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If you like the idea of cycling and would like to join us, please see the "New Members Start Here" item on our Homepage for a guide.
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Wed 21st Dec 2016    Bash Christmas Roundup.    Hi Bashers & Those who F.A.R.T., well done to all of you who supported the Bash Fancy Dress ride & Christmas Party @ Starcross F & CC. Brill fancy dress costumes and a record number of you on the actual ride, in fact this is possibly the first time that almost everyone who ate also took part in the ride. We had 61 for lunch and our excellent group photo, taken by the senior M.O. Major Dandy Nicholls,clearly shows us all together and 60 plus dressed up.
Besides the normal collection of seasonal Santas and Elves we featured a Nun, a Priest, a Chimney Sweep, a Bee Keeper, a Reindeer, Darth Vader, the 3 Musketeers & Dartagnan, Mrs Brown, Miss Piggy ,Calamity Jane, a Cowboy, a Pirate, a White Christmas, a Policeman, a Kilted Scotsman, an Elephant, a Zebera, a Gondola Guy, the Adams Family, 3 Wasps, King Dick, Whoopie someone, a Polar Bear, an Alpine Guide, a Pair of Pointy Hat Witches a yellow Beach Boy, King Louis and his animal etc etc. All in all it was a first class effort. so congratulations to all of you who took part.
Fortunately the weather was dry but cold ~ (Calamity Jane please note) and the Catering Corps, once again, did a good job with mince pies and sherry etc at Dawlish Warren. They also had the special treat of helping jump start the Chuck Wagon.
Thankfully the Brunswick provided some hot nibbles to accompany their drinks and your parade ride through Dawlish did impress and was noted.
You seemed to enjoy our final sector at the SF&CC. I hope so, because I don't know anywhere that offers the same ambience and better value for our Christmas special so, unless someone else can come up with an acceptable alternative, we will be returning there again next year on Sunday 17th December.

On Tuesday 20th the F.AR.T. Lunch was held at the Dainton Park Golf Club for our 8th and largest Christmas gathering. We had the magic number of 31 sit down to a very good meal in the lovely new room with a view, that was dedicated purely for us. As a result we didn't annoy any of the other diners with our noise, singing or jokes. I'm sure that everyone enjoyed, not only the meal and Woody's wine, but the company in such nice surroundings. This is surely yet another place we'll probably go back to.
Please note that the next Big Bash event is the 2016 Awards & Lunch which will take place on Sunday 5th February... details still to be finalised.
Finally there are now just 3 rides to be completed in 2016.
This Thurs 22nd we start from the Stowey Arms Exminster for a sortie into Exeter to see the lights and to visit the Exeter Brewery, hopefully all the regular Thursday boys (and girls) will organise themselves to support this "different experience" rather than remaining in the confines of Newton Abbot. On Tuesday 27th December the F.A.R.T will be to and from the Romany Jones Cafe, Old Torquay Rd, Aller, Newton Abbot, They will be open!! This is followed by Thursday 29th, Arsie's ride, for which we still await a venue on our web site.

So that's it. Have a really great Christmas & an even better New Year .

Ride On Pottsie
Tues 20th Dec 2016    Bah Shats!   

Dear Basher

LOOK AT THIS! - Straight from the Mad Hatters Xmas Party!

Good quality unique and exclusive Bash hats available now - low profile 6 panel 100% cotton in lemon yellow (sorry, there no other type of yellow, we donít have orange yellow, we donít have custard yellow and we donít have cadmium yellow but we DO have lemon yellow so there IS only LEMON YELLOW which is just as well because they LOOK GREAT!) and one can be yours FREE if you set a Sunday ride in 2016!

How about THAT? - Offers like this donít come every day so DONíT WAIT! Get your dates in Bashers with the Bash Mistress and claim yours too!

HOWEVER, if you canít wait (and I donít blame you because they ARE desirable) OR you donít think you can fit in one measly little Sunday ride in the whole year then we do have limited stocks available to purchase outright at the very reasonable sum of £7.50 each - HOW MUCH? Yes, you saw it right the first time - ONLY £7.50 - I donít know how we do it at the price?... Mnnnn

Just email me back your interest and Iíll put one aside for you.

Happy Christmas

S t r e t c h, Ride Hon,. QuarterMaster and Hatter to the deranged.

