memorial Glide - Male: ----- Sam "Nosmo" King
Cranky Knee: ----- Ann "Mudsie" Wareham
Best New Basher - Female: ----- Gill Knight
Best New Young Basher - : Sam "Nosmo" King
Best New Basher - Male: ----- John "Spanners" Heywood
Best All Rounder: ----- Ian "Blaster" Glendinning
Tandem Award: ----- Richard "Wallace" Bartlett and Gib "Grommit" Gill
Happy Basher Award: ----- Lin "Flappy" Proctor
Best Bash Pub : ----- Sid and Mandy at The Kings Arms, Kingsteignton
Crasher of The Year and Hospital Case: ----- Debi "Bunty" Clegg
Drinkers of the Year: ----- Gary (Gassa) Clifford and Debi "Bunty" Clegg
Dope Pedlar: ----- John "Pottsie" Potts
Most Disastrous Ride : ----- Joe "Bobbiball" Bassett
Best off Road Scout Basher of the Year: ----- Stuart "Spiderman" Blundell
Best on Road Scout Basher of the Year: ----- John (Debacle) Arkle
Cranker of the Year: ----- Eve "Phoebe" Bates
Special Achievement Award: ----- Anna "Bothways" Reffell and Lee "Always" Atkinson
Mr Disgusting 2014: ---- Ray "Sturmey Archer" Stacey
Best Female All Rounder: ---- Andrea "Flossie" Wallace

Thurs 22nd Jan 2015    Bash "Oscars"    Hi Bashers, the 2014 awards will be held on Sunday 1st February at The Jolly Farmer Newton Abbot.
The ride, that day, will be followed by a special "carvery roast lunch" served @ 2pm the awards ceremony will then follow.
If you want to be there and eat then it's going to cost you a measly £3~BUT only If you pay bash tax!! Others will pay £6, cos that's what the meal is costing TVPB.
So ,Yet another fine example of what good value we give our fully paid up members.
However, as is normal practice, you must book and pay beforehand~ Thursday 29th January is absolutely the final pay date!!
Sticky, Pottsie,or even Phoebe and Flossie ,in their absence, will be happy to take your money. You can also pay by credit transfer sort 20-60-88 a/c 90455377
This year the short list of Oscar nominees will be drawn up and agreed by a group decision of our most regular, long serving officers. BUT we will also take into account submissions from the main body of troops.
So, if you want to make a nomination(s) please feel free to do so by email to . NB. Your recommendations must be submited by Friday 23rd January .

Ride On Pottsie
Mon 19th Jan 2015    Slovenia trip (2nd May 8days)    Spiderman has a couple spaces left on his Alps to Coast cross country mountain bike trip.
Starting at the Austrian boarder, across a lot of wild natural trails to the Adriatic sea.
Lots of uplifts, support van, riding through deserted mines, rustic scenery.
All transfers, b+b, and guide included £695. Flights extra.
Click on these links for page 1 and page 2 of the flyer with more details.
Call Spiderman on 01395 232432.
Tues 13th Jan 2015    Asian Bash!!!!    We've had an email from Sverre Rakkenes inviting us to come along to a rainforest bash in Sarawak... (that's a few miles east of Lyme Regis for the geographically challenged). Here's the link to the website., So if you fancy a bit of pedalling in Borneo... doubtless accompanied by a couple of beers....
Wed 7th Jan 2015    URGENT MEDICAL ADVICE:    Are you suffering from post Christmas/new year blues? Are the cold dark lonely nights getting you down? Are you in need of some fun and laughter to get you through the winter? Well we have the perfect prescription - THE BOBBIBAL WEEKEND (6th - 8th February at Okehampton YHA) - there are still spaces left for this weekend of fun, laughter, cycling drinking and eating - for an amazing cost of only £55.00 per person fully inclusive - Its just what the Doctor ordered so book up NOW and get rid of those winter blues. Some rooms of 4 are still available so if interested contact Bothways at
Sun 4th Jan 2015    Lost property from Christmas Bash.    Pottsie has some items found in the aftermath of the Christmas Bash:
1) Lidl Cycle Helmut Avec Tinsel
2) Pair plain grey gloves
3) Pete Cross's Book signed to David Mr Dainton