Mon 19th Dec 2016    Photos from Christmas Bash.    Thanks to Mayhem for sending a selection of pics of the fancy dress ride from the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club on Sunday. You can see them by clicking on the "Photos" tab at the top of this page and selecting the link for Christmas Bash 2016.
Sun 27th November 2016    Today's "Naming Ride" from Teignmouth    Stuart and Angie were duly christened today. With a surname like Rimmer, the outcome was always going to be uncertain, but common sense prevailed, and with a nod to Red Dwarf, they are now... Lister and Holly!
(Pic Courtesy of Plugger.) Also Thanks to Unda and Blaster for providing the security escort.

Mon 21st Nov 2016    Bike for sale.    Trek 4.7 Modane 2011 /12 for sale £999.00

Contact Mark Walker (Pinky)

Tues 15th Nov 2016    Photos from today's F.A.R.T. ride.    Thanks to Lord Stretch, we have some photos of The ride today at Bovey Golf Club, where Pottsie and the gang were filmed by the BBC. The weather did us proud, there was a really good turnout, and the fruit cake was delicious! Click the "photos" tab at the top of this page and follow the link for "Pottsie... Unsung Hero". or just clickthis link

Friday 11th Nov 2016    Here they are!!!    The first new bash tops, emblazoned with Bash "Handles", have been delivered. Quality items as you can see! Lord Stretch's modelling fee has all but bankrupted the Bash, but worth every penny!!

My information is that you can still make the first order (which qualifies for free delivery) if you order by Monday 14th November. (Maybe get them in time for Christmas!) If you don't have the ordering details, please contact Lord Stretch at to get the codes etc.
Mon 7th Nov 2016    A Naming!    Mark Urban has now been officially named Tinkerbell (or Tinks to close friends) because his partner is Bendy Wendy. Thanks to Blaster for the pic.
TVPB on the Telly!!
Hi all who F.A.R.T. Next week our ride to & from Bovey Golf Club is being filmed by the BBC as Pottsie has been nominated as the West Country's contender for "the unsung hero" award which runs in tandem with their major event which is of course "sports personality of the year".
Naturally it would help promote TVPB and those who F.A.R.T. if next week we could have a lot of cyclists in "TVPB Tops" turning up at Bovey Golf Club at 11am ~ or even better ...join Pottsie at 10am at Winners Car Park, Kingsteignton, where John Ayres of the BBC will be meeting him and some other Bashers to ride to Bovey . Hopefully it won't be raining and we can do TVPB proud.
Tues 18th Oct 2016    Bobbiball festival!    Hi - The Bobbiball 2017 festival will be held at the YHA Minehead on the weekend 10th - 12th February (sorry we have had to bring it forward by 1 week due to hostel availability). It is set in the stunning location of the Exmoor National Park and we know from previous visits to this hostel that the cycling is great. The price remains the same as previous years - an amazing £55:00 per person in the hostel and £30:00 per person in campervans. To book your place we need a £10:00 deposit ASAP as the hostel has limited spaces this year. If interested, contact Anna (Bothways) or Lee for details.

Thanks Anna & Lee
Thur 13th Oct 2016    Curry and Quiz evening on 17th November.    On Thursday 17th November we plan to hold our very popular CURRY & QUIZ evening at the Jolly Farmers, Newton Abbot, provided of course that we get 40 plus Bash Tax payers to support it. What's it going to cost? £6 ~ BUT if you have paid your Bash Tax then you can eat for just £3!
AND if for some peculiar reason you can't eat a Chicken Curry or a Veg Curry then let us know and we will get you something else.
However, you must pay £3 when you book your ticket.
The bash ride that evening will be organised by Gassa & Bunty but if you don't want to ride, but fancy the Curry & Quiz, then still come along as food will be served from 8pm in conjunction with Glen, the landlord, and his quiz.
So all you need to do now is get your money to Stickie or Pottsie ASAP.
p,s. our Christmas party will be held on Sunday 18th December at the Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club... details to follow.

Ride On

Tues 11th Oct 2016    Bash Tops Update.    The new Bash tops are now available. Lord Stretch has sent a circular email with details of the ordering procedure, but if you haven't received a copy, please contact him at to get the codes etc. He will bring samples to the next few bash meetings if you want to see the goods before you order.
Thur 6th Oct 2016    New Bash tops to be available soon!!    The quartermaster (Lord Stretch) has organised some new bash clothing for us to order.
More details to follow, but here are some pictures of the new design to whet your appetites!
It is planned that the tops will be available in short or long sleeved styles, in winter or summer weight fabric, and also a looser fitting mountain-bike shirt. There will be an option (for a small extra fee) to have your Bash name printed on the shirts too.

Fri 16th Sept 2016    Abbfest this weekend!    Abbfest beer and food festival at Fermoys Garden Centre, Ipplepen. Rides to start from Blaster and Flossie's place at Greenawell Park Farm. Basically details are the same as previous years with invitation to camp on the farm for paid up Bash members from Friday to Sunday. A Landy taxi will transport Bashers to the Abbfest beer festival at 7pm on Friday evening returning late! Weather permitting there will be a cycle ride on Saturday with a BBQ and games outside the stables in the evening. Please bring your own booze and grub but a fire to cook on will be provided. Sunday will be a normal bash ride for anyone with possibilities of visiting the beer festival again. If possible let Blaster or Flossie know who is coming and when.
Fri Sept 2nd 2016    Charity Ride in aid of Motor Neurone charity    Hi Bashers, earlier this year I agreed to dedicate a Bash Ride to help the Motor Neurone Charity. This ride will now take place on Sunday 9th October and will start from the Exeter Golf & Country Club. As this is a fund raising exercise, you will be asked to donate £5 to participate. I hope this small amount of money won't put you off supporting this very worthwhile cause!
We have already lost one former Basher to this terrible disease namely Richard "Two Dicks" Cox.
Full details will follow nearer the time but suffice to say that as this is a charity ride it will have to be tailored to meet the requirements of the organisers and the mix of bike riders they hope to attract. A strong show of support from TVPB riders would therefore be appreciated.
This means that Lughole's bash ride is moved back one week to 16th October. It will still be from The Kings Arms at Kingsteignton.
New "Birdseye" available
Bash news-- enhanced wih Both Ways' fertile imagination. Don't miss it!
Click on the "Birdseye" tab at the top of the page, and select "issue 27"!!
Mon 18th July 2016    Namings!    Hi Bashers, on Sunday 17th July a small, but select group of Bashers met at The Rising Sun @ Woodland to tackle a 21 mile lumpy route organised by two Virgin Bashers, Fay Brereton & Justin Taylor.
As is the custom, they had their Bash names bestowed upon them in the pub after the ride.
Fay was christened "Lofty". Not because she's tall but because she's Petite ~ such is the way of Bash logic !!
Justin was named "Arf inch". The rationale for this, we believe, is obvious!!
(Photo courtesy of Flossie.)

Sat 16th Jul 2016    Some words from the C.O.    Bob Cunningham was duly Christened "Arsie" by Pottsie at the Park Tavern, Kingskerswell July 14th . Pourqoui ? Cos his initials are R.C. P.S.- Suggestions from the "baying mob", which were rejected, were Chipboard Charlie, Bob the Builder, Queenie, Cafty Pig & Darling. Had Sturmey been present I'm certain that he would have shouted for "Cock" Cunningham, thus Arsie should consider himself spared!
We also welcomed 2 new Bash Tax payers in James Brown "Jim" of no fixed abode and Martin who is the better half of Bendy Wendy. Hopefully both will eventually step up to the plate and set a ride, so that they can be anointed with their Bash Handles.
Bagpuss, our Quarter Master, has resigned his position, due to the possible pressure of work should there be a severe drought, and subsequently, the need for him to plan for stand-pipes and water bowsers. All is not lost though, because Lord Stretch ,having already done some ground work, has intimated that he may be able to fill this demanding role, without being promoted to the rank of General, and that being so, we may yet have new TVPB cycling tops sooner rather than later. Should he fail, then Noddy, who has also recently investigated a possible shirt supplier, may be persuaded to return to the Officers Mess.
We now have volunteers to lead the ride next Thursday 21st July. Thanks to Blaster & Flossie the ride will now be at the JOLLY SAILOR, EAST OGWELL
This Sunday 17th we ride from the Rising Sun at Woodland ,this event will involve the naming of the two virgin scout bashers Fay Brereton & Justin Taylor . Beware of Sturmey Archer !!
Then the last weekend in July we have a "camping weekend" to celebrate the long & arduos life of a Vet. Full details to follow as soon as they are known. Pullit please note.