Speak to Pottsie (01626865159 or 07425136042)
Team TVPB!
See Nightlight's pic from the Bash ride from Kingskerswell today.... A final fling before "Dry January"?
Sat 28th Dec 2014    Camping and Biking weekend March 2015    Fallen Woman and Broken Man have organised a Biking and Camping weekend at Woodovis Park campsite near Tavistock in March 2015.The ride on Sunday will be from the Tamar Trails Centre at Bedford Sawmills, Gulworthy PL19 8JE SX 439 726. Off-road ride will be led by Debacle. there will be a lunchtime stop at The Copper Penny Inn, Chipshop. Camping is available for the weekend at Woodovis Park Campsite, Gulworthy. PL19 8NY The campsite is offering three nights for the price of two and there is a swimming pool! You can call them on 01822 832968 or visit their website by clicking on the link above. Click this link to see the flyer.
Christmas Bash Photos....
Fabulous Christmas Bash this year... Brilliant costumes... Pirates, coppers, villains, biker girls and boys, an elephant, and many others too numerous to mention. Our resident photographer Phoebe, recorded the event for posterity, and you can see her photos, along with Unda's and Spiderman's, by clicking on the Photos tab at the top of this page and selecting "Christmas bash and Fancy Dress ride 2014". To whet your appetites, here's a photo of the throng before they set off to the pub. Phoebe risked life and limb to get this picture... standing on top of a car (I think it was her own car) in her stockinged feet.
Thanks yet again to Pottsie, Jen and everyone who helped with mince pies, drinks and general organisation. It's always a great event! Fancy Dress ride at Christmas 2014
Wed 17th Dec 2014    New Photos    Our resident photographer Phoebe has sent us loadsa pics (they're good too!) of the FART's Xmas bash... You can see them by clicking on the Photos Tab at the top of this page and selecting "FARTs Christmas Bash"
Fri 12th Dec 2014    Change of Venue for Sunday's ride.    Hi all Bashers, please note the venue for next Sunday's Ride is now The Jolly Farmer, Newton Abbot and NOT The Tally Ho,Littlehempston.
Wallace and Gromit
Sun 7th December 2014.    Bash Namings.....    Gib Gill and Richard Bartlett set their inaugural ride from The Rising Sun, Woodland today and were duly named by Pottsie.... After his (now traditional) musings about potential names, he settled on "Wallace" and "Gromit". (The rationale being something to do with engineering I think!)
I hope I've got this right... Gib is Gromit,,,, and Wichard is Wallace... so it's alliterative innit? Easy to remember!!
Here's a photo, kindly taken by Anne and emailed to us.
Sat 21st Nov 2014    BASH CHRISTMAS PARTY    Hi all you fun loving Bashers, the Christmas Fancy Dress Ride & Luncheon Party will once again be held at the Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club on Sunday 21st December.

Stirrup Cup will be served from 10:30. There will be Sherry, Mince Pies etc and singing on route. We will have a Pub stop with roasties or chips then back to Starcross for 1:45 and plenty of bargain booze to wash down our lunch followed by a Disco to get everybody dancing. ALL this for ONLY £10 to TVPB Tax payers. HOW MUCH !!! but £12:50 for all others. It's now only 4 weeks away~so pay Pottsie or Sticky ASAP to book your place.

P.S. our fancy dress theme is as always "Anything Goes" - so dress up how you like- but remember you will still need to be able to ride your bike and it's about 4 mlies to the centre of Dawlish. Let's face it we've had some absolutely brilliant costumes over the years ~ but even if you're "sad bastard" who does'nt like to dress up you can still join in.

Merry Christmas Pottsie
Sun 16th Nov 2014    Broken Man and Fallen Woman's ride today from Brixham.    Thanks to Phoebe for this pic of the intrepid riders setting off from Oxen Cove this morning! Ride from Brixham 16/11/14
Sun 16th Nov 2014    Rearranged venue for Bobbiball weekend.    Due to the YHA cancelling our booking to the Wye valley the Bobbiball weekend is staying local in 2015. We have booked the YHA Okehampton- a large, comfortable hostel on the edge of Dartmoor. This weekend remains at an amazing £55 fully inclusive if staying in the hostel or £30 if staying on site in the campervan. There is plenty of room so why not book on and bring a friend (cyclist or non cyclist) to experience the famous "Bobbiball weekend" - recognized to offer the most fun you can legally have ! If interested email for payment details . Remember Christmas is coming up - The Bobbiball weekend would make the perfect Christmas present this year!
Here's a link to the updated flyer.
Sat 25th Oct 2014    Bunty crashes    All you Facebook types will already be aware, but poor Bunty came off her bike big-style on Thurs and has had an operation on her arm today. Very best wishes from all of us for a speedy recovery.
Flash's ride from Noah's Ark next Sunday (2nd Nov)
Bobbiball will lead a ride for the off-roaders. (If you use the pub car park, please park at the far end, away from the pub.)