Ride On Pottsie

p.s. 42 Bashers have now paid their Annual Bash Tax. Are you one of them?
If NOT please do something about it when you next come to a Bash Ride.

Thur 30th Jun 2016    Trucker's camping weekend. N.B. Re-arranged dates... Now August 19th, 20th and 21st    Hi all Bashers,especially those with Tents, Caravans or Motorhomes ~ please note in your diaries that Trucker & Curtains are holding a camping weekend from their home in the Teign Valley from Friday 19th August through to Sunday 21st August inclusive. As in the past, camping is not compulsory but if you want to participate, here is snapshot of the planned programme.
Friday Night: Fish & Chips @ a local pub to be confirmed, but we will need to know numbers beforehand. Cycle or drive. Should be a relaxing weekend with a variety of rides on offer, i.e on road, off road, pub rides, short rides, K&S catered for too. BBQ (maybe some music too) planned for Saturday with Beer at cost prices. Wine & Cider to be advised but you can always "Bring your Own". In addition to all of this, it's also Binliner's (Diddy's) Birthday as well!! and we may once again be treated to epic crossings of "The Bridge".
Full details will be issued nearer the date.

Tues 31st May 2016    Ok, an update on Manky and Plugger's New Improved Cornish Caper.    The campsite is booked for Friday 1 and Saturday 2 July. Just turn up, no need to pre-book. There are only 6 hook ups so it'll be first come first served.
Saturday there will be the option of the flowy trails of Lanhydrock and Cardinham Woods or for the hardcore there are the more downhill trails of Grogley and Bishops Woods.
On the Sunday we'll decamp up to Minions and meet at the Cheesewring Hotel on the beautiful southern edge of Bodmin Moor.
There will be a road ride under the guidance of Nora (Batts) who grew up in the area and knows it well.
Off roaders will be treated to Manky's epic tour around Caradon Hill, with techy sections in the old mine workings and a fabulous grassy descent from the TV mast.

There really will be something for everyone, so hope to see you all there.
Sun 29th May 2016    Pullit needs your support!!!    She is cycling from London to Paris to raise money for the charities Backup & Aspire.
This involves cycling 259 Km (160 miles) over 3 days with a total climb of 1954m (6,410 ft) over the trip.
As a result of her personal experience of a spinal injury, she is raising money to help others with spinal injuries that have been less lucky than herself.
Please visit her Virgin Money Giving page to make a donation.
Sun 15th May 2016    Slovenia Campaign successful!    A small group of 5 bashers under the leadership of Spiderman, carried out a reconnaissance mission to Slovenia in early May. It was found that the food was plentiful, alcohol was widely available, and despite a heavy snowfall just before the mission, trails were exeedingly good. You can see photos by clicking this link or by following the link on the photos page.
If you fancy going, our trip was organised by "Ride Slovenia". (Follow the link to their website)
Mon May 9th 2016    Timotei's Cheddar weekend 2016    Cheddar reminder...................... about 5 weeks away now - time to go and check out the trail conditions and do a bit of tweeking/trimming etc.

So Cheddar this year will be June 10,11,12

Same routine as always;

Rides Friday evening 1930 then to a pub in Cheddar for food/drink
Saturday 1000 ride stopping at a pub around 1400 en-route. BBQ in evening
Sunday 1000ish ride returning to campsite about 1400

Same campsite as always Broadway Cottage Campsite, Cheddar BS26 2DP. £10 per pitch per night (a pitch can be anything from a family tent to 2 people in 2 small tents)

Any q's .. fire them back to Timotei
Mon May 9th 2016    Debs Cunningham gets her Bash "Handle"    Debs Cunningham has been christened "DINKY" by Pottsie after he first ride as a scout basher from the Bishop John de Grandison, Bishopsteignton. Our resident poet Hatrack, has composed an ode to mark the occasion...

Rationale~ to be read as a sort of Pottsie Poem:

Some of the Nobs wanted Bob whilst the rest of the Tossers shoutedTurnip,
but she's not a veg cos she's too fit ,sporty and spunky.
She's also happy, yappy, frothy and bubbly.
Yes! she's small and quite trim so she's neat and petite
and she's cute and she's dainty. So Bob or Turnip she ainty !!
Cos All in all she's just lovely and now the Bash "DINKY"

p.s. apologies to Major Dandy Nicholls our Senior M.O. who feels badly that his very exclusive "Dinky Tour" title has now been basterdised, in so much that he is considering rebranding them as "Turnip Trips"
Tues 12th Apr 2016    Nash-Bash 2016... An invitation from Milton Keynes H3    Hi Teign Valley Bash
MKH3 (Link to website here are hosting Nash Bash 2016 this year. Would anyone be interested in joining us for a weekend of partying, beer, oh yes... cycling!
It would be great to see you. Details are below. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. On On Bell End MKH3

Nash Bash 2016
June 24th-26th 2016
MKH3 Welcome you to Nash Bash 2016
We have some great trails for you through Bedfordshire's rolling countryside. We have some fab and welcoming pubs who want to serve us beer!

Our hosts at Cranfield Football Club are looking forward to our Arrival.
Get your Regos filled out and join us for some great cycling in Bedfordshire where the Sun always shines!
We'll start off on Friday with a gentle ride visiting a couple of the local hostelries and back to the venue where PAYG home made pizzas will be cooked freshly for you in a wood fired oven by our very own Foot in Front,, followed up with an evening entertainment by the talented singers we have within the Hash on Karaoke.
Saturday will take us through some of Bedfordshire countryside, keeping off the roads for as much as we can, using our network of Bridleways and Stewardship land, visiting quiet villages with some great pubs serving a selection of real ales.
Saturday evening we will have a themed party based on those "Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines". Don those Pilots uniforms and Stewardess Uniforms for an evening of entertainment with Nash Hash 2015 Band Uke Tunes.
Sunday, there will of course be a short hangover Bash to blow those cobwebs away, where the weekend will culminate with a Beer Stop, Barbeque, and Closing circle, and voting(kind of anyway) in some unsuspecting Basher for Nash Bash 2018. Then a 2 mile cycle back to the venue, to pack up and head home, or stay another night if you feel the need.
All this for £70. Cheaper than any other Hash weekend you'll do this year, and you won't have to do any R*nning at all!
We look forward to seeing you for a great weekend of Bashing
Bell End & Good Head and Everyone at MKH3
Fri 8th Apr    Batts gets a Bash name!!    Batts set her first ride last night.... a challenging ride by all accounts, but all managed to get back to the "Welly" in time for a pint and some well earned grub! By popular demand she was named "Nora" (after Nora Batty... She of the curlers and wrinkled tights in "last of the Summer Wine") We're waiting for a photo...
Wed 6th Apr    New Birdseye!    Bothways has been hard at work compiling the latest tranche of scintillating titbits for your delectation...
Click on the "Birdseye tab at the top of the page, and select "issue 26" to see!!
Sun 3rd Apr 2016    Woody's naming.    Woody set his first ride today and drew a big crowd... He's a poplar bloke! Well... what to call Woody? The naming comittee thought a great deal about it. They put alder heads together and decided to name him..... "Woody". At least he won't forget it!
Wed 23rd Mar 2016    Update for Blaster and Flossie's camping weekend 25th - 27th Mar.    Saturday evening 26th March we have organised a BSc event (no, you don't need a degree, RJ is attending!) B - beer, S - Skittles and C - curry at Jolly Sailor, East Ogwell starting at 7pm all for £7 ---HOW MUCH!!! Sunday's Bash ride "The Egg Hunt" starts at Greenawell Park Farm (plenty of room for car parking if needed) at 11am ( note clocks go forward!) and we will end up at the Union Inn, Denbury at about 2pm for the usual. Hope the weather is better than the forecast!! RIDE ON, BLASTER and FLOSSIE.
Sun 6th March 2016    Photo.    For those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting Ian Whitear (who was recently named "Lughole"), we've now got a photo, so you'll be able to put a name to the face! Pottsie came up with the name because Ian drives/rides/sails/flies a lugger and "ear" is part of Whitear... Hence "Lughole" Easy when you know innit?
(Portrait courtesty of Bats using Manky's phone)
Mon 29th Feb 2016    New Scout Mistress!! A Message from Pottsie.    Hi All Bashers, I am very pleased to announce that Irene"Diamond Lil" Munday has volunteered to take up the special role of Scout Mistress recently vacated by Phoebe. This can be a demanding task that will be made so much easier provided that all Bashers pay heed to the comments made in my last email covering the need for more of you to step forward in respect of trail laying.
Warmer weather should be on the way and this hopefully means that there are possibilities to occasionally and sensibly expand the boundaries or format of our riding area.~ e.g. something like Woodovis Park last year.
Diamond Lil will be looking to recruit Scout Bashers for Sundays from April 2nd onwards and likewise for Thursday "Light Night" rides from May 5th until September 8th.
Please email

Thur 25th Feb 2016    A Message from the C.O.    We need more volunteers please, to plan Sunday rides throughout the year and also Thursday evening "light night rides" in May, June, July & August. We cannot expect the same people to keep the ride programme going. Every Basher should be prepared to organise at least one ride per year.
If you don't feel confident about planning a ride on your own then find another Basher to partner you, or ask one of our regular Scout Bashers for advice about the Venue or Route you are thinking of using. We've now been Bashing for 23 years and have completed 2280 Sunday/Thursday rides. So it's likely there is nothing new, because we've probably done it all before. Therefore have no fear!
Finally our current Scout Mistress Eve "Phoebe" Bates is standing down . We thank her for all the energy and enthusiasm she put into the roll but now, with a young family, atheletic training, a new home and work, her spare time is very limited. We eventually hope to see her back with us, complete with her famous pink photo phone.
We are hopeful of announcing the name of her replacement shortly.
Ride On Pottsie
Tues 23rd Feb 2016    A Naming!!    The jungle drums have been beating, and we understand that Ian Whitear has been named "Lughole". We'll publish a photo when we have one... and hopefully an explanation of Pottsie's thought processes in choosing the name!!
Mon 8th Feb 2016    The Annual Bash "Oscars" Ceremony.    The Awards were held at the Jolly Farmer in Newton Abbot yesterday. Pottsie was on sparkling form with a new tranche of jokes and stories for our entertainment, but the proceedings were tinged with a note of sadness when Ziggy's award for the best newcomer was presented posthumously, and was collected by his daughter.
We have a few photos of the the awards presentations which you can see by following the link on the Photos page.

And for those who weren't there.... A list of the winners.

Drinker of the Year: Gary "Gassa" Clifford.
Ladle and Pen Award: Tim "Bucktu" Davenport.
Most Promising New Male Basher: Graham "Ziggy" Zimbler. (Sadly a posthumous award. Ziggy passed away on Jan 28th.)
Most Promising New Female Basher: Amanda "Bats" Batten.
Top Bash Camp 2015: Bruce "Trucker" Prowse.
Top Bash Pub 2015: Glen and Maria at The Jolly Farmer, Newton Abbot.
Tandem Award 2015: (For Woodovis Park weekend) Julie "Fallen Woman" Ridd, and Tony "Broken Man" Ridd.
Crash King 2015: Jon "Plugger" Dykes.
Top Electric Biker 2015: "Sticky" Dick Owen.
Best Offroad Basher 2015: Stuart "Spiderman" Blundell.
Achievement Award 2015: Anna "Bothways" Atkinson and Lee "Always" Atkinson.
Cranker of the Year 2015: Rob "Hatrack" Clifford.
Supreme Basher 2015: Ian "Blaster" Glendinning.
Downhill Glide Champion (Male): Gary "Gassa" Clifford.
Downhill Glide Champion (Female): Amanda "Bats" Batten.
Tues 2nd Feb 2016    Ziggy's funeral details. A message from Paul White.    A date for Graham 'Ziggy' Zimbler's funeral has been set for Thursday 11th February. The service which will be non religious (humanist) will commence at 12.15pm at the East Devon Crematorium, Whimple EX5 2PT.
Members of the club are most welcome to attend with Michael 'rent boy' Foundley kindly agreeing to be representative of the club as a pallbearer.
Family are extending an invitation to toast Ziggy at the Bickley Mill, Stoneycombe, TQ12 5LN and Paul would be grateful if he could have the number of club members wishing to attend in order to finalise the catering. ( Please send email to to let him know you will be coming )
Thur 28th Jan 2016    Sad News.    We've heard that Graham "Ziggy" Zimbler died in his sleep last night. He has been a regular and enthusiastic member of the bash for the last year and was a frequent contributor of photos to the Bash Facebook page. A thoroughly likeable guy who will be sadly missed.

Ziggy... A message from Pottsie.
Graham "Ziggy" Zimber was new to the Bash in 2015 but he took to it like a fish to water~ as we did to him. He was one of those truly nice guys that was a pleasure to be with and now sadly we've lost him well before his time. He was 72 and leaves 3 children & 6 grandchildren together with many other family members who loved him.

His ex son in law Paul White will keep me informed about further details as and when they become available.


Pottsie's 80th
Mon 25th Jan 2016    Pottsie's 80th birthday.    Our glorious leader celebrated his 80th birthday at the weekend. Happy Birthday Pottsie!!
Spaces available for Bobbiball weekend. A message from Bothways.
Hi, Hope you're all well and those booked on are looking forward to the Bobbiball weekend.
We still have the following spaces available in the hostel for this great weekend -

1 female in the ladies room
2 Males in the men's room
2x couples in the couples room

So its not too late to book on - if you're booked on, why not bring a friend along?
Tues 19th Jan 2016    Rides News from Pottsie    Hi all Bashers, here is some information about the next 3 Sunday Bash Rides.
Sun 24th Jan Pottsie's 80th Birthday Bash. Will start and finish at St Marys Hall ,Dawlish Warren. To get to the hall and parking. At the entrance to Dawlish Warren drive up the cycle path towards Dawlish~gate is on left hand side
Unda has voluntered to lead my Birthday Bash~ However Knitters ,Sewers and Wimps should note there is the opportunity to ride to Exeter completely on the level using the cycle path ~probably the flattest ride in Devon.
After the ride food and drink will be provided in the hall. Thanks to the Catering Corps.
Sun 31st Jan will be from the Malsters Inn ,Woodbury and will feature "Pottsie's Long Flat One Bash" with a pub stop at the New Inn ,Talaton. Off Road volunteer required please.
Sun 7th Feb 2015 Oscars & Lunch (£5) Bash from Jolly Farmer Newton Abbot. Scout Basher needed ASAP please.

Tues 12th Jan 2016    Ride on Sunday 17th Jan.    Hi Sunday Bashers, next Sunday Noddy & Big Ears have, at short notice, volunteered to organise the bash ride. Their ride will take place from the Ferry Boat Inn Shaldon~however the Landlady of this pub is currently on holiday so Noddy has arranged for some food to be made available after the ride via the covering staff @ £2 per head. He has estimated that there will be at least 20 bashers eating i.e. £40. What he really needs to know is how many of you plan to be there ~ So if you could confirm by email ( that will help him greatly.!!

Ride On

Tues 5th Jan 2016    Pottsie's 80th birthday ride!!    Hi All Bashers , on Sunday 24th January I will be celebrating my 80th Birthday and I plan to hold an On Road Bash ride from St Marys Hall , Dawlish Warren. Free Refreshments Alchoholic and non Alchoholic together with Food will be provided after the ride, say from 1:30 0nwards. No presents are required and There's plenty of parking on site.
What we need to know now is ~ How many Bashers to cater for, so if you intend joining me then please tell me ASAP.
Getting Older And Older
Mon 4th Jan 2016    Scam...    Hi all Bashers ,below you can see the reference to the JULES HOLLAND evening in July.... Unfortunately Unda has since discovered that on trying to finalise a booking that the advert in placed on the Heart Of Devon web site is nothing more than a SOPHISTICATED SCAM . There is NO such event planned! Thanks to Unda's detective work, he, and in turn we, have avoided being ripped off. YES it's ~ Yet another star for Unda's professional investigative journalism skill . So sadly there will be no picnic in the park in July.
Ride ON Pottsie
Fri 1st Jan 2016    Happy New Year    Best wishes for a grand new year to all Bashers. The now traditional Christmas fancy-dress ride was a brilliant spectacle once again. The Starcross Fishing and Cruising club again hosted the Christmas lunch and very tasty it was too!!.. There are many photographs to be seen on our Facebook page, but here's a composite of some of them. Christmas bash composite
Wed 30th Dec 2015    Jools is coming !!    On July 30th Jules Holland is coming to Powderham Castle,
hopefully it will be a splendid summers evening and we will be able to arrange a "picnic in the park" and have a great time dancing and listening to this wonderful big band of absolutely brilliant muscians and singers. Last time it happened several took camper vans and stayed the night. The Bash ride on Sunday 31st should be organised close at hand too.
SO if you are interested then please let UNDA know ASAP ( or 01626 779387) ~ and provided we get more than 10 people in our party he will be able to arrange a block booking which will save 10% on the ticket price of £35.

Ride On Pottsie